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Samuels Summer Seduction Part 2

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Samuel Finally gets to have his way with Elliot.

Please read part one first. Please.

I drop him down on my blowup mattress, then turn on my knees to zip up the tent. The tent not being big enough to stand up in.
Once I face backaround, Elliot starts to unbutton my shirt in the most sensual way possible. His lips press to my neck, as his cold finger work on the last two buttons. He lets out a groan, as he runs his hands over my warm chest.
“take it off,” he says pulling on my sleeves. I do has he requested, and slip my arms from the dress shirt. Not wasting anytime, I pull his top off as well.
Gently, I lower us to the mattress, careful to put to much of my weight on him. His legs wrap themselves around my torso, as I push my pelvis into his. Elliot’s soft voice mumbled something as he moaned.
I train my open mouthed kisses along his neck and across his jaw. His fingers sliding over my back, in a gentle, circular motion. I can feel the throbing of his heart against my chest, making my heart beat just as fast, if not faster.
Bringing my mouth back to his, I slide my left hand down between us to undo his pants. I felt him smile against my lips as the button comes undone with a snap. I briefly pause before pulling back and taking his pants all the way off.
A deep chuckle leaves my throat as I’m pleasantly surprised that he isn’t wearing underwear, I slide my hand down along his thigh. My lips press to the inside of his thighs, drawing out silent whimpers from him.
I grin happily as he squirms a bit below me. My hand attaches itself to one of his nipples, the calluses of my fingers making the sensation of my pinching even rougher than intended.
“Samuel, for the love of god,” Elliot moans out “If your going to keep teasing me at least let me get a good look at you!”
I ponder on his request for a moment, before deciding he can have his way. And so I sit up on my knees and take off my pants, making sure to make the prosess agonizingly slow. First I unzipped my jeans, then I pull them down and off. The whole thing probably taking several more minutes than it should have.
Finally, im done and can touch him. I rub my hands up and down his legs, “Your skin is unbelievably soft, Elliot.” His smaller body shiveres with my every touch. I lean down and kiss his lips with need.
Without breaking our kiss, he takes hold of my hand. Slowly he directs my touch farther down, to his puckering, pink hole. I put a little pressure on it, forcing a deep moan out of his frail body.
“do you have any lube?” He mutters against my lips.
“Yeah, it should be in my bag. Hold on,” I peck his lips once before turning to grab my bag. Once I have the lube in hand, I pop it open. Before I can do anything though, Elliot takes it from me, and starts lathering up my cock.
Once I recovered from my shock, I grab hold of his wrist, making him pause. My eyes meet his, with a silent question.
“Don’t worry Samuel, I played with myself this morning. You don’t need to stretch me out any.” Elliot presses a light kiss to my shoulder, as I nod. He continues to lather my cock, gently teasing the tip every once in a while.
This continues for a few minutes before I’ve had enough. Without warning, I push him down onto the mattress and pull his legs above my shoulder. He lets out a breathe of air as he hits the bed. His hands run through my hair in the most intimate way.
“Fuck me, Samuel” he whispers in my ear. His hips rock against me, in a subductive pattern, making me groan.
Next think I know I’m pushing my way into him.
He was right about not needing to be prepped. He was still loose, jus enough to slide in and out. At the same time he was so tight.
I bury myself about half way into him before pulling out again. I repeat this a few times as he kisses and bites my neck, probably leaving a mark. Not that I cared, chances are I love having his mark on my neck once I’m out of my horny-teenager-mindset.
“deeper Sameul.”
Listening to the god beneath me, I push deeper, and farther into him. I moan out as I feel him clench down on me, my head spinning with ecstasy. I take his lips in mine and kiss him, he opens his mouth allowing my tounge to slip in.
He tasted like strawberry and alcohol. Strangely addicting.
I latch my right hand onto his dick, moving my hand up and down. Elliot withers underneath me, falling victim to my touch. I slip my thumb across the tip of his cock, rubbing his precum around.
“Fuck, Samuel. Don’t stop,” he moaned. “Im- gon-na cum.” The boy beneath me stuttered out. I continue to stoke him faster, as I slid in and out of him. I could feel myself approaching my climax.
Then all at once, I could feel his ass tight around my cock as we both oragasim. I emptyed my balls deep inside him, as we kiss. His moans vibrated against my lips.
Our breathing out of control and our hearts racing, we continue to kiss. After a few moments I pull back, placing on last kiss to his pink cheeks. I look down at the mess coating all of his chest, and smirk. My eyes meet his again before I drag my finger through his cum.
Locking our eyes, I put my now cum covered finger in my mouth.
“You taste good” I hummed.
All the once loud and talkative boy could do now was blush at my comment. I grin down at the pretty boy below me, and kiss his check.
“Its going to be a fun night for us, Elliot.” I chuckle as I rest my nose in the crook of his neck.

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