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My new girlfriend lets me cum inside her 13yo sister

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I started dating a freak who started telling me to fuck and cum inside her 13 year old sister, could I ever refuse?

A couple months ago I met this girl named Allie at a party and we hit it off right away, we had the same twisted sense of humor and personality and were both instantly drawn to the other. Within 10 minutes of meeting her we made out in front of everyone and then an hour after that we found ourselves in a bedroom just the two of us. It was like in the movies, we made out in the hall moving to the room, opened the door still making out and shut it and the moment we got on the bed she pulled her head away from me and moved down towards my dick ripping my pants off and started kissing my dick, it only took a couple seconds to spring right up and she started sucking. She had this amazing hand twist head jerk deepthroat thing she was doing to me and it was one of the best blowjobs I ever had.

Allie is a gorgeous girl, she has straight platinum blonde hair with purple highlights past her shoulders, some decent b cup tits, tan skin with some tattoos on her side, an amazing heart shaped ass and beautiful legs. Allie is much taller than the girls I usually go for as she’s 5’9 but she has such an amazing body, tall and slender with a plump ass. She’s 20 years old. She sucked my dick nice and good putting her back into it for 5 minutes and then said it was her turn and laid on her back for me to eat her out. She put her long legs over my back and her cold feet felt good on my skin. I fingered her while licking her clit and she grabbed my hair and pulled me in when she came and let me tell you she’s a screamer.

Right after she came she pulled me up by my hair towards her suggesting I fuck her now. I climbed up between her legs and when I was in position she grabbed my cock and took it outside of her insanely wet pussy. I started thrusting into her and my dick got in about an inch and she started becoming much tighter. I did some mini thrusts and finally got in, she wasn’t a virgin just has a super tight pussy and I guess it was a while since she last had sex. Once I was all the way in I was thrusting slow into her in the missionary position with her legs spread open dangling on the side. Between her amazing blowjob and her wet tight fuckin pussy I already felt like I was gonna cum soon. I told her I was close and she said to shut up and keep fuckin her. Another minute and I told her I’m about to cum and was about to pull out but she wrapped her legs around me binding herself to me and told me not to stop, normally I don’t like cummin inside girls I don’t know unless I’m raping them but how she had her legs around my back and her moving her hips I knew I had to cum inside her. I started fuckin her faster and 15 seconds later I blew my load in her. I fell down on her with my dick still inside her and told her I was sorry I came so soon. She put her arms around me and told me it was okay and that she really liked me.

For 2 months straight we were together everyday and fucked like rabbits. She only ever came to my house but one day she invited me over. Something happened between Allie and her parents so she lives with her grandparents and sister, Bella. When I knocked on the door Bella actually answered and when she saw me she froze up for a min and ran away to Allies room and a min later she came over to me immediately hugging me welcoming me in. I asked her what was up with her sister and she told me that Bella’s shy, Allie showed her some pictures of me and she said I was really cute. And Allie didn’t tell Bella I was coming over so I took her by surprise so she locked herself in her room hiding from me. Allie introduced me to her grandparents and they were very nice and accepting of me even tho I’m almost 10 years older than Allie.

Once the niceties were observed she took me up to her room and fucked as soon as we got inside. After we fucked we were cuddling and spooning naked while talking about things. Up til now we’ve been very open with each other about our past leaving our a few things so we trust each other completely. Allie went and asked me if I had any kinks, I was hesitant to tell her but I decided to trust her and told her my kink is I wanna rape a girl (even tho I have raped many girls, that’s the one thing I can’t tell her). After I told her there was a 5 second silence followed by a sigh of relief as she then told me she’s into child porn. She said she was sent a video of a younggg girl getting fucked by an older dude on Snapchat once and found it so hot she couldn’t help but finger herself to it. Since then she hasn’t been able to view anything like that and has been itching to see a little girl get fucked. I didn’t say anything as I was speechless, I knew she was dark, that’s why I like her so much but I didn’t know she was that dark, like myself.

As she told me the story about the video of the young girl getting fucked my dick got hard as fuck and poked her ass. She laughed when she felt my dick touch her and reached around grabbing it and asked me what I thought about Bella while stroking my dick. I asked her what did she mean, she asked me if I thought she was cute, I didn’t know how to answer it but I told her yea she’s pretty cute for a little girl. She went on stroking my dick for 10 more seconds and worked up the courage and asked me if I wanted to fuck Bella. I couldn’t put words together in a sentence and kept mumbling nonsense, between getting a handjob and being asked if I wanted to fuck her sister my mind was blank, I mean obviously I wanted to fuck the shit out of her but it’s a little awkward to say out loud in front of her. She asked me again if I wanted to fuck her little 13yo sisters virgin pussy. Allies seduction powers are unbelievable, I caved and told her yes I would fuck her sister.

Bella is a little sexy thing in her own right, as I said she’s freshly 13, tan and platinum blonde straight hair but she has hot pink highlights on the ends of her hair, no doubt Bella really looks up to her older sister and wants to be like her. Bella is 4’7, flat chest, short slim legs and has her sisters amazing bubble butt. Allie stopped stroking my dick and turned and faced me and told me she was seriously asking if I would fuck her sister and I told her i seriously would. Allie said she’s been fantasizing about Bella getting fucked while so young for a couple years now but never found someone she trusts or likes enough to let fuck her sister and that she wants me to fuck Bella and wants to watch. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my girlfriend wants me to have sex not only with another girl but her sister, her sisters who’s only 13. I asked her how would I even be able to fuck her? Would she just let me? Allie said she has it all worked out.

Allie told me that tonight we can cross off both of our kinks at once. She told me she would drug Bella with some of their grandparents prescription grade sleeping pills and when she passed out we’d go in her room while everyone else was sleeping. It’s 9pm and her grandparents are already out so she grabbed one of the pills and crushed it up and dumped it in a drink and gave it to Bella, Bella thanked her and sipped from it. Allie left Bella’s room and came back to me and reported hopefully within an hour she’ll be out. Me and Allie watch tv constantly checking the time as we’re too impatient. It’s 1015 and allie went to go check on Bella, 2 minutes later she comes back saying nothing and just grabs my hand and guides me to Bella’s room. My hearts beating so fast I can’t believe what I’m about to do. I walk in the room and there bella is, knocked the fuck out in her bed with tel he covers already taken off. Allie puts a chair down and sits and tells me to go whenever I’m ready.

I take my clothes off and then go to undress little sexy Bella. She was wearing silk pjs and a tank top. I slowly pull her pjs down getting to her baby blue cotton panties and take them off too. Finally was her tank top and now little bella is completely naked. Not one single hair on her body from the neck down. Her skin is so soft and smooth I was in a trance while I was touching her little body. I hear some heavy breathing and i snap out of it and look back and see Allie playing with herself watching me, she really is into this she wasn’t lying. I touch every part of Bella’s gorgeous body and go down to eat her out. Fuck her pussy is flawless, it’s just a very thin slit that goes across and nothing else. I lay down between her legs and lick her pussy while rubbing her nipples. I ate out her delicious pussy for 5 minutes and I can’t take it anymore I gotta fuck her.

I go to climb up over her but before I do Allie tells me to stop, I start thinking fuck not now don’t take back everything you said. She walked over to me and started sucking my dick getting all her salvia over it. She backed off and said now you can go just wanted to get your dick as wet as it can to help penetrate her little pussy, now that was erotic as fuck, never have I had a girl suck my dick before I fuck her sister nvm a drugged 13 yo sister. Bella’s laying on her back and I push her little legs aside and get between them getting my dick in position and trying putting it in but it won’t go. Tried a couple more times and called Allie over to hold my cock for me at her entrance while I thrust in. She grabbed my dick and rubbed it on Bella little pussy for a couple seconds and then I started thrusting into Bella with a little more force and with Allie holding my dick for me it’s starting to go in. I have the very tip of my head in her now and start doing short burst thrusts getting in a little more each time. I get a couple inches in and hit her hymen.

I pull out all the way and shove my dick back in Allie’s mouth having her slobber over it more and then put my dick back in Bella and push all the way and break her hymen, she has the tightest pussy I ever fucked man shit feels so goooood omgg. I push in as far as I can go and she can only take about 4.5 inches of my 6.5 inch dick so I memorize how it feels on my dick at that depth and start fuckin her fast stopping at that point. Allie’s back on her chair fuckin herself with a dildo watching me fuck her unconscious 13 year old sister. I’m 6’3 hunched over this very short girl and I feeel like I’m fucking one of those mini torso sex dolls you can buy. I was fuckin her for 10 minutes straight and out of nowhere I could feel Bella’s pussy start to tighten up more and i knew immediately she had her first orgasm, I wonder if she’s dreaming of fuckin me right now. Right after she came I dropped down on her putting my whole weight on her body and started to rag doll fuck her, as soon as did that Allie yelled out “omg that’s so fuckin hot keep fuckin her like that I’m about to cum”

I pulled Bella’s little legs in towards me locking them against my body with my elbows and fuck her little pussy even harder now and can feel I can get a little more of my dick in her. With Bella’s legs pulled towards me as I plowing her baby pussy we’re chest to chest with my arms wrapped around her petite body and head as while im laying on her fuckin her her head goes up to my chest. Im fucking her a little longer and I hear Allie yell out that she’s cumming and her whole body is shaking. I’ve been fuckin some of the finest pussy I ever had for almsot 20 minutes now having destroyed her pussy and I feel I’m gonna cum soon. I grab onto her little body even harder and closer and slow down just before I cum and shove my dick as far as I can go while I’m cumming inside her tight pussy, cum was leaking out uncontrollably from her pussy. I finished cumming and laid with Bella stroking her amazing body looking over at Allie who looks exhausted. She would go on tell me that was the hottest thing she ever saw and thanked me for fuckin her sister. I thanked her for letting me fuck her sister. We stayed in her room for a little longer chatting and then showered together and went to bed.

Allie told me she wanted to convince Bella to fuck me of her own free will eventually and turn her into a sex demon. I told Allie if that’s what she wants, as if I don’t want it even more.

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  • Reply Uncle Buck ID:19f49hldvgyf

    Great story. I’d love that to happen to me.

  • Reply Sexy girl ID:1dirvkvixq6k

    Part 2 and did you get either of them pregnant

  • Reply Desire 2 B a Slut 4 All 2 Use ID:8zqqdmsq

    Wish me and my old brother were born of reverse gender so we could do this. Low key if he keep same personality I probably plan her(his) rape as the younger one.

    if anyone want to talk and abuse a slut who wish they could been right gender


  • Reply Mark ID:5r5b5mq

    Ur a loser dude. Not a true story but if that’s what you imagine you’re into ……

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Make things really twisted and fuc k both Allie and Bella in front of the grandparents. Then why not do the old bag as well?!

  • Reply Tones ID:1dl2hu616p1x

    Tell us about the other girls you have raped. I like raping girls too.

    • James230 ID:1crb2ndvvh5w

      Click on my name that’s linked in blue and you’ll see i have around 20 posts all about the girls I raped.

  • Reply Perv Mechanic ID:e79w9sjphxa

    Absolutely amazing. Very nice if Allie started licking Bellas little broken cunt clean.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1d36ahiwoq5d

    I love stories like these I did the same thing to my five year old cousin

    • N/A ID:1dl2hu616p1x

      Give us some details?

  • Reply The Hebist ID:sif22joj4du

    Oh I liked this. The sleeping pill 😅 what a big sister! Would like to have one like bella. Or even younger.

    • Darrell Nickelln, ID:3zxjmhgw20b

      Chat with me on Kik at nickelljrdonaldd. I have a deal for you.

  • Reply Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

    What a lucky guy you are to find a woman that has a sister that will do that. Eventually, her sister will have her friends. Fuck you

  • Reply IncestFeelsGood ID:1cyit7azwp4h

    I would so love to watch a young girl be fucked hard for the first time. Bella doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to come to crave cocks pounding her. Maybe even her sister doing more than watching is in her future?

    • Darrell Nickelln, ID:3zxjmhgw20b

      I hoped he impregnated her sister. Chat with me on Kik at nickelljrdonaldd

    • Likealick ID:hfmya5nd2

      13 is a little old, don’t
      Ya think?