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Lost my virginity to a new girl on the street

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Sarah was visiting her grandparents on my street and we became friends and had sex on the first day we met. I can’t wait until she comes back for more

She had light and dark blonde hair tied up in a bun and ponytail combo at the back, wearing light dirty blue jeans, a white t-shirt saying “Party Girl” on the front in gold letters and a blue tracksuit jacket that wasn’t zipped up, she was running around her grandma’s front garden playing with her dog, it was a brown Doberman and she was smiling and laughing as her dog chased her trying to get a ball from her hand.

I’d was on my way back from the local shop when I heard her sweet laughter, I’ve lived on this street for years but I’d never seen her before, I was walking down the path towards my house when she made me jump as she run up to the fence and put her hands on it as her dog kept jumping up with excitement and barked behind her playfully, “Oh, sorry.” She giggled, after almost head butting me, as she leaned over the fence the collar of her t-shirt, which was a little big for her, hung down and I caught a glimpse of her small but nice breasts down her shirt.

We struck up a conversations and I found out she wasn’t from this area, only visiting her grandparents for the weekend, she was 11 years old, I told her I was 13 and pointed to my house across the road, her name was “Sarah” and I offered to show her around the area and she accepted, after dropping off the milk I’d bought from the shop at home I took her on to the large field nearby so her dog, which was called “Franky”, could have a good run around.

It was summer and we were in the middle of a heatwave and after running around playing keep-away with the dog and his ball, we were so warm, sweaty and tired so we sat on the grass at the top of the hill for a while and just talked, we got on really well and found we had similar interests, after talking for a while Franky ran over and Sarah pried the ball from his mouth and threw it, you threw it really far and it bounced then rolled down the hill, as Franky vanished over the hill chasing the ball we quickly got up and ran after him.

It was a really steep hill and as we ran down it out legs kind of lagged behind us and we both fell over and toppled and rolled down the hill until we reached the bottom, it hurt but we laughed about it then walked in to the trees where Franky had raced in to, my back was hurting I think I landed on a small stone or something so I took my top off, Sarah asked if I was okay and I asked her to look at my back after taking off my top, she told me I had a little bruise then asked me to turn around, I was facing her and I was feeling all tingly as she examined me with her fingers, “You’re okay.” She said.

We were standing close together and I gave in to my urge to kiss her, luckily she didn’t mind and kissed me back, then we smiled at each other and she grabbed hold of my hand and lead me deeper in between the trees, she looked around making sure we were alone and then took off her jacket and kissed me again, before I knew it she stripping off and then pulled down my jogging pants and Superman underpants.

She dropped to her knees and took my cock in to her mouth with enthusiasm and sucked it like a lollipop, I was taken by surprise but I really enjoyed it, then she stood and pushed down her jeans and sweaty panties, I saw her pussy, it was wet and smooth, she sat on the ground and pulled me down on top of her, we didn’t talk, no word were spoken, we just kissed and my cock soon found her hole and slid inside her.

We started having sex right there on the dirty ground between the trees, Frank was acting all giddy and was licking me ass and trying to mount me while I fucked Sarah, it was awkward and hilarious at the same time, I only lasted a couple of minutes then I came inside her, as I pulled my cock out of her it squirted more spunk over the outside of her pussy and legs.

Sarah sat up and sucked me cock dry, we started to get dressed while I fought off Frank who kept licking my ass and balls and jumping on my leg, we sat between the trees for a while holding each other and then made our way back home.

I got up extra early the next day and called at her grandparents’ house for her, we went back to the field and straight down the hill and between the trees, we had sex again but this time I licked her out first, her pussy tasted so sweet it was delicious, we had sex missionary style and we had sex again later with Sarah on top.

She had to leave that night, her parents came and collected her from her grandparent’s house and luckily she gave me her phone number so we could talk every night, she’s coming back this Easter weekend, I haven’t seen her in about 6 months and I can’t wait to see and fuck her again, we’ve both been missing each other so much.

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  • Reply Anonymous

    Sorta reminds me of my childhood, except I was the guy who gave blowjobs. To the kids in the neighborhood and to their fathers. One time me and a girl were both sucking her dad’s dick good times.


    Great story do part 2 when she comes back

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Great! **** Kinda nice to read just a straightforward story like this, without any bells, and whistles. Fairly well written as well. I look forward to seeing if she’s pregnant, or not.