Stepdaughter of my Dreams

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Michael’s 15yr old stepdaughter made the cheer squad

there was nothing wrong with my marriage. Sara was beautiful, supportive, and our sex life was great. there was just one thing. Sara had a 15 year old daughter from a previous relationship. Madison was perfect. 4’11, 95lbs, long blonde hair with blue eyes and perfect tits. lately, every single time I fucked my wife, I imagined I was pounding my tiny stepdaughter’s pussy. I wanted Madison bad, but I was 43 years old and married to her mom. I tried to put the fantasy from my mind.

it didn’t help when Madison came home from school one day dressed in a tight cheerleader uniform. my cock stiffened immediately upon seeing the sexy little teenager.
“Michael! I made the cheer squad! aren’t you proud?” she squealed.
“of course I am!” I said, hugging her perfect body.
“in fact, I want to do something for you to celebrate” Her mom was working late so I knew I’d have some time.
” What is it Daddy?” hearing her call me that almost made me lose control right then and there. I imagined grabbing her and fucking her right over the kitchen table. yes, lifting that short little skirt up and watching that bubble butt bounce from behind would be heaven. but I lead her to the living room instead.
“lay down on the couch”
she giggled and obeyed me.
before she could protest, I quickly parted her legs, pulled down her tiny pink panties and immediately placed my tongue on her perfect clit.
“Wha-wha-what are you doing Daddy??!” she moaned, trying to move away. I grabbed her hips back toward me and began moving my tongue. she stayed still and began to moan and wimper softly. I circled my tongue slowly in circles around and around over the clit, sometimes just lapping at it up and down. her pussy was perfect. smooth and shaved. once I started to pick up the pace and the pressure, I knew this sexy little thing would be cumming on my face.
“Daddy I think I’m about to cum!” suddenly her sweet teenage juices flooded my mouth and licked until her body stopped spasming.
“I’m going to fuck you really hard now, Madison. I was going to be gentle but I don’t think I’ll be able to!” I practically growl as I grab her and put her on all fours.
“no Daddy please I’m a Virgin please dont!!” she screamed. it was too late. I was hard as a rock and there was no way I wasn’t going to fuck the shit out of this teen girl.
I lined my cock at the opening of her pussy and pressed it in slowly. who was I kidding trying to go slow? it wasn’t like she was my real daughter! I rammed it in and she screamed. “No Daddy, No!!” I began to pound away and the tightest pussy I’d ever had.
“Goddammit Madison, your pussy is perfect! it’s so fucking tight! uhhgh uuh uhhh!” I moaned. I was rarely vocal during sex, but it was impossible to be quiet inside of her. I wrapped my hands around her impossibly tiny waist and almost came thinking how small she was.
“Fuck baby you’re so tiny, I love it, I could fuck you for hours if your mom wasn’t coming home soon. speaking of, this is just between you and i” my cock went in and out, in and out feeling better than it ever had. Madison hadn’t stopped crying but it just turned me on more.
“Baby girl, daddy is about to cum and I’m thinking about cumming in this perfect little pussy? what do you think” I asked
“No please No!!!” I smiled devilishly and grabbed her narrow hips. I began to fuck the teen ruthlessly. she screamed and screamed not knowing that it was just making me harder. finally, I grab her waist and empty my load inside of her. I continued to pump my cock, releasing even more semem inside of this 15 year old pussy.thats when I heard the garage. I quickly pull out of her and tell her to go take a shower. I go run to the bedroom. her mom never found out and I continue to use Madison as my fucktoy.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:1cxyb8ju1396

    what are stepdaughters for if not to fuck and fill?

  • Reply Knowing English Rules. ID:fx7nvjfv4

    Incest is one thing, but raping a 15 year old.
    At least put it in the right spot.