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My First Cigarette

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My first time smoking a cigarette leads to my first time with a girl

“We’re 10th graders now, Pippa, and you’re the only one in our group who doesn’t smoke!” my best friend Jess stated.

I had been curious to try a cigarette for some time. It felt like I was missing out on something when I watched my friends smoke. I also wanted to shake off the innocent girl next door image and express my resistance to those perceptions that people had of me.

Jess was the first person I asked why she started smoking. “I fancied an older guy who smoked. I thought it would make me look older. I felt sexy. It worked,” she laughed. “Now I’m just addicted to it.”

I also asked Nicola, one of our social smoking friends. “I couldn’t be a regular smoker. I just like how it feels and looks when I’m smoking in a group.”

I even asked my mom why she started smoking. “Everybody smoked when I was your age, Pippa. It was cheap and sociable. The worst thing you can do is start!”

In the private school I attended, the girls and boys who smoked were seen as the ‘in’ crowd, the fun and exciting people. Being a non-smoker, and a straight A student, I was seen as one of the more sensible girls. Never one to take a risk.

Whenever I was drinking at a party with my friends, the urge to ask to try a few drags was always bubbling away inside of me. But I never quite managed to say the words.

Inside my bedroom, I did in fact have an unlit Marlboro red, cork filtered cigarette. They were the brand my mom smoked. I had stolen it for role playing purposes. It was actually the third one I’d taken. The first one I carelessly damaged putting it back inside my mom’s packet. The second, I foolishly stained the cork filter with my lipstick, so both ended up in the bin.

It felt exciting for some strange reason. I would pretend to smoke while I did my hair and make-up, wondering if I could handle the smoldering smoke if I lit it and let it dangle from my mouth.

What I enjoyed the most was flaunting in front of my bedroom mirror, trying out many poses with the cigarette before hiding it in my drawer again.

I’m 5ft 5inches with long brown hair and green eyes. I also have a curvy figure. Even in 10th grade I was comfortably filling a D cup bra.

I would prance and pose in front of my bedroom mirror, smiling, frowning and laughing before practicing my most seductive, sultry look with the unlit cigarette between my fingers.

I believed I had the whole inhale and exhaling thing down to a tee. I’d practiced enough times, although I knew inhaling real smoke would be a totally different experience.

Inside Jess’s bedroom, feeling as if she could read my thoughts, my best friend convinced me to try a cigarette for the first time.

“Are you ready to try your first cigarette, Pippa?” she grinned mischievously.

I giggled nervously. “Yes.”

Jess opened her school bag and pulled out a packet of Marlboro Menthol cigarettes and a pink lighter.
“One for you,” Jess giggled, handing me an all-white Marlboro. “And one for me,” she giggled again, dropping her school bag onto her bedroom floor and the packet onto her bed.

I held the cigarette in my hand like a child holding a small mouse. You’d have thought I’d never seen a cigarette before.

“Ok, now watch me and do everything I say.” Jess was so excited, shifting on the bed. Her blonde ponytail swung from side to side as she moved closer towards me.

“I got it,” I giggled, holding the cigarette between the tips of my index and middle fingers, just like Jess.

I then watched my friend light her cigarette. Her cheeks hollowed and the end burned bright orange before she sucked the thick ball of smoke into her mouth.

I took the lighter from her grasp as she inhaled deeply and held the smoke inside her lungs. My friend smiled at me before she exhaled.

Like I had done many times in the privacy of my own bedroom, I excitedly placed the filter between my soft lips, but for the first time I was also pressing down on the lighter for real. I swallowed nervously, hoping I could do this as Jess watched me.

The naked flame instantly appeared with the click, and then I positioned it at the end of my cigarette.
“Because it’s your first cigarette, only pull a small amount of smoke into your mouth. You’ll cough your guts up if you take in too much,” Jess coached me.

“Now hold the smoke for a second inside your mouth. Let it cool down. You won’t feel it cool, but you need to let your mouth get used to it. It’ll taste warm and minty.”

I followed her every instruction, adjusting to the warm, minty, smoky taste consuming my senses.

“As you remove the cigarette from your mouth, inhale the smoke into your lungs with a deep breath. This will hopefully stop you coughing violently.”

Her final instruction failed miserably. I coughed and hated the taste. But I was determined to smoke at least one drag correctly.

Jess laughed at me before taking another drag from her cigarette. “It takes practice, but you look hot with a cigarette!”

I put the white filter between my lips again and pulled a smaller amount of smoke into my mouth this time. I held it there for a few seconds longer before I was forced to cough it out.

Never in my life had I been so determined to succeed at something so awful. I tried again and again until eventually, I inhaled the smoke. I grinned triumphantly before I exhaled like a real smoker. Jess beamed and nodded her approval. I succeeded.

I took another drag and felt excited for exhaling a second time. My head started buzzing. I had all but one drag left as the cigarette reached the Marlboro logo. I took that final drag, slowly like the others before sucking the minty smoke into my mouth and inhaling it into my young, vibrant lungs.

I exhaled and smiled at my best friend as she stubbed out her cigarette. That was the only part of smoking I found off putting. Crushing out the cigarette butt with my fingers, especially with perfectly manicured fingernails like mine.

But when I stubbed the cigarette into the ashtray, I realised it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, but I did feel the need to immediately wash my hands afterwards.

The smell remained on my fingers, another reminder of why I shouldn’t start smoking, but I was super excited and pleased with myself.

“So, what do you think?” Jess asked, when I returned from the bathroom.

“I don’t really know!” I blushed, feeling wickedly guilty. We both set about laughing our heads off.

“You’ll be smoking with the rest of us now,” she nudged me with that cheeky grin of hers. “You looked hot. I mean … you always look hot, but I knew you’d look even hotter with a cigarette.”

“You’re crazy,” I laughed, naively missing my best friend’s fascination with me smoking.

We then chatted about the boys at school and some of the older boys we fancied outside of school, before Jess decided it was time for another cigarette.

Once again, she slipped two from the packet and handed one to me. We then lit up together. I took two wary drags before I managed to relax and appear more natural. Jess continually complimented me on how well the cigarette suited me, and how sexier it made me look.

I blushed, thanking her as we sat side by side smoking. But then I began to feel strange. The way Jess was grinning at me whilst we smoked had me feeling strange all of a sudden.

“What?” I squirmed, before taking my longest drag yet.

Choosing not to answer, Jess took an equally long drag from her cigarette and gazed deeply into my eyes.

Inhaling the minty smoke into my lungs, I gulped and held it inside for a few seconds. Jess smirked, inhaling and then exhaling. Her intentions became a little clearer when her gaze moved to my lips when I exhaled, and then back to my eyes, making intense eye contact.

Holding firm, I took another long drag from my cigarette and watched her gaze move slowly from my lips to my eyes once more.

The room was quiet, except for the sound of two schoolgirls smoking. The atmosphere was electric.

I took my final drag and stubbed out the cigarette. Jess soon followed, grinning as she exhaled her final drag and stubbed out her cigarette next to mine. Our fingers touched, causing me to shiver anxiously.

My heart began to beat faster with a mixture of nerves and confusion. The way Jess was acting had me feeling suspicious. She clearly had something on her mind, something she obviously wanted to share with me.

Jess then moved the ashtray from her bed and moved closer towards me. She stared into my eyes once more and removed the black bobble in her hair, freeing her blonde ponytail.

“All the boys fancy you, Pippa,” she said softly, reaching for the purple bobble holding my ponytail.

“Do they?” I gulped, wondering where she was going with this, as I felt my long brown hair cascade down my back.

“So do I,” she smiled.

“Thanks. I think you’re beautiful too,” I replied, feeling awkward but also aroused all of a sudden.

The way Jess lingered in my presence, the mixture of her perfume and cigarette smoke, was having an unexpectedly strange and hypnotic effect on me.
I went to stand up. I needed to move away from my best friend, but she grabbed my arm and persuaded me to sit back down.

“What time are your parent’s home?” I swallowed anxiously, trying to distract her from whatever she was thinking.

“Not for a couple of hours,” she smiled, stroking my bare arm up to the short sleeve of my school blouse.

“Urm, Jess, what are you doing?” I asked, leaning back as she leant forwards.

When my mouth opened and the words stopped flowing, Jess pulled me towards her and kissed me. Her lips were so soft I found myself responding.

As we kissed with our lips only, I closed my eyes and started to feel myself being laid down. Jess softly positioned me onto my back on top of her bed. She then laid herself half on top of me and half to the side, one leg over mine.

Her tongue came out, I felt it against my lips, trying to enter my mouth. I gasped and let her inside. Our tongues moved softly, and we started moaning together.

Her hand started unbuttoning my school blouse. I thought about protesting but then my blouse was suddenly undone, and Jess had it pulled apart. I’d never felt so aroused in my life.

Jess started sighing heavily, pressing her mouth against mine. All I could do was wrap my arms around her and meet her passion head on.

With my blouse open, Jess pulled it down my shoulders. Keeping my eyes closed, still kissing, I wriggled to aid her in removing it. She then reached round my back and unclasped my bra.

“Jess,” I gasped, finally opening my eyes.

“Relax, Pippa,” she smiled, kissing my lips as she placed a hand on my left breast.

“Only if you take your blouse and bra off too,” I sighed nervously.

Jess smirked as she sat up and quickly unbuttoned her school blouse. “I want you to remove my bra,” she said.

I joined my friend in sitting up as she turned her back to me. I quickly returned the favour and removed her bra. We were now dressed in just our grey school skirts, black shoes and grey knee-high socks.

“Let’s do a smoky kiss,” she giggled excitedly.

“A what?” I laughed.

“Stand up,” she said.

Rising from the bed, my breasts jiggled, and Jess giggled. “I’ve always wanted to see your big tits,” she grinned while I blushed and admired her firm, perky breasts. They weren’t much smaller than mine.

Jess took only one cigarette from her packet this time. She lit it, took a long drag and then handed it to me. I took it from her fingers and sucked on the filter. We then exhaled thick smoke from our mouths together before Jess wrapped her arms around my neck.

Holding the cigarette, I carefully put my hands on her waist as we kissed again. Our tits pressed together when we pulled each other closer. After a few moments, Jess pulled her head back and signaled she wanted another drag. I raised my hand from her waist and offered the cigarette to her purring lips.

Jess gazed into my eyes sexily as her mouth closed around the white filter. I felt tingles up my spine watching her draw on the cigarette. Jess grinned, then smoke drifted from her mouth.

I didn’t care that she was my best friend, another female, I only wanted to kiss her again. I tilted my head to the side and kissed her as the smoke continued to drift. Jess moaned into my mouth before pulling her head back again.

“Your turn,” she giggled.

I smiled, put the filter between my lips and drew a deep drag. I don’t think I managed it quite as erotically as Jess did, but I think she was impressed when the smoke began to drift from my mouth.

We continued this unusually erotic style of foreplay until the cigarette was smoked. Reluctantly stepping away from her, stubbing out the cigarette, Jess took the few steps towards the ashtray with me.

I felt her hand at the base of my spine, fumbling with the zipper on my school skirt. I laughed as she pulled it down and removed the skirt. I turned around and kissed her whilst reaching for the zipper on her school skirt.

In a crazy whirlwind of excited fumbling, Jess and I were soon naked, laughing and falling onto her bed.

“This is mental, Jess,” I said.

“But fun!” she grinned, grabbing my breasts as she landed on top of me.

My best friend and I groped each other’s tits while we kissed. I then rested my hands on her firm, tight, butt cheeks and moaned into her mouth. Her hands softy caressing my breasts, touching my hard nipples, sent tingles shooting from pussy.

I couldn’t believe how natural this all felt to me. I didn’t consider myself a lesbian, or a girl with bisexual tendencies, but everything felt so right. Nerve racking, but so right.

After a few minutes, Jess kissed across my face to my left ear and then down the side of my neck and across to my throat. I reacted to every nerve tingling sensation that her soft kisses created. I tilted my head backwards, lifting my chin to expose more of my neck. Jess groaned and worked her way down to my breasts.

Gasping as she took turns on my nipples, teasing them in and out of her mouth, I brought my hands round and under her body to hold and fondle her hanging breasts. Lifting them up, realising how heavy they were, I gently squeezed and took delight in Jess’s response. She sucked harder on my nipples. It then suddenly all stopped. Jess raised her head from my chest and grinned at me, leaving me panting for more.

“I didn’t think you’d be this easy,” she sniggered.

“Bitch!” I laughed, blushing beet root.

“I want to taste you properly now,” she then smirked.

Before I had time to say anything, Jess turned herself around, so we were looking between each other’s legs. I don’t know what Jess was thinking, staring down at my excited, shaven mound, but she was moaning in anticipation while I glared wide eyed, and shell shocked at the glistening shaven mound hovering above me.

With her knees either side of my body, her legs spread, I watched Jess’s pussy lip’s part, unsticking themselves as her tight slit peeled itself open.

I froze at first, knowing what Jess wanted, but unsure if I could do it. But then, soft kisses inside my spread thighs caused me to gasp, before I exhaled a deep groan when her tongue touched and licked the full length of my pussy, from my clit to my opening and then back up again.

Jess wiggled her butt at me, but I didn’t respond. My eyes were flickering open and closed like a light bulb turning on and off as she spread my lips, slipped a finger inside and tongued my clit. There was no way in hell I wasn’t going to cum and scream her house down soon.

I think Jess figured as much. She lowered her arse, bringing her need to have my tongue exploring her slippery folds within an inch of my reluctant mouth. It wasn’t reluctant for long, however, as I eventually gave in.

Grabbing and spreading her arse cheeks, I lifted my head and stuck out my tongue. Jess moaned louder than me, wriggling as we tasted each other on a whole new level. Two 10th graders exploring their sexuality.

Surprised but not surprised to discover Jess tasted similar to myself when I tasted my fingers during masturbation, I sought out her clit and massaged it with my tongue. Jess responded more than encouragingly. She put her hands under my butt, and we buried our heads deeply between each other’s legs.

At first, I thought the severe wetness was my saliva as I licked hungrily, but then I noticed the taste getting stronger and stronger. My own orgasm neared but Jess beat me to it.

Her body began to shudder above me and then her juices flowed onto my tongue and into my mouth. I kept licking her clit until Jess finally lifted her head from between my legs and arched her back. She groaned and cursed at her bedroom wall before panting and grinding her pussy down onto my face.

When Jess finished climaxing, she buried her head between my legs once more, determined to finish what she started. She spread my lips, fingered my pussy hard this time and licked my clit again.

“Cum, Pippa!” she urged me. “Cum for me!”

I closed my eyes, relaxing into the bed, free from any responsibility now, and thrust my hips up and down.

Nothing could have been further from my mind when Jess brought me to the best orgasm of my life. We stayed like that for several minutes until Jess finally climbed off me. I opened my eyes, sighing up at her bedroom ceiling, completely satisfied.

Forgetting how I ended up naked on my best friend’s bed after school, I was suddenly reminded when I heard the click of a lighter.

Glancing to my right, I smiled as Jess handed me a lit cigarette. She had one of her own, smoldering between her fingers as she picked up the ashtray and placed it on top of my tummy.

I remained like that, flat on my back languidly smoking my first post-orgasm cigarette. I tapped the ash into the tray and laughed at Jess. She grinned as she inhaled thick cigarette smoke and brushed the hair from my sweaty forehead.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked, with a wry smile.

“I think I did,” I replied, exhaling a well-deserved breath of smoke.

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    thats the best story ive seen on this site. bravo

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    This was an amazing first story, I loved it. Very well written.


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    In high school during change of classes i would be in the boy’s bathroom with a cigarette in one hand and giving a handjob with the other !! Tara

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      I wish I’d been there