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Samuels Summer Seduction

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Samuel finally gets a chance to be with his crush. This is only part one. Part two will be out later.

6 months and 18 days.

That’s how long I have been watching him. The new kid from Nowhere, South Dakota. I wasn’t stalking him per say, just observing from a distance. In just a few minutes this boy had changed my life forever. Never did I ever think I would be gay, or Bisexual in my case. But here I am, Samuel fucking Parrish, High school senior, Varsity basketball captain, falling head over heals for a boy I’ve never spoken to.

Pathetic, I know. But I also don’t care, nobody can deny that this boy is perfect. He was smaller than my 6’3′ frame, but not to tiny, maybe around 5’8′. Just the right hight. His nose was small and round, and god his eyes! His damn eye, they hypnotize me. They were bold and beautiful.

Elliot Green, that’s his name.

From what I have heard, he is unbelievably kind but is still a ball of fire. He is very passionate about his hobbys, which I find adorable. Elliot is very well liked by everyone, he is a little social butterfly. Because of his habit to socialis constantly, I’m hoping he will be at tomorrow nights party, at the campgrounds.

Every year at the start of summer, the seniors throw a big part at this campground, before they head off to college. Students 10-12 grade come, party, drink, and camp for an entire day. I’m hoping Elliot comes this year, because after this party I’m officially off to college. No more high school for me, thank god.

But that means this is my last chance to talk to him. My last chance to ask him out. I can’t mess this up. Maybe after a good nights sleep, everything will be better.


I wake up around 7am, and stretched my arms above my head. Todays the party, my stomach was in knots. I couldn’t wait, but at the same time I was so nervous. Reluctantly I got my ass out of bed, and headed to my bathroom.

I was blessed a life without siblings. I love being an only child, I don’t have to share shit. That includes my bathroom. I get the entire top floor to myself, an office space, bedroom, bathroom, and a workout room. Ill miss it all when I leave for college.

I turned on my shower and removed what little clothing I had on. The hot water sprayed down my back, as the glass shower-door fogged up. M
y hands skillfully applied shampoo to my hair, fingers scraping across my scalp. My thoughts started to drift as I rubbed my head.

I imagined Elliot standing with me in the shower. His naked, smooth chest. His hands on my toned torso, sliding down and down and down, until they cupped my balls. I groaned as my cock got hard, trying to finish washing my hair as quick as possible. Once my hair was washed out my hands went right to my dick.

I pictured Elliot on his knees, mouth wide and inviting. His tongue barely grazing over my head, making me twitch. My hands stroked my dick faster. My mind in pure bliss thinking of Elliot taking me in his mouth. I imagined my self, burying my cock down his throught.

I could feel my chest tighten as I’m about to cum, all over my shower wall. Finally I let my self go, string after string of my cum, hits the wall. I groan and as i ride out my orgasm.

A knock on the bathroom door startles me.

“Hey son, once you finish your shower, make sure you don’t forget to pack that tent I got you, into your overnight bag.”

“Kay.” I really wasn’t in the mood to talk to my dad.

Still in my post-orgasm bliss, I shut off the water and step out of the shower. Once dried off, I wrap my towel around waist and head to my room. Being the only one in my room I found no reason to put clothes on rightaway. I through my towel into the hamper and graves a bag for my camping stuff.

I picked out two t-shirts that would hug my body just right, and two pairs of jeans that left nothing to the imagination. I stuffed a fluffy blanket in the bag and a few water bottles as well. I had no intentions of drinking tonight. I’ve never really liked the taste of any alcohol.

About an hour later I decided to finally put clothes on and grab that tent. I carried my stuff downstairs and set it all my the door. I only had an hour till I left for the campgrounds, I was exited to get there, and wanted to make a good impression on Elliot. I can only hope this goes well.


I arrived at the grounds and parked my car. It was a 5min walk from the parking lot to the tenting area. I flung my bag over my shoulder and stared walking. About 7 other people were already here and set up, a few others were still trying to get there tents put together. Somebody had already started up the campfire.

I pitched my tent on the outer part of the campground, so maybe i’ll get some sleep tonight. I neatly rolled out my sleeping bag and tossed everything else in the corner.

“Hey, Parrish! That you?”

I step out of my tent to see Mason, my friend and Elliott little brother. “Hey, Green!” I waved. Elliot and Mason are twins, not identical I must add. You wouldn’t guess at first glance but Elliot is the oldest of the two.

“How are you man? I haven’t seen you all summer.” He spoke

“I’m doin fine, just been stressing over collage.” And thinking about asking out your brother. But he didn’t need to hear that last bit.

“Me too, dude. I heard you got into SMSU. I think that’s were Ellie is going to.” He said

That got my attention, “Ellie? like Ellie Sanders, the volleyball chick. Or as in your brother?”

“Ellie as in Elliot. I don’t think Ellie Sanders even got into a collage.” He chuckled. “Speaking of my brother, we were just about to set our tents up. Wanna help?” He asked with a suggestive voice.

Here’s the thing, I’m like 86% sure Mason knows I have a thing for Elliot. How he dound oit, i dont know. Will I ever tell Mason he’s right though? God no, over my dead body. He can assume all he wants, but I will never EVER out right tell him.

With that said, I nod my head, “yeah sure, why not.”

We walked a few yards over to were his brother was trying to sent up his stuff. “I’ve brought help.” Mason announces to his smaller twin.

“Thank god, I was about to shoot myself.” Elliot joked, he turns and smiles up at me.

“You must be the ‘help'” he holds out his hand, “I’m Elliot.”

“Samuel.” I smile, we sake hands, I’m panicking. Life’s great.

For the next few minutes me and Elliot set up the tent. At some point in time Mason wondered off leaving the two of us alone. Just as I hammered the last stake into he ground Elliot spoke.

“You know, you kind hot. I’m surprised someone of your looks is willing to be around someone as stupid as my brother.” He chuckled

“I wonder that same thing everyday, but you know. Can’t always pick your friends,” I let out a deep chuckle as I put the tools away and stood up. “Your not to bad looking yourself.”

We spent the rest of the evening talking and helping others set up. Well more like Elliot talked, and I helped people set up. Not that I minded though, I got to learn new things about him. For one, he’s really into art, and has never watched a basketball game in his life. He had also casually slipped into conversation that he was, infact, very gay.

I couldn’t tell if that was him trying to drop a hint, or if he was just making conversation. None the less it did cool my nerves. Knowing that he was gay, and not just hoping he was, made things easier.

It was starting to get dark out. Now that I have calmed down quit a bit, I started to notice more about him. He had on a pale blue hoodie and tight black jeans, that hugged his ass just right. There were a few silver rings on his fingers. That was hot.

I had to force my dick to calm down.

He bit his lip and slid his hand over my bicep. “I’m board.” He mumbled.

Hint taken. Hint fucking taken.

I put my hands on his cheeks and pressed our lips together. All my teenage hormones going haywire.

He tilts his head up and kisses back, his hands land on my shoulders. A moan escaped my mouth as he bites my bottom lip. I open my mouth for him, as our tongues fight for dominance. Eventually he lets me win as I press his back into a tree.

“You know, Samuel,” he says in between kisses, “I’ve always thought you were cute, never guessed you liked guys aswell.” His hands slide under my shirt.

I chuckled, “and I never guess I would be makingout with my best friends brother.”

He smiled at my comment, “How do you feel about doing more than making out?”

“I feel like you should have asked sooner.” With that his hands trailed down to in zip my pants. My cock grew hard instantly, as his cold, long fingers trailed over my boxers.

“So, Samuel, may we go to your tent and have some fun?” Elliot smiles as he kisses me.

“don’t have to ask me twice.” With that said I lift him up, and walk to my tent.

(I’m when ill get part two done. Please leave comments and vote. If you have suggestions or advice, I would love to hear them.)

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