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I let my family use me: The first time I let an adult use me

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My cousin Jean (11) tries to get me (10) in trouble with her Daddy, my Uncle Shayne (40) out of jealousy and I get my first 9” cock up my little ass

It’s been awhile… after spending the past 2 days in an attempt to find a well written preteen/incest/zoophilia/abuse story, I gave up and decided to tell the story of the first huge cock I took in my ass. Without further ado…

“Sshh- Sshh- it’s ok, Princess. It’s just me.” I moaned as he covered my small mouth with his own and kissed me, “take your nightgown off and spread your legs with your hands behind your knees. Let me see what you have for me.”

My hands shook slightly as I did as I was told and watched as my Uncle’s eyes lit up as they took in my little naked body. I spread my legs wide, pulling my knees up to my shoulders. My uncle sat up on his knees and I realized he was naked and had his hard cock in his hand. I whimpered at the hugeness of it.

“You have a beautiful little bald puffy pussy, Princess. Ohh, look at how wet it already is. Has anyone ever touched you there?”

I felt my pussy juices running down over my tight little asshole as I nodded.

“Has anyone ever kissed that pretty pussy? Yes? I bet you love that don’t you? Yeah you do. Is that what you want to give to me tonight?” He was leaning over me, rubbing his cock against my small clit as I shook my head no. “No? Tell me what you’re going to give me to fuck so I don’t tell your Daddy about you sucking your cousins tiny dick all summer.”

“Please don’t tell Daddy!” I started crying and watched my Uncle’s engorged cock swell at my despair. He slapped it against my cunt as he lowered his mouth to my left nipple and flicked his tongue over it, “I promise I’ll be a good girl for you!”

“Oh, sweet, perfect, Nikki, I know you’re going to be my good girl. Hold your cunt open for me now. Fuck baby girl, I’m so fucking happy I caught you swallowing Mikey’s load this afternoon. Tell me what you want me to fuck to keep me from telling on you. Now.”

I sniffled as I lifted my legs and put my feet behind my head and moved my little hands down to my ass cheeks and pulled them farther apart. I relaxed my hole and watched my Uncle’s face as I opened myself up for him. “Please, Uncle Shayne, I want you to fuck my ass.”

I blew him a kiss with my tiny fuckhole and moaned as he lowered his mouth and began tongue fucking my ass. His eyes locked on mine as I whimpered and he slowly pulled his tongue out of me then shoved it into my pussy. I moaned loudly when he pressed his open mouth over my cunt and began sucking. His tongue was the biggest thing to ever be shoved into my virgin cunt and I loved how it made me feel full but didn’t hurt like the marker my cousins liked to push in and out of it sometimes.

My uncle sat up on his knees and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, “You like getting fucked up the ass like a dirty whore, Princess?” I nodded and pulled my cheeks apart again as he drizzled lube over and into my hole. “You’re gonna be begging me to fuck your ass every time you come over from now on, aren’t you, little whore?”

My eyes widened as I realized his cock was bigger than my arm and I felt my clit throb as he held his 9” long cock at my ass, “Yes. Please fuck my ass Uncle? I want to be good for you. I am a whore and I want you to fuck my tight asshole with your huge thick cock, please.”

We both moaned as the head of his cock slipped into me a little at a time. I loved this position because I could watch my hole stretch around whatever was being used to fuck it. I knew I could take his cock because Mikey liked using the clear soda bottles from lunch sometimes. “You take my cock so well, Princess. Fuck, your ass is so tight. I’m gonna cum deep inside of you and make my daughter lick you clean when she wakes up. Would you like that? Don’t look so surprised, Princess. Who do you think told on you? She told me to stop me from fucking her fat pussy after I watched her let her new puppy lick it in the backyard.”

I began rubbing my tiny clit and moaning louder as he held my thighs and pounded with long deep strokes into my ass.

I thought about Jean and how she wouldn’t let me pet her puppy ever and knew she told because she was jealous that Mikey liked playing with only me now and not her. He wouldn’t even let me eat her out while he fucked my ass anymore. Said she made him soft. Now her Daddy was balls deep in my ass and I couldn’t stop moaning loudly and begging him to not stop and to fill my ass with his cum.

Suddenly my vision went dark then lit with bright flashes like fireworks and I thought my uncle was pissing on my face, but I could still feel him fucking me as hard and as fast as he could and realized the fountain was coming from my own pussy. My uncle shoved two fingers into it and pumped them fast and was saying words I couldn’t hear as my toes curled and I felt something explode from my puffy cunt right before a new fountain of spray hit him in his face and he smiled before pushing his fingers into my mouth and slammed deep inside my ass as he came.

My vision went dark again as I felt his cum leaking out from around his cock and sliding down my back. When it finally came back, my uncle was laying next to me and was gently forcing my mouth open with his tongue as his fingers ran up and down my pussy lips lazily. He pulled back and kissed the tip of my nose and smiled as he pulled Jeans face father into my ass crack as she sucked his love out of me.

“Thank you Uncle Shayne. I liked that a lot.”

“Of course you did, Princess. You’re my dirty little anal whore. Jean, go back to bed, Daddy needs to talk to your disgusting little cousin again. And don’t even think about going to tell anyone about this, I’ll make sure everyone knows how you wake me up with my cock in your mouth and I caught you doing it with your dog, hear me?”

Jean stood up, her face covered in her Daddy’s cum and lube from my ass and nodded. I noticed her hand was wet from playing with her own pussy as she refused to look at me before leaving her Daddy’s room.

My uncle pulled me on top of him and pulled my face to his and began kissing me again as his other hand roamed my ass and pussy. “Mmmmm, you are a fast learner aren’t you? Did you ever squirt like that before? I couldn’t believe the fountain that sprayed out of you. And then you pissed right in Jeans face as soon as her nose touched your pussy hole!”

I knew years before this how to gently manipulate almost every man in my life, my Uncle Shayne was one of the easiest and I didn’t like how he was talking about Jean. I have always been her champion and so I began to pout a little until I felt tears sting my eyes then looked at my uncle as I chewed on my lip before finally speaking, “You have to love her better than you love me. And more. Please? I love Jean. No one is ever nice to her like they are me. Her pussy gets wetter than mine. And she wants someone to fuck her so bad. I don’t want to hurt her.” Tears were dripping down my chin as I looked into my uncles eyes. He frowned as he thought for a moment before slowly removing his fingers from my ass crack and rolling on top of me. He looked into my eyes then sighed before pressing his lips to mine and rolling off of me.

“Tell Jean her Daddy needs her. Go take a shower and call your brother to come pick you up. Thank you, Nikki. Don’t let me catch you fooling around with anyone at my house ever again though.”

I smiled as I jumped off of the bed and ran out of the room to get Jean. She scowled when she saw me smiling and pushed me away when I pressed my naked body against hers to give her a hug. I stayed on my knees in front of her and wrapped my arms around her thighs before nuzzling her pussy with my nose then sucking her inner lips into my mouth. My tongue searched her folds for her hole and she lifted a leg over my shoulder as I plunged my tongue inside of her and rubbed my face all in her pussy. I held my mouth open and made my tongue stiff as she held my head and began fucking herself on my tongue. Suddenly she pushed my head back and pulled her labia apart and pissed into my open mouth before stepping away. I spat her piss out and stood up, “your daddy wants to talk to you. I’m going home. You don’t have to act like a bitch, it’s not my fault your Daddy caught me sucking off Mikey and fucked my ass as punishment. That’s your own fault.”

Jean didn’t say anything as she walked up the stairs to her parents room quietly. I sighed as I called Alex to come pick me up a week early. I washed myself quickly and threw on my unused nightgown and robe and ran out to the car when Alex pulled up. “You owe me a blowjob, Nik. Alice was finally about to wrap her lips around it when you called.”

I rolled my eyes as I lifted the arm rest and pulled my big brothers hard cock from his sweatpants and began licking and kissing it the way he had taught me to just a couple years before. I felt his hand pulling my nightgown off of my ass and began sucking on the tip as I stroked his dick and moved closer so he could touch me.

Alex still hadn’t cum as he turned onto the street we lived on and I sat up on my knees, disappointed. “Get on your back and show me your pussy, Nik. God I never get bored of seeing that tiny fuckhole. You still waiting for me?” He looked around outside the car before lowering his face and nibbling on my little wet pussy for a few seconds. “Meet me in the basement bathroom in a bit. I have plans for you, little sister.” He slapped my pussy a few times then got out of the car and shoved his dick back into his pants as I slid out on my side.

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    I’m almost 70 years old I have been reading stories forever I have never commented on anything. You need to keep writing, as you are very good. Also your picture got the wrinkles out of my old dick

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    I love it when family members play together!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11

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    Sounds like my then very naughty daughter. I love stories like this as they happen more often then you think. Sex is free so let it flow through your life and enjoy it as much as possible.

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    Thank you

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    Me too

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    She is such a good little girl. Like to find one for my self.