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My first girlfriend and first time

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Daphne and I in it jr high losing our virginity to one another

I was in the 7th grade when a new girl showed up at our bus stop. Due to her large tits, I thought she was an 8th grader at first. She has red hair and full curves. She wore older short dresses and was very quiet. Other kids teased her and called her Wilma (from Flint Stones), and even thought she did her bra.
A month later I was shoppin skipping school and she followed me to my hiding spot where I often hung out all day. We talked and got to know each other pretty well. I kept staring at her big tits and finally asked if she really stuffed her bra. She said no so I dated her to prove it. That morning I learned she was a C-cup with pink nipples on firm titties. At 12, she was still a virgin and asked to see my 5″ dick in turn. She noticed that she had more pubic hair than I did.
We practiced kissing and making out and I learned where my cock went and we fucked several times that day.
This continued for a few months when we were caught by her mom. Who only asked that her dad didn’t find out. She was the start to my sex with girls her age until I reached 20.

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    Waste of time, story too short, lacks substance