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Taking Matters into My Own Hands 04

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The warehouse manager finally tastes his unconscious captive

Tonight will be the best night of my life. My heart is pounding inside my chest in excitement. With every step I can feel a tickling sensation as my pre-cum coated dick brush against my pants.

I walked down the stairs with Lyana’s unconscious body on my shoulders and with her bare breasts pressed against my back, my hand holding her legs and the other grabbing the railings to support both our weights.

When my foot finally stepped off the last tread of the stairs I do not need to be careful anymore, so I grabbed Lyana’s panty and pulled it down to just below her ass.

“Nice ass.” I moaned in satisfaction and desire as I let my hands roam on her round ass. I never thought my dick could get any harder as I gave her ass a light slap and saw her cheeks jiggle.

I let my hands slide up and down her smooth thighs as I carried her limp body on my shoulder.

I finally reached my car and I laid Lyana on the front seat.

I pulled the lever and her seat tilted backward. I closed her bra and I pulled her underwear up again.

If somebody saw what I did they might wonder why I kept putting back her undergarments after I take them off her. Even I cannot explain why, but I really love violating Lyana’s body with her undergarments on, then taking the last pieces of garments covering her body for further violation.

I got in my car and drove at a snail-paced speed.

I turned on the radio to look for some romantic music while I grope Lyana’s unconscious body.

I scanned through the radio stations when I heard a breaking news report.

Apparently, there was a raid in one of Vasquez’s meth labs. There was a shoot-out and Vasquez and his right-hand man Grant were among the slain. Multiple people were arrested.

Luckily, only four people knew about my involvement – the dead undercover cop, Vasquez, Grant, and Lyana Taylor. Three are dead, and the other one is my captive – unconscious, and about to be raped.

The lesser people knew where the drugs are kept before being shipped, the better.

I think I know what this means. This means I’m out! I’m safe!

There is only one loose end. Lyana. But I’ll think of something later. I’ll deal with her after I rape her.

I’m not a killer, and there are better ways to solve a problem that does not involve killing.

Fortunately, Lyana is unaware of the fact that I already explored her naked body while she was unconscious. After tonight she must also not know that I raped her, and she’ll be willing to cooperate with me after a few negotiations and convincing

I only need to justify the groping during the interrogation.

I have something of Vasquez that puts me at an advantage in making deals.

But I’ll think of something later. Raping Lyana comes first.

I am anxious to fuck Lyana. I wanna rape her now! But again, I love fondling her body in the car too.

Luckily, I drive an automatic vehicle. I kept one hand on the wheel, my free hand explored Lyana’s limp body.

I ran my hands on her smooth thighs. I let my thumb rib her inner thighs.

Hot damn, her thighs are really smooth.

I brushed a strand of her hair away from her face and I slowly let my hand slide down.

I let my hand invade the protection of her bra. I cupped her breasts and squeezed.

I pulled my hand out and unclipped her bra. I fondled both her breasts with one hand. Kneading and squeezing.

Lyana’s breasts are so beautiful. They are so firm and perfectly round, I know for a fact that they are natural.

The moment she stepped foot into my office it was her tits that my eyes stared at, just after her beautiful face.

I immediately knew that she has beautiful boobs.

I noticed her nipples are erect after I fondled them for a while.

Is she turned on?

I let my hands slide lower this time and snaked my fingers through her underwear.

I massaged her shaved pussy. I inserted my fingers inside her. I almost lost control of the car as I pleasured her pussy with my fingers.

After a while, Lyana started moaning.

Holy shit! She’s liking it!

I pleasured Lyana’s pussy more and she started moving her hips. Her moans became more frequent and finally, her body shuddered and she moaned loud as climax overcame her.

I pulled my hand out and my fingers are wet with her vaginal juices.

I cannot hold it any longer. I closed her bra again and drove faster.

I eventually reached my house and I carried her body over my shoulders and paced to my bedroom.

I laid Lyana’s unconscious body on my bed.

I took the vial of smelling salts from my pocket.

I never thought I could strip fast because it took me 8 seconds to take my clothes off and like a hungry beast, I pounced on my prey.

I gave Lyana a single whiff of smelling salts, just enough to let her regain the slightest sense of consciousness.


I laid on top of Lyana and I started kissing her full on the lips while my fingers unclasped her bra.

I moved my head lower and sucked her breasts vigorously.

She started moaning as my mouth savored her breasts.

“What’s happening?” She managed to say like a confused whisper.

She’s barely conscious, but she can slightly feel my violation and she can give the tiniest hint of resistance. That is what I’m after.

I sucked her breasts more. I squeezed and kneaded them like dough.

“Stop.” She managed to give a weak moan.

I moved lower again and took her panties off.

I laid my hands on her thighs and slid them up and down. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs apart.

I grabbed my erect manhood and aimed at her pussy. I thrust and Lyana arched her body forward and moaned as I penetrated her. I raped her like a madman. The entire time I fucked her she moaned in resistance. Her constant “No” is turning me on.


I raped Lyana for hours, fourteen positions were undertaken and Lyana’s body is a sticky mess. There is cum in her face, breasts, mound, and ass. I did not release myself inside her – that would be too merciless. Also, to avoid being cruel, I stuck it in her mouth before I stuck it in her ass.

I carried Lyana’s semen-covered body to the tub and bathed her. Temptation overcame me again and I raped her again in the tub.

Hey, don’t judge me. It’s not every day that you can rape a beautiful and hot woman.

I also bathed myself and reluctantly washed my dick. I did not want to wash away the feeling of my dick inside her mouth, inside her ass, inside her pussy, and between her breasts.

I washed Lyana’s body in the tub again. Spending a longer amount of time on her breasts, pussy, and thighs.

I also washed her bra and panties. It’s the least I could do for her after I raped her unconscious body.


After I spent a long time in the shower with Lyana’s unconscious body, I wiped her dry with a towel.

I used the hair blower my girlfriend left in my house to dry Lyana’s hair and undergarments.

I put her bra and panties on her body again. I took a piece of rope from the garage. I spread Lyana’s arms and legs apart and tied her limbs to the bedposts.

Lyana is now tied spread-eagle on my bed. Temptation is lurking in my mind again, but I wanna rest too. I took a roll of tissue and opened Lyana’s front clasp bra again. I ran my hands up and down her smooth thighs. I nudged her panties to the side and kissed her pussy.

I moved up and kissed her lips. Then I fondled and sucked her breasts.

I straddled her body and sandwiched my dick between her boobs.

I fucked her breasts and after fifteen minutes of titfucking her, I placed the tissue on the tip of my dick and ejaculated.

I stood up and gave Lyana a kiss, sucked, and squeezed her breasts for one last time. I ran my hands up and down her smooth thighs again, then left the room to sleep on the couch.

———- to be continued ————-

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