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cousin needed a loving male figure and i was overqualified 2

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Continuing the first time I touched my cousin- sorry for the long break

So she was hiding in the bathroom after taking my first kiss, and i was on the floor having a brain glitch when i hear the bathroom door close. I got up and went to the door where i stood for 5 minutes trying to think of what to say when she broke the silence. “Are you mad?” She said. I said “mostly confused, and how did you know im outhere?”. “I can see your feet under the door”. “Oh, that makes sense….. can we talk?”. “…….are you mad?” I could hear her sniffling as she said it. Even at 14 i knew that a 10 y o wouldnt handle this insane situation well, so i had to handle it for us both. “Im not mad, i just want to know what youre thinking about”. ” …can you wait….”. “I can wait”. After about 10 minutes she opened the bathroom door and told me to come in. She had a runny nose and there was toilet paper on the floor from her blowing it. I helped her clean up and sat her on the sink counter to wash her hands and face as she said “thang you”. After that she asked me to lock the door so noone came and heard, i said my room would be more private but she didnt want anyone to see her crying, so i gave in an locked the bathroom door. I sat across from her on the toilet and asked her what the kiss was about. Before i could finish she started tearing up so i calmed her down and said ” tell me when youre ready, ill be here ok?” She nodded and i went to my room, grabed a magisterium book, came back and locked the door again. That was the plan anyway, as when i was almost to the bathroom she came out and said she wanted to go to my room. So back we went. And as we came in she asked me to lock the door. My door didnt have any locks, nor did any room door other than my parents. To fix this i had stolen door stops from school in the past. As i placed them she asked if i really wasnt mad. “Im not, i pinky promise” and i held out my pinky. She looked at my hand, at me, back to my hand and said “can you show me diferently?”. “Show what?”. “That youre not mad”. “Sure, how?”. “…let me k..let me kiss you again..”. I was shocked and very full of adrenaline. After a minute i said “ok lets do it” and got on the edge of the bed to be face height with her as she stood on the floor. She aproached cautiously, leaned in a few times, and finaly said “can you cover your ears?” I was confused but i covered my ears and closed my eyes. I would later learn that she said “i love you” before giving me a little peck on the lips. She removed my hands from my head and said “i believe you now”. I couldnt hear her. All there was in my ears was my heart beat and discomfort in my shorts. Eventualy i opened my eyes and saw that she was struggling to stay awake, so i asked if she wanted to go to sleep. She said yes and we both slept on my bed that night. Nothing happed but i was now very horny and couldnt sleep so i snuck off the bed to jerkoff in the bathroom, afterward i went back and fell asleep.

Day 1 of our new situation is done and tomorrow we would do much more than kiss

Im not great at writing but if you want me to continue the story leave a comment or @ my reddit u/Scared_Ad8026 and email @ [email protected]

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  • Reply pieceofshit ID:gnrvcvoid

    i like this can you make a third part

  • Reply Billy Bob Jones ID:28xm46scd3

    Please part 3

  • Reply B ID:1cyit7azi7dh

    Yes write more.

  • Reply Their Pleasure Doll ID:1doo6psemde9

    You should write more =) this is very sweet. I love it

  • Reply Bob ID:fx7i92v9i

    Hey you should definitely make more at least finish off the story

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:3zxjp5nov99

    I like it. Pure, and siblings comforting one another. That’s why my little sister hopped on my stiff dick while I was asleep. So she lost her virginity around 7 ish age. Wasn’t from me, since after she got off. It was just her juices mixed with mine. I pretended to stay asleep untill she had her fill.

    • pieceofshit ID:gnrvcvoid

      bro they were cousins