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It started the first time I saw my stepsister masturbate

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I stood them as she sucked on the bottle and then slid it inside her pussy. She started to fuck herself slowly with the bottle and then she went fast

My mom remarried when I was 13. I am Jay, black and my stepsister was Poppy, she is white, tan, super cute girl. Her dad is very strict with her and I know it bothers her since I always have more freedom.

Poppy was about 10 when we started to live together. She wasn’t allowed to have a sleepover or go to one until she was 13. No dating until she was 16. She missed out on a lot with her friends but I spent as much time with her as I could so she wouldn’t get lonely.

She grew up a lot from ages 10 to 12, her body was really nice, nice tits, cute ass and she was thin, she ran track, did sit ups, push ups. She looked perfect in a crop top.

The first time I saw her masturbate was during our spring break.She was a few weeks away from turning 13 and I had just turned 16. We were home alone and I was going to shoot hoops with my friend and I asked her to go with me but she said she had things to do.

I opened the front door to leave and heard thunder, I stood in the doorway a while and saw lightning so I went inside and shut the door. I texted my friend and said I would be over when the storm passed but he said he had to go with his mom in 2 hours so we just cancelled the hoops for the day.

My parents kept a liquor cabinet well stocked and I had a drink now and then. My step dad didn’t care, I had even drank with him before. At 16 I was taller than him, 6’2 and most of my friends were around my height. Most of my friends loved Poppy, she was always friendly with them and she gave them hugs. The would joke about wanting to be the first to fuck her, I would get mad when they said that, but honestly if she wasn’t my stepsister I would be trying to get her myself.

She normally kept her body covered because of her dad, but I had seen her show a lot of skin when he wasn’t around. Her stomach, legs and feet were beautiful, she always smelled amazing too.

I went and fixed myself 2 shots and then went upstairs, Poppy’s bedroom was at the end of the hall. I heard music and went to tell her I had stayed home. Her door was slightly cracked, she had a floor mirror by the wall at the end of her bed.

As I got to her door I looked in the mirror and stopped. I could see her reflection in the mirror. She lay in bed, she had on a shirt but nothing else. I saw her hand between her legs and it was moving back and forth. I watched as she grabbed her body spray bottle. It was plastic, about 5 inches long, it was as big around as 2 of her fingers.

I stood them as she sucked on the bottle and then slid it inside her pussy. She started to fuck herself slowly with the bottle and then she went fast for a while and slowed down again.

She took the bottle out and I saw white cream on the bottle. She went and suck the bottle and licked off the cream before fucking herself with it again. I stood and watched with a hard cock as she fucked her pussy slow and fast over and over again.

She started to get louder, she said yes yes yes over and over, she started to fuck her pussy faster and then I saw her cum. Her body started to shake, I saw her feet flexing and I heard her curse for the first time ever.

She layed in bed afterwards and I watched the bottle slowly slide out of her pussy, it was covered with white cream again. She got up and went to the bathroom and I took my hard black cock and went downstairs.

It was raining pretty good by then and I had to make sure Poppy didn’t know I was home so I went outside and stood in the rain before coming back in. I yelled upstairs that I was home and Poppy yelled back. She came downstairs a few minutes later and she was all smiles.

I told her I was going to change and we ended up watching tv together for the rest of the day. It was weird sitting beside her on the sofa knowing that she had just masturbated.

3 weeks later we were home alone again. She was in her room and I said I was leaving to play ball, but I wasn’t. I opened the door and shut it but I stayed in the house. I went and took 2 shots of whiskey and took off my shoes. I waited about 10 minutes before walking quietly upstairs.

Her door was shut, but I could hear her shower running, I slowly opened her door and didn’t see her. I left the door cracked a little so I could see the mirror and her bed.

I waited and she came out of the bathroom naked. She was tan but I loved her tan lines, her tits were really nice, round and perky, her ass was small and firm and she walked around in her room naked for a few minutes and wrapped her wet hair in a towel.

I saw her grab the perfume bottle and throw it on the bed, she also grabbed her eyeliner tube, which was about half the size of the perfume bottle. She lay in bed and sucked the eyeliner and I watched as she licked her fingers and started to rub her cute asshole.

She took the eyeliner tube and slid it slowly inside her sweet tight asshole and started to slide it in and out. I reached inside my shorts and started to stroke my hard black cock. She grabbed the perfume bottle and started to fuck her pussy with it, she turned on her side with her ass to the mirror and she used her right hand to fuck her ass with the eyeliner while her left hand fucked her with the bottle.

She came pretty quick and layed there before starting again. She turned on her stomach and fuck her pussy with the bottle before getting on her hands and knees. Her ass was so fucking nice, she had the cutest asshole, I saw it open wide as she fucked her pussy with the bottle.

I watched as she came again and then collapsed on the bed on her stomach. She laid there a few minutes before grabbing her phone. I stood there and looked at her cute naked ass while she watched videos on her phone.

I knew I had to do something. My sweet step sister needed more than a
bottle, she needed some hard cock. She still had 3 years before she could date so I was going to have to find a way to let her know I would be happy to give her what she needed.

May 28, her birthday. We hadn’t been home alone in about 6 weeks. But I had 3 gifts for her. I gave her a silver choker necklace that I knew she wanted. Her dad was against it so she didn’t let him know. Also gave her an ankle bracelet.

I left her a secret card on her bed that night, I told her I had something secret I wanted to give her but it had to wait until school got out on June 7. She asked me later what it was and I told her she had to wait.

June 10th were alone for most of the day. She was still buggin me about the secret gift I had for her. I took her outside to the deck and grabbed her hand. I told her I had watched her masturbate twice and she pulled away from me and turned her back to me.

I was pretty sure she was embarrassed about it but I went behind her and put my arms around her stomach, I leaned over and moved her blonde hair to the side and kissed her neck. I told her if she ever needed me for anything I would be there for her.

I kissed her neck again and went inside. The next few days were normal. She didn’t respond to what I said so I thought she didn’t understand the sexual meaning.

June 17 we were alone again. I was downstairs and she was upstairs in her room. She came downstairs, she had taken a shower, she had on a crop top and shorts.

She came over to me and grabbed my hand, she looked at me and blushed. She told me that she had something she needed me for and pulled on my arm. We went upstairs and as soon as we got to her room she started to kiss me.

She asked me if I would go down on her, but I had to promise to keep my clothes on because she wasn’t ready for that yet. I told her I promised but she had to be completely naked and she agreed.

She undressed in front of me, she was so beautiful naked. She sat near the end of her bed, I grabbed her leg and kissed the top of her cute foot, I licked and kissed her legs down to her sweet mostly hairless pussy. She smelled so nice and when my tongue touched her pussy she jumped, her pussy tasted so sweet, she was wet and I could see some white cream near her pussy hole.

She moaned as I licked her, I wanted to fuck her so bad right then. I tongue her pussy and clit and she started to wiggle around. She said I loved when you lick my pussy, I lifted her up a little and tongued her sweet asshole, she jumped and kept saying it felt so nice.

She came pretty quick when I focused on her clit. She told me to lick her more and I did, 3 cums later she said she had what she needed and she thanked me. She asked me to cuddle with her and I did.

She told me she wanted more from me but not yet. She asked me if my friends would be interested in doing things with her, I told her they had talked about her and they all wanted her.

She smiled at me and said she wanted me first, the next time we were alone I could have her, as much as I wanted anything I wanted.

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    Great story thank you

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      Great story I fill like if I was the one fuming

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    Great story you sister name is Poppy what your Branch like in Trolls lol I think it’s cool your sister birthday is the same as one of my nephews and you.got out of school on my Moms birthday. You need to fuck her bro.

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