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I Fucked My Pornstar Little Sister

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Big brother confronts his 18 year old sister, who was secretly a pornstar.

My head was in a fog of disbelief, I barely remembered the bus ride home.

One of the guys on the team told me of a fucked up rumor. If it I didn’t need my football scholarship, I would’ve caved his face in. Instead I laughed it off and told him he was mistaken.

But you know how it is, once the idea burrows into your head, it festers and grows, and you’ll have to find out or it’ll drive you nuts.

I couldn’t do it during classes. If it was true and that’s a big if, I wouldn’t know how I’d react.
My heart was pounding hard against my chest as I fumbled to stick the keys into the door. I knew Kerry would be home.

I went straight to the living room and opened up my laptop.

I punched in a few keywords into the search engine. It shouldn’t be hard to find. He told me a girl who looked my little sister was on a pornography website.

I swallowed down a gulp as the webpage loaded up.

Oh fuck.

There was a girl being pounded hard. Her body shape, the hair, the face… It was without a doubt, Kerry.

It had to be fake. I heard about this ‘deep fake’ shit on the internet. Some of the guys wanted to fuck with me.

I skipped forward, pulled it back. It must’ve been ten minutes, but it felt like forever. I knew it, from the ache burning in my heart, that it was her.

“Kerry!” I shouted. “Come here!”

I heard footfalls coming down the stairs. Kerry was in a pair of shorts shorts and a sweater. She looked at me with concern first, then her eyes went wide when she saw the laptop screen. “Oops, busted,” she said, poking her tongue out.

“Didn’t you say you got a job?! I didn’t expect it to be whoring yourself out like this! What would dad think?” I had to keep pushing, get to the bottom of this.

Kerry sat down beside me, her tone was a lot calmer than I expected. “Did you watch it?”

“W-what on Earth are you talking about? Of course I didn’t!”

She raised an eyebrow. “So you don’t even know what I do, not really.”

Kerry pressed ‘play’ on the video.

“What are you doing?”

“I want you to watch me do my job.”

“I’m not going to watch my own sister do porn!”

“Oh? So you’d watch the video if I wasn’t your sister?” she sniggered.

She caught me in a trap.

“How did you get your hands on my video in the first place?”


“If you want to criticise what I do…” she said, snuggling against me as if we were casually watching a Netflix movie. “…then you have to watch it all the way through.”

My eyes went back to the screen. Kerry unmuted the video, her digital moans were loud and clear.

I’ll never accept that.

I get it, this is meant to be her job. But this is too much!

In the video, my sister’s head was arched back, her face a mask of pure ecstasy.

Shamed burned in my gut as my cock stirred to life.

This is fucking sick!

Have I failed as a brother? Kerry didn’t have a mother figure around and Dad worked two jobs.

I got my shit together and did the best I could to look out for her.

To think she’d grow up turning into such an shameless woman!

I gritted my teeth, the asshole in the video was laughing, clearly enjoying Kerry’s body.


My sweet sister…

Is being fucked by a total stranger for cash!

A sharp bolt of pleasure shot through me as something touched my groin.

“Whats this?” Kerry mewled, her hands cupped the painful tent in my pants. “Are you getting aroused by your sister’s body?”

She expertly undid my buckle and zip before I could protest. Free, my cock flung out of it’s confines.

“You’re very big,” she gasped.

Before I could get away, she wrapped her fingers around my aching shaft, jerking it up and down in a tight, silky smooth motion.

“H-hey!” I cried out, swallowing down the tightness in my throat. “W-what do you think you are doing?! Stop!”

“I never seen your cock before. It’s so big.” She rasped. Her eyes were fixated on my cock.

“L-let me go.”

She obeyed.

I felt a strange momentary sense of relief and frustration at the same time.

Then she arched over and put her mouth over me. Pleasure washed through me as I felt her wet tongue swirl around my cockhead.

“Look, no hands,” she giggled.

“W-what are you doing?” I groaned out.

“Jeez big bro, you know what I’m doing.”

The room was filled with the lewd sounds of her mouth schlucking thick drool all over my cock, saliva running down my shaft.

“…You’re getting sucked off by your naughty sister.”

Oh God. How did it turn out like this?

This is bad. I gripped my hands tight against the sofa as my sister’s mouth attacked my cock.

My heart pounded hard against my ribcage. I had to push her away, but it felt so fucking wrong and so hot at the same time.

She looked up at me, flashing me a mischievous look.

I was in heaven, my cock disappeared deeper into Kerry’s mouth, I felt the tight wet ridged walls of her throat milking my crown. Aghh! She’s taking it so deep! O-oh shit!

At this rate I’m going to cum in my baby sister’s throat!

“K-Kerry! Okay I get it! You’re serious about your job, please stop!”

“Sorry, no can do. As a pro I have to…” she giggled as she eased my cock out of her mouth, then running her tongue up my shaft, lapping up spit and precum. “… properly make you cum.”

“This isn’t the time to show off your professionalism!”

If I don’t force her to stop now, it’ll be bad and yet…

And yet…

I felt my balls tighten with need.

“Oh God…” I groaned out.

“Mmm, what a nice moan, Big Brother.” she said, running her lips over my head and teasing my glans with her tongue. “Does your sister’s mouth feel that good?”

“Stop saying such things…” I gasped.

But it did. It so fucking did. Kerry blossomed into a beautiful young woman and I felt bad for lusting after her 18 year old body. And now she was doing this… It was a sordid dream come true…

“Mmm, your dick is twitching…”

She moaned as my cock throbbed against my will, she was too good at this.

And its been so long…

“Are you about to cum? It’s not good to hold it in.

She licked the tip as if it was an lollipop, coaxing me. “Come on.”

I gritted my teeth, hissing. I was desperate to hold it back. I can’t cum in my sister’s mouth! Oh god, I felt my balls tighten, rebelling against me.

“Oh fuck!”

My stomach tensed as I erupted. Kerry squealed in delight as wave after wave of hot, molten cum blasted into her mouth.

Her throat bobbed up and down as my cock pulsed helplessly in her waiting mouth. She moaned and swallowed as I unloaded my cum into her waiting mouth. She seemed as if she was genuinely enjoying the taste. Or the fact that I was climaxing into her mouth. Oh fuck, I can’t tell.

“God, you let out so much…” she gasped as my orgasm waned.

Now I really done it. I’m a total failure as a brother. Mom must be turning over in her grave…

I was so weak, I collapsed back into the comfort of the sofa. God, it’s been years. Ever since I got the football scholarship, I went into college with 100% of my time and effort. I didn’t have time to fuck around with girls.

The sofa crinkled and groaned as Kerry climbed onto me. She had peeled her shorts off and was wearing a tight black thong.

I felt her legs clamp tight around both sides of my limp body. “And now…” she cooed.

A tendril of panic travelled down my spine. “W-what are you doing?”

“Xander… you’re still rock hard,” she said, she rubbed my cock and it inflated shamelessly to full hardness again. “You’re not satisfied at all, are you?”

I couldn’t move. I felt so weak so quick after I came. I couldn’t believe I got so hard, so quickly. I bit my lip as I felt her fingers wrap around my cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips. “Mmm,” she cooed. It was like watering a flower in the desert. The moment my cock touched her nectar, it inflated into a solid curve, like a horn desperate to fuck.

Her fingers expertly pulled her thong aside, revealing her shaved pussy to me.

And then I felt a hot tightness surround my cock as it disappeared into her pussy.

“Oh fuck!”

“I’m actually having sex with you!” she squealed in delight.

“Get off!” I cried, but the words had no weight in them.

“Too late,” she chuckled, her tone was raspy and laced with need. “Your hard cock is already deep inside my pussy.”

She gyrated her hips expertly, she knew exactly how to use her pussy to milk me as she bobbed up and down my aching cock.

“We already committed incest, so just let go and enjoy it.”

Kerry wrapped her arms around my neck, bracing against me. Her breathing was loud and heavy. She was so close, I could feel it.

My sweet sister smelled like perfume mixed with the thick scent of female arousal.

“Oh god…” I groaned.

“Your cock is so big,” she rasped. “Use that thick cock of yours and fuck me.”

The sofa creaked in protest against her bouncing. My cock pulsed inside her. I can’t remember the last time I been inside a woman, but being inside my own sister…

God, it felt so wrong…

“It’s throbbing so much,” she said. “You like my pussy that much?”

Kerry took a moment to let go of me and pulled her sweater off. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her huge pair of pendulous tits fell out and I gasped.

“My breasts have grown really big, you know?”

She grabbed my shaking hands and guided them over her tits; they were too big, too full for my hands to take entirely. “See for yourself.”

My hands felt hot and sweaty and I felt so guilty as her nipples grazed against my palms. Oh God, the sensation..!

I’m so sorry… Please forgive me…

Her nipples felt deliciously hard and leathery under my palms. I felt her heat and sweat mash against my skin.

I couldn’t help myself, like a man dying of thirst, I arched forward and latched on a nipple. I groaned as my tongue lashed around the sweet gumdrop hardness.

“X-xander..!” she moaned. “You’re being too eager. Do you crave my boobies that much?”

I wasn’t satisfied with just that. I squashed her tits together and took both juicy nipples into my mouth at the same time. “S-shut up! Any man would crave tits this big.”

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled her closer towards her. “Yessss, suck on my nipples like that,” she moaned. “It’s so good.”

Her hips rocked harder and harder. “This feels so good big brother. I might get addicted to incestous sex.”

I felt my balls tighten with need. And I panicked.

“G-get off! I’m going to cum!”

“No way,” she groaned. “It’d be a real let down if you didn’t cum inside me now.”

Oh god! We can’t do this! I can’t cum inside my sister!

“Stop fooling around! Get off!” I tried to push her off but she was too strong, overwhelmed with need.

Did I want to stop?

“Who was sucking on my tits so passionately just then? Don’t try to act all moral.”

Fuck, I can’t help it, my hands had a mind of their own. I groped her delicious tits, tugged on her juicy nipples as she ground hard against my cock.

“Come on, go ahead and fill your sister’s fertile womb up.”

She leaned into my ear, whispering in a honeyed voice. “If I get pregnant, I’ll have your baby.”
Oh god… What if I impregnate my own sister?!

Kerry kept rocking her hips, her pussy kept milking me, tormenting me. “Hey now, you still have more cum, right?”

“Fuck…” I hissed. She knew my body better than I did. My cock obeyed her and pulsed even harder.

“I’m going to wring you dry,” she chuckled. “Just keep cumming, empty your balls inside me.”

Those words drove me over the edge. I howled and drove my cock upwards, as hard as I can into her and I came.

My balls tensed and thick ropes of cum blasted into my own sister. It felt so wrong, yet so fucking perfect.

Kerry kept rocking her hips, her nails dug into my back and her pussy kept milking me.

Eventually I stopped cumming and Kerry stood up, easing herself off me. She spread her pussy lips with her fingers and thick globs of my cum dripped out of her pussy and dripped onto me and the sofa.

“Wow… Even your second load was huge,” she laughed.

She turned to walk away.

She can’t just take what she wanted from me and expect to just dismiss me like that.

I grabbed her and she shrieked in surprise. I swung her on all fours on the sofa, before she could protest. My cock pulsed to life again. I didn’t know what came over me. Something about my sister triggered something feral deep inside me.

My sister, my sweet Kerry. From now on, her pussy belonged to me.

She gasped as my hands gripped her womanly hips. I guided my cock and slid it easily into her cum soaked cunt. “I won’t let anyone else have you,” I growled.

“X-xander, what’s gotten into you all of a sudden?!”

Yeah you look fucking concerned, you dirty little slut. Time for me to take control.

Her tits swung wildly as I thrusted hard into her. My cock slid all the way inside her in one decisive thrust. “You’re being too rough!” She groaned. “You’ll break me!”

“How many guys have you fucked?” I growled.


She cried out as I slapped her round juicy ass, making it turn red against her porcelain white skin. “Tell me!”

“M-maybe about thirty?”


I slapped her ass cheeks again, and she moaned every time I did so. “I can’t believe my sister has turned into such a fucking whore.”

I thrusted my hips, driving my dick deeper inside her, driving her face into the sofa. “This is your punishment.”

“Ugh! I’m sorry..!” She said. I sensed her hand moving under and teasied her clit. Her nails grazed me as I thrusted in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

“Fuck, you’re such a slut. I can feel your pussy tightening up!”

What a dirty bitch of a woman she turned into.

I reached over and tugged her nipples. “You need to be taught a lesson.”

She groaned and I licked her skin, tasting her delicious sweat. She tasted like a bitch in heat.
“Im sorry, b-but sex just feels too good!”

“Rather than fucking other guys, you’ll be mine alone,” I growled.

“Okay, claim my womb big brother, knock me up with your seed,” she begged.

This was too much. I roared as my balls tightened up again. I yanked back on her hair as I felt the need overwhelm me.

“I’m cumming!”

Her pussy tightened around my cock. “Xander!”

I grabbed her face and turned her to face me. Her eyes went wide as my mouth found hers, pushing my tongue in deep, finding that slutty tongue of hers. Hot tears ran down her face as she moaned into my mouth.

Her body shook and trembled as I shot my cum inside her. My other hand pulled her hips hard into me and she drove her ass back, desperate to feel my cock impale her.

Her toes curled and she cried out, shuddering as she climaxed all over my dick.

Eventually my climax ebbed out and we both collapsed in a hot, sweaty, tangled mess on the sofa.

“God, that was amazing…” she gasped, desperate for air. “I can’t go back to anything else after this…”

“You belong to me now, sis. Your pussy is solely mine.”

Kerry reached over and kissed me on the cheek. “Yes.”

Since then, I had nothing but endless days of incestuous sex with my little sister.

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