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The fuck toy

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A story from my youth…how I began to love being stuffed

So this is something that happened years ago…before my dog cum slut days hehe…

I was a very slim, very curvy 19 year old… long black hair..and super horny (well..that hasn’t changed)..
I was dating a guy in his late 20s ..Nick ..he had a high sex drive…and wanted to fuck every chance we got. If we were at a restaurant he would finger my cunt under the table..at a friend’s house? Quickie in the bathroom!
Going for drive? Sex in the backseat ! At my parents house? Fingering my ass right outside the lounge where my family was seated (this was also my first anal experience)
We were driven by sex… to an extent that ..our sex just wasn’t enough. One night we went out.. Nick asked me to wear something short and slutty .. I assumed we were going clubbing..he loved being able to feel my wet puss on the dance floor… I put on a short dark grey skirt..soft fabric that hugged my curves and danced along my thigh.. I put on a matching tube top and a strappy black leather harness from our bondage kit …I put on some black calf length boots … I put on leather studded wrist and neck jewelry, some silver rings..my hair in a high pony … I felt like a dominatrix..hehe
We arrived… it wasn’t exactly a dance club…though there were people dancing… it wasn’t just..different … not a typical club..not just a bar..regardless…I was glad to be out and was enjoying the attention … we walked up to the bar…and ordered some beers…I slid onto a bar stool and Nick slid his hand up the outside of my thigh.. I loved his strong warm touch.. he looked me up and down.. fuck!..you make my cock hard… I laughed .. and pulled him in for a quick kiss.. we finished our beer .. and the barman brought us a round of shots… “oh..we didn’t..” ……the barman gestured behind us..compliments of the gentlemen … I turned and saw 3 gorgeous men staring back at me .. I looked at Nick.. he didn’t seem bothered by it… I slid off my stool…”I’m just gonna say thanks”.. I winked at nick..”watch me”

I walked over and bent over their table..giving nick a view of My ass.. I greeted the guys ..and thanked them.. I introduced myself..and they said their names were Shaun, Mike and Matthew. I flirted a bit hiking up my skirt..spreading my legs..hoping I was showing Nick more .. when I turned back I noticed that not only was I showing nick.. half the patrons were at the bar watching the show I was putting on… I hurried back and downed both shots ..nick was biting his lip looking at me ..he grabbed at his cock and adjusted himself…fuck!! He giggled ..

We downed another drink and chatted to the barman , another couple came in and sat down next to us at the bar, they were older… they seemed to know almost everyone there..and loads of people came up to greet them and meet us…they asked us if we’d like to shoot some pool and we agreed… the pool tables were in a separate room … I loved playing pool…I was truly terrible at it. But I loved using my body to distract my opponent… we had fun and I flirted with nick and the older couple…I noticed that we had gained an audience.. the couple went to get us a round of drinks..I sat on the pool table and spread my legs.. the trio (Mike Shaun and Matthew) came forward to chat.. I looked to Nick..he smiled .. I entertained the chatter.. but I was now proper horny.. I was particularly into Mike…who had long blonde beachy hair .. thick thighs.. broad and built.. green eyes… I played with the hem of his shirt while we flirted and chatted…the three of them got closer around me..and blocked everyone’s view of me…slowly Mike reached between my legs and stroked me… I looked at each of them…and saw their eyes full of lust… I looked back at Nick..I couldn’t see him.. I wanted to leave..but Mike shoved 2 fingers inside me.. I raised my ass off the pool table meeting that thrust.. fuck .. my nipples were hard against the leather straps of my harness.. I was surrounded by men and women…touching me…touching themselves..touching each other . where the fuck was Nick?… what was this place… I wanted to jump off the table… but Shaun put his hands on my shoulders… babe..relax..it’s okay. You know you want this.. look around…look how horny you’ve made us all..you deserve this … his hand around my neck..he pushed me onto the pool table…Matthew pushed my legs up and layed my feet gently on the table. He pushed my skirt up and they stepped back… it was just me and Mike with his fingers inside me..and everyone watching us…

Nick walked in…I tried to get up…but was held down by then men standing behind me…
Nick came over..and whispered to me…the old couple own this place… they set this kind of stuff up..but weren’t expecting anything to go down tonight.. but they’re happy to let it happen… if you are…

What the fuck was I listening to? ..while I was getting fingered by a stranger… and my boyfriend is okay with it… the climax was building in my pussy and I hadn’t even realized that I was thrusting my hips forward … “I guess I’m Okay” I mumbled…and with that…3 other guys came forward..suddenly I had hands groping me .. I screamed… nick came over and slapped me… baby! R u in or not?… he pulled down my skirt..slid my tube top out from under the harness and left me standing in the leather harness. Jewelry and boots … I took 2 steps back and felt a cock against my back…oh God…

Matthew lifted me onto the table …spread my legs and gently nibbled at my clit…he teased me…every bit of fear left me..and Mike was back with his fingers in me ..some stranger with long black hair sucked on my tits… I was moaning… this type of pleasure is different from fucking your boyfriend .. it’s intense..it’s shocking..it’s scary..it’s embarrassing..it’s so many feelings at once..being released all over throughout your body…

I called for nick… put your cock in my mouth baby… he touched my cheek…still warm from when he slapped me… He got onto the table and kneeled next to my head… I swallowed his cock .and sucked hard… suddenly I was surprised with a pain shooting up my cunt…Mike had a giant fucking cock ..and he rammed it into me without warning!!

He pulled out sllooooowly and I swear I almost came on the spot from that feeling…the excitement made me Bob my head on Nick’s cock…looking around I saw multiple cocks out…wives and girlfiends were jerking off their men .. one woman was sucking her guy off while he watched me… RAM!!! Another thrust of monster cock…and a slooowww pull out…I moaned deeply on Nick’s cock… I spread my legs wider..inviting the monster cock back inside me… he spat at my pussy ..and used his massive cock head to spread that wetness all over my cunt…and then ram himself into me.. I came.. I grunted and screamed and shook… Nick jumped off the table..and offered his space to someone else. .suddenly I had a new cock poking at my cheek.. before I knew it this guy was straddling my face…holding my head up and face fucking me …my pussy was being murdered by a monster cock and I was taking it like a good slut.. my moaning and screaming On the cock in my mouth made him burst is load so quick.. i had cum spilling out the side of my mouth..as he got off ..someone held my mouth open.. “pretty fucking slut…don’t swallow”… I obeyed..keeping the cum in my mouth while he got onto the table and slid his cock into my cumfilled mouth .. nick came around and pulled on my ponytail ..yanking my hair away from the cock I was sucking…like a greedy little cock whore I fought against him trying to get back to the cock … he pulled harder… ” you like this ?? You like being a dirty slut?” …. yes daddy!! Please let me have my cocks daddy!! …with that Mike thrust in deep and let out a load moan..his cock shot rope after rope of cum into me… he pulled out and his cum poured down between my cheeks..Nick lifted my up by my ponytail leading me to get onto all 4s… the older couple walked in..and just the wife stroked my cunt with her finger. Picking up a glob of cum and she licked her finger… uhmmm…she went in again and this time put her finger in her husband’s mouth…everyone stood around watching.. furiously jerking their cocks…the old man spread my ass and buried his face in my cunt..eating Mike’s and my cum out of me… ugh uhhh…uhhhhh uhmmmm…I moaned… fuck yes daddy more…

More??!! She wants more.!! He yelled..who’s next? .. everyone cheered as four men came closer… 2 behind me…. 1 entered my pussy doggy style..the other squatted over me and entered my ass… the other 2 pushed both their cocks into my mouth… on the sides of me others yanked at my tits.. they stroked me. And pinched me… I was gagged on the cocks in my mouth..making me back up onto the 2 cocks filling my other holes… my legs and arms were shaking… i wasnt sure i could hold myself up… the trusting was getting harder and faster…the guys behind me were grunting …i could feel their cocks scraping against my inner walls…against each other…I came so hard i almost pushed them out of me… my moaning on the cocks in my mouth…the moaning of the sluts and their men watching .. it was a cum fest … the pleasure was building for all us… i couldn’t take much more… my body tensed and i just braced myself… all 4 cocks came in my at the same time… i was like a cum fountain .. cum gushing out my mouth…the guys behind stepped away and someone else came and held my legs and ass cheeks open while everyone came to look….some stuck their fingers in me…some of them licked me…one guy stuck his tongue in my cum filled ass..some kissed my lips and …I hoped nick was taking a video…cos I really want to see this later..see myself used like this…fucked like this…see myself cum like this…I want to see nicks cock get hard everytime he watches the video. ..

That night 9 different cocks entered me … I had lost track of how many times I’d cum… my asshole stayed open for cock for hours…and my holes oozed and dripped with cum for hours afterward…

I was bruised and sore and stiff the next day… but it was so so worth it

For the rest of our relationship. Nick and I watched the video on a weekly basis…sometimes while he tied me up and spanked me…angry at what a whore I was…sometimes he made me suck him off while he watched … sometimes we masturbated each other while we watched ..and sometimes we made love while we watched it together… he often asks me my favorite part of that night… and I always say ..the part when he pulled me by my hair…

I may have dressed like a dominatrix…but we both knew…I’m definitely the sub…I’m daddies little fuck toy…but that night I was everyone’s fuck toy …
I had never had a night quite like this again… maybe one day ..

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  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

    Daddy is a very lucky man. Hot and sexy.

  • Reply GHS ID:42oh4ja41

    WOW that is a dream of mine. Thank you for the story and letting me pretend it is me being fucked.

    • Jax's Mom ID:usevqb0c

      Thank you so much… It really is alot of people’s dream… And I’m sad they never get to experience it.. It’s an amazing feeling.. I hope you get your turn some day

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    I didn’t choose to be a slut ! My stepdad and brother forced me to be their fuck slut !! And now i get myself off as i get you guys off !!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfxik

    The true slut in you was brought out by all those fuckings. So many girls need this treatment!

    • Jax's Mom ID:usevqb0c

      I agree!! I hope you’re enjoying my stories.

  • Reply Dex ID:g0zmcbj43