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I fucked my little brother

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2 months ago I fucked my 14 year old brother, I am 18. We live in Michigan and I go t a local collage and still live at home. I was dying to tell someone but I just cant tell anyone I fucked my little brother. Looked for a place to tell it on line and no one knows me.
I came home one night a little drunk and real horny. I went down stairs to watch to and sleep on the couch. My brother was down there watching a dirty soft porn movie playing on Cinemax. He had his dick out and was beating off. I busted out laughing and he covered up and started freaking out telling me not to tell anyone. I told him I wouldn’t and that I loved him and every 14 year old kid had jerked off to soft porn. I gave him a hug and felt his half hard cock on my thigh. Without thinking I moved my leg so his cock has between my thighs and closed them around his dick. He started to pull away, which only stroked his cock as I pulled him back to me. Then I lost it and pushed him down on the couch and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him off. He sat there frozen as took it out of my mouth and started stroking him off. I pulled off my shirt and bra pulled my pants and panties off. Straddled him and put my tits in his face to suck on for me, I wasn’t doing this for him, I was so horny and pussy was so wet from just his dick on my leg. All I want to do was get fucked. So I guided his dick into my pussy and rode him hard and fucked him as many times as I could get him hard again. Which was 3 times. But now I have created a monster because everyday he is trying to fuck again. I have gave in twice, but I know we have to stop.

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  • Reply Bigun ID:4o7s3end2

    Sick individual

  • Reply Bigun ID:4o7s3end2

    Yeah you have to stop, it’s illegal and mentally damaging hm

  • Reply Curious Virgin (quora advise columnist) ID:1e0mpl2d3bkx

    Your choice, if you really want him to stop either get a substitute for him or “date” another girl if he thinks you’re a lesbian it may be enough to free you, although why you didn’t just tell him you where so drunk and horny you’d do anyone or anything rather than give in I don’t know, by giving in you made him think you want it but are fighting the morality of incest

  • Reply Phantom ID:1e684b1m7ubo

    Hey Barbie, I’m from Michigan. Would you like an older fwb? 😉

  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    No you don’t have to stop I’ve been fucking my older sister since I was 13 and im 58 now

  • Reply Tina ID:7ylren4oic

    You go bronco, he ha, ill bring you a bandana.fuck me while your wearing it.

  • Reply Tina ID:7ylren4oic

    If your brother had any brains he would black mail your ass to fuck because of what you did.and if you liked how he fucked you,you would let him fuck you over and over.this is why i think the story is bullshit.

    • I'm Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

      Hey Tina you’re right if he had a brain he would but he’s 14 years old which means he’s starting to go through puberty which means they’re all Horny at that Age and the only thing they think about is having sex you know what I mean and what about you do you have sex with any of your real male relatives and if so send me an invite on Google Chat and my Google information is [email protected] I will be waiting for your invite Tina

  • Reply Bronco ID:brwzhz1fii

    You’ve told an interesting story. I like to hear more from you.
    Maybe we can contact with each other? I have the same experiences with my sister.

  • Reply Bronco ID:brwzhz1fii

    Why do you have to stop, Barbie? Isn’t it fine to have a fuck buddy every day? I have the same experiences with my sister.
    Do you want to know more about me and my sister? Email me at [email protected]

  • Reply Bronco ID:brwzhz1fii

    Well, Barbie, I loved to read your story, because I experienced the same with my sister. Maybe you want to hear more about my sister and me? In that case email me at [email protected]

  • Reply Golden ID:1dps89y16pxg

    Let him breed you? Id love to watch or join, do what feels good. Goldenbiguy on kik

  • Reply Jake ID:7ylren4oic

    You say you go to college but you cannot even spell the word correctly.most of the people on here are dumb fucks and believe this made up bull shit.”fake story.”

    • Jakeisafucktard ID:27m991cd3

      Fuck you Jake.

    • Jakes a rockstar unlike the rest of you ID:2atvuwp0v4

      Smart man.

    • Carla ID:y8hyzb0d

      So it was you that voted for Sleepy Joe and fucked up the country, Jake.

  • Reply Kevin ID:1ei9cmolt82v

    No you dont have to stop. And please keep writing

  • Reply Taylor ID:7ylren4oic

    Why dont you just write a fuckin’g story brad if your going to go into that much detail jesus christ.

  • Reply Taylor ID:7ylren4oic

    I am from michigan.14 is alot better than 10 or all the young made up lies on here about underage bull shit.the story could have been longer.you said you jumped him without any hints or anything to lead to it.this is where i am weary of the story.he could have told.he should be black mailing your ass to fuck now.

  • Reply Love All ID:1coe3h3l7u05

    Don’t stop. It is so loving and beautiful


  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Why stop let him breed you

  • Reply Brad ID:1crmn0bafp1x

    My older sister and I did it much later in life. I had always had a fantasy, mostly from a dirty book she had that contained a threesome that included a better and start.. I would find out later apparently she had no clue of my thoughts. I was in town on work, we went to eat, had a bit too much to drink. While at dinner, we drifted into minor porn talk and likes. She did mention something about dog movies which I found exciting. When she went to drop me off at hotel, when we hugged, I kissed her. She was taken back for a bit, then she got into the kissing. Right there in the hotel parking lot making out. We went up to my room, stripped ourselves in front of each other, started kissing again, and went to the bed where I finally got to go down on my sister. Come to find out my sister is a dirty woman. She encouraged me to put my whole fist in, which I did not. It was our first time lol. Before I slid my cock in, she did ask if I was sure. Of course I was and fucked her a good while. I don’t think she came the first time, but she encouraged me to cum in her “cunt.”. We were in our 40s when it first happened. Come to find out she bought her first vibrator when she was 13 from Spenser’s. She said although she had no similar thoughts it fucking me when we were younger, she said if I had come on to her back then, she would have. She told me she did watch porn, including beastiality. She liked watching women get knotted and screaming. She told me she had a female dog that she would let lick her pussy and everytime she came, she’d squirt and the dog would keep lapping. She had a dream one night she got caught by her daughter getting licked by the dog and she had her naked daughter sit between her legs, spread her legs, while the dog licked her daughter and she held her daughter’s pussy open. Because we lived in different states, we only fucked maybe 4 or 5 times until she stopped it when I got remarried. Lame lol it was never “love” for us or anything. Just fucking.

  • Reply Wrongplaces ID:1cxd5bdadh87

    From michigan also