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I watched my 14 year old daughter being raped

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We were camping. My daughter was raped. I saw it and could not make myself stop it. Fiction, rape, teen, watching.

We were on a long weekend camping trip at the park. I had maneuvered our trailer into the space and unhooked it. While I was getting everything set up my daughter came out of the trailer in her new two piece swim suit and said she was going to the beach to see how the water was.

Our fourteen-year-old daughter, Dottie went thru a major growing change not long ago. She rapidly grew a couple inches taller. Her chest went from a training bra to a fully filled B-cup and she lost most of her baby fat. She was rapidly changing from a cute little girl to an attractive young lady.

Dottie came back with another girl her age that she had met at the beach and asked if she could have supper with us. I said that it was only going to be hotdogs but she said that she liked hotdogs and they ran off to tell the other girl’s parents what was happening.

We cooked our dogs on the campfire and chatted. About nine, Fran’s parents came over to say hi and take her back to their camp. They stayed for a few minutes and we got to know them a little bit. They were nice people. Then they left and we called it a night. I put out the fire and we went into the trailer. We checked our e-mails and Facebook and then headed off to bed at around ten.

Early the next afternoon Dot said that she was going back to the lake. Her mother told her not to go in the water unless she had a buddy. “OK, Mom.” Off she went.

About an hour later I decided to go check on her. I walked to the beach but did not find her there. I walked around the camp areas looking for her but didn’t find her. I decided to go back and see if she had returned to our camp. Rather than go back the same way that I had come, I decided to take a path thru the woods back to our camp. The woods were thick with a lot of undergrowth.

I had walked about a hundred yards or so when I heard a noise but did not see anything. I could see where someone or something had gone off the path and thru the bushes so I pushed back thru the brush.

I came to a clearing and there was my daughter on her back on the ground. A young man who looked to be in his mid-twenties was between her legs, pounding his cock in and out of her. I started to rush over but for some reason stopped and stayed back in the bushes. The top of her swim suit was up under her chin and the bottoms were down around one foot. His shorts were on the ground and he was holding her wrists to the ground with his hands while his cock pistoned in and out of her.

At first Dot was trying to buck him off and crying and telling him to stop. He kept fucking her little teenaged cunt. After a couple minutes she stopped fighting and just lay there like she had given up fighting. She just lay there while he fucked her and told her things like what a wonderful tight cunt she had and how he wished he could take her to his camp and fuck her all night. After another couple of minutes, she started moaning and pushing her hips up to match his downward thrusts. Then there was no mistaking that she had an orgasm. “Ohhhh”, she cried and she went stiff and then limp.

I realized that I needed to stop him before he came in her. She might get pregnant. I was too late. He pushed deep in her and with a couple quick jerky stabs and a loud groan, he filled my babies cunt full of his baby making seed. She moaned again, and then again started crying. There was nothing I could do now. I stayed hidden in the brush.

He pulled out and wiped the last of his splooge in the small amount of pubic hair that she had. “You had better go down to the beach and clean yourself up.” He got up, put his shorts back on and casually left. I thought about going and comforting her but did not want to admit that I saw her being raped and did not do anything to stop it and how would I explain the big bulge in my pants and the wet spot at the end of my cock, if she spotted it. Dottie lay on the ground for a minute and then she got up, pulled her top back down and put her swimsuit bottom back on and headed for the beach.

I went back to our camp. I started to tell my wife what had happened but then stopped. I sat in a chair and replayed what I had seen, in my head, over and over. A few minutes later Dot came back to camp skipping and smiling. She acted like nothing had happened even when I asked her about what she had been doing while she was gone. I was angry with myself that I could not, or did not do anything to stop my daughter from being raped. It was hard for me to believe that after it was over, she did not seem upset about it.

We spend two more days camping and nothing more happened, except every time I saw her, I pictured her naked, on the ground and being fucked. Each time, it gave me an erection and produced a wet pre-cum spot on the pants I was wearing. I never saw the guy around the camping area.

We went home but I could not get what had happened out of my mind. I was obsessed with it. I started watching more porn and jerking off. A few days went by and I was sitting in one of the living room chairs. I had a porn video on that was showing an older man fucking a girl that was just old enough to make the movie although she was playing the part of a younger girl.

I had my cock out and was stroking it as I concentrated on the video. I didn’t notice that Dottie had walked into the room. I was startled back to real when I heard her shout out, “Daddy, what are you doing?” It was obvious what I was doing. I looked at her. “I saw you being fucked in the woods. Did he rape you?”

“Yes it was rape but part way thru, it started feeling good and then I did not want him to stop.”

“In that case, come over here and jerk my cock for me.”

Dottie slowly walked over to her father, reached her hand out and wrapped her fingers around his cock shaft. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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