Naughty housekeeper

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moved into my new house a few years back. After I got it all organized, unfortunately my job required for me work very long hours and I was too tired to take care of the house all alone so I decided to hire a housekeeper to come in twice a week. My friend recommended Maria so I had her come over and take a look and I hired. Sweet old Mexican lady who was a great cleaner and very reliable. She did EVERYTHING for me including my laundry and ironing. One day she texted me that she had to go back home for an emergency but she could have her daughter in law(found out later it was her niece. Lost in translation) come over to replace her. Of course I told her and wished her well.
They had access to my house so one day came home and her daughter in law was still there. I walked in expecting another nice older lady but when I walked in I found this gorgeous Mexican girl. She must have been maybe 20 or so, beautiful olive skin, long curly hair in a ponytail. She was dressed in a pair of skinny jeans that hugged a very round ass, a tight t shirt tied at the waist that held a very nice pair of breasts and it was soaked from cleaning and was getting transparent and I could see her black bra underneath. She had no makeup on but was still absolutely gorgeous. I am sure she caught me staring at her too.
She was almost done so I asked her if she wanted to stay and I would cook dinner and she could relax since it was late. She has one more house to clean, so politely declined. I paid her and she left. She made me so horny I put some porn on and started masturbating. I started playing with myself and I hear the laundry room door open and shut and I’m frantically trying to mute and turn off DVD not knowing who it was but couldn’t find it. Here walks in Alexandria (the housekeeper) and she sees what’s on TV screen and her eyes went wide open. I apologized to her but in her cute Spanish accent she said it was ok.
She also caught my erection in my pants and shyly turned away. She said she had forgotten her phone on my countertop.
She left again and since the mood was done I went to bed.
The next week she came over and was wearing a tight jeans skirt, with another ever tighter Tshirt. Her breasts were amazing. Probably a good D cup but perfectly round in her shirt. I was watching her clean and every time she bent over my cock got harder. She got on her hands and knees to do baseboards and I knew she was doing it in purpose because she knew I would look. I didn’t notice any panty lines on her skirt and I wondered if she was even wearing any. I kept looking at her ass and once in a while she would turn and look at me with a smile.
She went to do dishes and the squirter accidentally doused her. Her shirt was now clinging to her tits and I could see her figure and her awesome cleavage. Thinking I was not watching, she took her shirt and bra off, held her hands in front of her and went to put them in dryer. Her tiny hands barely covered ANYTHING and she was squishing those tits and I could tell they were very soft.
She came out of laundry still holding her tits just as I walked out of the bedroom.
We both just stood there silently, her embarrassed. Her holding her breasts, me in just a towel with a huge erection. She just looked at me, then looked down at my towel and I looked down and my erection was sticking out of the towel fold. I am not sure if she had ever seen one or not because she just stared at it.
She looked down embarrassed at the situation but then she looked up at me and slowly lowered both hands revealing her beautiful brown breasts with small but just as beautiful areolas and nipples.
I said nothing. She had her hands to the side and looked at me with beautiful brown eyes. She undid her ponytail and let her hair fall over her shoulders semi covering her breasts which made her look even hotter. I walked up to her and took her face in. My hands. I just looked at her innocent face and then I kissed her, gently at first but she reciprocated by kissing me hard and deep, her tongue seeking mine. I touched her breasts, squeezing them softly and it was like squeezing cotton.
II pinned her against the wall I kissed her even harder. It was like she had never been kissed that deeply before and she returned my kisses with such passion and desire. My towel had fallen off so she could feel my throbbing cock against her. I spun her around facing the wall, I unzipped her skirt and roughly ripped it to the ground. She only had a thong on and I ripped that away too exposing her round ass.
I put her hands up high against the wall and slid my cock between her legs kissing her neck and fondling her breasts. She was so hungry for the passion I was bringing to her body and she just moaned rubbing her ass against my cock.
I took her hand, led her to the bedroom and bent her over the bed. She obeyed silently. I grabbed her soft hips and slowly guided my cock in her dripping pussy. Her moans became deeper as my cock went deeper inside her. I made love to her that way for a few minutes, running my fingers up and down her spine, kissing and licking her back eliciting goosebumps on her.
Then I lowered her in the bed while standing over her and I started kissing her legs first then her thighs. She layed back, hands above her, hair spread out, her head tilted to the side and her eyes closed.
I knelt down in front of her and, without hesitation, drove my tongue deep inside her pussy savoring her taste. Her pussy was so tight, my tongue barely fit inside her.
She locked her legs around my back and held me there, my tongue inside her. I licked and bit her clit lightly which made her squeeze me even tighter. She came on my face loudly , grinding her puss against my face and went limp. Her hands were in her breasts and she was breathing heavily with her release. I made her roll over on her stomach and spread her legs open. I laid on top of her and started kissing her neck and back again. She raised her hips with each kiss until my cock finally penetrated her. I slid it in very slowly to make her enjoy it even more but she raised her hips in motion with mine and took my full length at once with a gasp and a soft moan.
She wanted it hard and fast but I wanted to take my time pleasuring her. I reached underneath her and grabbed those soft tits and massaged in rhythm with my sliding in and out of her.
I rolled over on my back and she must have read my mind because she climbed on top of me and with her falling all over my face, and her breasts dangling in front of me, she slammed down on my cock all at once.
She bounced on it harder and harder each time with her breasts bouncing with made me drive my cock in her harder. She bent backwards one final time and again came harder than the first time rubbing her pussy on my cock. I drove my cock up inside her as deep as I could and unloaded a huge load of cum inside her at the same time making her scream. She laid on top of me, her soft breasts against me and kissed me as hard and deep as when we first started and kept kissing me until we both rolled over exhausted

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  • Reply DBD ID:2kyee16vzk

    That was so fucking hot

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      Yes she was lol

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    Only female” cna

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7d2

    Fuck that was hot. I love young Hispanic ladies and girls that are so fucking hot n wet. I fucked the neighbor I had she was 10 or 11 and I swear she had pussy juice n cum running down her legs she was so wet. I fucked her for a solid year until she got pregnant and went back to Mexico. I am sure I have plenty blue eyed kids in Mexico. Another neighbor from the same apartment complex was 15 and I fucked her for 6 months and again she got pregnant and went back to Mexico. Young Latina girls are fucking hot.

    • Anthony ID:2px1ogosbqz

      Yes they are. I love their brown skin and brown nipples. She came back for more too.

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    Latina women are so sexy, loved this one!