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Setting up mum

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I set up mum for grounding me but it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to

My name is Olivia . I live with my mum and dad . I’m 16 years old and have my rebellious side . Mum and dad are really strick and I’ve lost count of the times that I have been grounded . I think the reason I have been grounded so many times is that mum got pregnant with me at 15 years old . I was shocked that it was even with my dad . They stayed together even after that and are really happy together . Mum works from home and dad us a sales man for a car parts company so he travels alot . Well last week I stayed out 45 minutes past my curfew as the bus was running late . Even though it wasn’t my mistake mum grounded me for two weeks . Now that really pissed me off as it was going to be my best friends 16th birthday party that weekend and there was no way she was going to let me go . I needed a way to get revenge on her was all I could think . A idea come to me and I couldn’t even think why I was thinking it . I knew mum and dads sex life was basically non existent . I knew dad was away for the next two weeks . So I decided to ask a couple of my make friends if they could set up a little rape of my mum to pay her back . Next day at school I went to my friend Mark . Now Mark is a off the rails guy . So much into drugs . I told him my idea and who pulled me into a not in use classroom . He says ” look I can get hold of some drugs that will make it that she can’t even move but will still be conscious to know what’s going on . I can make a few calls and line up a few guys who might want to be involved in the rape side of it ” . I couldn’t believe it this could really happen . I told him to please plan it and let me know . Two days later it was Friday and again he grabbed me and pulled me aside . He put in my hand a little bag with 4 tablets in it . He says ” look give her two and she will be not able to move for like 12 – 14 hours . I’ve line up 11 guys and myself to rape her . Sound good to you “? I told him I loved the idea . He says ” but ill need some sort of payment so your arse is mine . I’m in shock . Even being rebellious I had not had sex yet . So I was fearful of having him fuck me but agreed just so I could get payback at mum . Well I woke up Saturday and mum did all her normal house work stuff and making sure I didn’t try and sneak out . It came 6pm and I was made to get dinner as part of my punishment . It worked out well really as it gave me the easy opportunity to add in the tablets . We ate dinner and she was saying how she must of done to much work as she was feeling so tired as sleepy . Soon she said she was heading to bed . I waited 15 minutes then headed to her room . She was just laying there with her eyes opened . I pushed on her body and all she did was grunt . It had worked she couldn’t move at all but was so aware of the fact . I loved seeing her like this . Soon there was a knock at the door . Mark was there with the other 11 guys . Some of them I knew from our group of friends . They were around our age . But there was like 6 I didn’t know . They looked mid 20’s . I asked Mark who they were and he said to me not to worry they were mates of his . Soon as we got to my mums room I looked at her as they all came in and stripped . I could see her eyes start to tear up . I think she knew what was about to happen . She grunted and let tiny cries as they tore off her t.shirt and trousers . I’ll admit she did look hot in her bra and panties but they were tore off her just as quick . Then I thought damn mum your hot . I wasn’t expecting it but two of them held me as the rest ripped off my pajamas and panties . Mark looks at me and says ” damn I should of fucked you by now at parties your fucking hot ” . In a way I was flattered but hated that I was going to lose my virginity like this but hey it will be worth it . I watched as the first guy got between my mums legs and forced his cock into her pussy . She was grunting and grunting as he fucked her dry pussy . He was laughing saying how dry she was and how they will have her wet in no time . Tears were falling from her eyes . I could see the look in her eyes . Her knowing that I made this happen . Harder and harder the guy was fucking her . I was watching his cock going in and out of her . Some of the other yelling ” that’s it give it to her , give it to her hard ” . Mark and another one taking photos of her being fucked . Soon the first guy was cumming in her . Soon as he was done a second guy took his place . Again her pussy being fucked hard and fast . Other hands were pulling and clawing at her titts . Her nioples being pinched and pulled . Hearing my mum grunting as that cock pounded her pussy . Seeing her so helpless and not being able to stop these men and boys from fucking her . I could see her pussy was starting to get alittle wet . It made me like it even more knowing that her body was giving in to them . Soon enough the second guy was cumming . As he pulled out I could see her pussy was open and dripping cum . Mark says ” hey Olivia who knows you might even get a sibling out of this . Maybe you and your mum can be pregnant together as we might be lucky and get you knocked up as well ” . All I could think is hell no I can’t have a baby not yet I’m not ready and how will mum explain her getting pregnant to dad . Before the next guy was taking a turn with mum Mark got me on the bed . He layed me the opposite way to mum . He made one of them turn my mums head so she was looking at my pussy . One held mine so it was in view of hers . I could see that sticky cum covering her pussy already . Then I got a full view of the next guy start fucking her . Watching his cock sliding in and out of her . I could even hear his cock moving due the cum . Then I felt it . Marks cock was pushing at my pussy . I started to grunt as I could feel the pressure against my hole building and then yelled out as I felt him enter my pussy . He kept pushing till he reached my hymen . I was still grunting as I had to take his cock . I knew mum was having to watch this . I was still watching that cock fucking mums pussy . Then I screamed as I felt him thrust again and take my virginity . He didn’t stop either he just got to fucking me . It was hurting . I wasn’t expecting to hurt so much . Then i heard mum give a few moans . Then i saw I what I didn’t expect to I watched as mum cummed . I was in shock . The guy fucking her says ” hey boys we got her cumming ” . Mark was fucking me so hard . It was still hurting . He was grabbing my hips so he could fuck me harder . He wad saying to the others just how tight I was . Soon I watched as the other cummed in my mum . Soon I could feel Mark cumming in me . It felt like time stood still as they fucked us . Mum had to take 7 guys . I she orgasmed and cummed a few times . Them all cumming in her . Her pussy was a mess . Her pussy looking so red and puffy . I was made to take 5 of them . I was only expecting Mark to fuck me but he decided some others should get to enjoy me . I could feel cum dripping down my legs . I was so sore I couldn’t move . They sat around the room for a minute . Then I heard Mark say ” Well that stuff will be good for a fair few more hours . How about we get some of their arses as well ” . A few other saying for sure let’s fuck them tight arses . I instantly pleaded for them not to . Saying to Mark that they got to take my virginity don’t do this to us . He laughed and said ” well unless you want all these photos sent to everyone at school and everyone on our phones you better shut up and let us have our fun . Remember you wanted this ” . I wanted mum to be fucked not me . How not only will I lose my virginity but I’m going to be fucked in the arse . I watched as one got up and his cock hard . He my mum into a better position and I watched as he parted her arse cheeks with his hands and his cock move in . I hear her give a loud painful grunt as he pushed . Her grunts got worse and worse . More and more painful as his cock entered her arse . ” fuck me she is so fucking tight . Bet she has never had a cock in her arse ” he says . Mark gets me into position and I instantly feel him rubbing his cock along the crack of my arse . I feel my cheeks part and his cock find my little hole . I was in fear at that point . By this time the other guy had gotten his whole cock into mums arse . The sounds coming from her told me how much pain she was in . Mark was starting to thrust his cock at my hole . It was pleading with him not to but he just told me to shut up and take it . I yelled out as I could feel the head opening my hole up . I screamed as I felt it enter me . Others saying ” that’s it rip her open . Fuck her till she breaks ” . They were enjoying our pain so much . I screamed even more and more as he didn’t stop and kept thrusting . I could feel my arsehole getting wider as more of his cock was getting inside me . Soon his while cock was in . I’d never felt pain so bad ever . The other guy was now cumming in mums arse . I watched as he pulled out and saw her arsehole was wide open . Soon a second cock filled that open hole and started fucking her so hard . She was grunting so loud the whole time . Mark was now fucking my arse . I was crying . I couldn’t help but scream with his thrusts . He was commenting on how it felt like my arse was trying to break his cock . I could feel it tightening around him with his thrusts . Soon he was cumming in my arse . It hurt so bad when he pulled his cock out of me . This time I was was not let off easy . I had to take 6 cocks up my arse . Mum also taking 6 of them . Soon as they were all done fucking our arses I was hoping this whole thing was over but it wasnt . Mark wanted one last thing . He made me suck his cock . I had to suck his cock till he cummed in my mouth . After they left I layed on the bed holding mum . I was so sore all over my body . It seemed like forever till the drugs wore off . She was so angry with me but we went and helped each other shower our hurt and cum filled body’s . The next week mum hardly even spoke to me . I could see how ashamed she was . Then it got even worse . Mum wasn’t feeling well and knew what the feeling was . Yes mum got pregnant from the rape . She didn’t want to lose dad so one night they had sex and she thought that would be a good cover . I’ve added a couple of photos they took off mum and sent us . Yes there was some of me but I don’t want to add them as I’m 16 .


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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplm99

    Good story Olivia, Am so glad U had gotten to experience a cock in every hole.

    • Ian ID:5vyiv7cdqrj

      Love the mistake of having so many guys come only for you end up raped with mummy 😉

  • Reply Susie ID:1d43v67pzypj

    All non paragraphed stories will always earn a 1 star. Let it be known!

    • Olivia ID:1dys36fdopxa

      Susie I guess it’s like you in bed guys have trouble even giving you a star at all