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Stories with dogs

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This is story about a girl that I met on snap from here! She have two big dogs I don’t know what breed they are but they do have big red fat cocks 🐶💦

Hi y’all I’m not really good story teller and English is not my first language. You will probably see me using some bad grammars but I will try to do my best. Enjoy

First of all I’m guy and I’m 22 years old .I love watching girls getting licked/fucked their pussy from dogs it’s so hot 🥵 knowing that they are doing this secretly and no one knowing from her family or friends that she have sex with the dog 🐶 I have shared my stories on here with my family dog and some of you liked. From those stories that I posted on here I got many girls adding me on snap and lot me watch them getting licked from their dogs it’s so hot .I want to tell you about this one girl that stand out form other girls cuz she had two big dogs and she lives all alone with her dogs. She told me that she added from here and I think she will probably read this about story because she is always here that’s what she told me 😁. I love watching her getting fuck from her dogs it’s so hot watching her getting on knees waiting for dogs to hump on her and fuck her pussy so hard that their doggy cums start dripping down on her legs .plus hearing her moans and telling the dogs good boy good boys . She lets them fuck everyday before she goes to her work early in the morning. I love when she sucks their big doggy cocks and dripping down their cums in her mouth while she is laying down on the floor. She is so pretty with red hair 👩‍🦰. She lets me watch her getting fucked from the dogs while all her friends are in the other room not knowing that she is getting fucked from the dogs. She walks around while the doggy cums dripping down from her pussy . She loves showing her friends sitting and walking around the house and telling that she loves letting me watch her getting fucked from the dogs and her friends are in the house and not knowing that she is such doggy whore. She loves talking snaps with them and write something like I’m suck doggy whore daddy and my friends don’t know about it isn’t that hot. she is such doggy whore I love her being sneaky doggy slut. Now I have lost her Snapchat cuz my Snap got banned and I’m hoping her seeing this and add me again 😁 if there’s more girls like her with dogs you can add me on snap too at doggy.fun202
Thx for reading and hope you like it . I will share more stories about my experience with dogs next time 🥰

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