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Magical Chirag-(Concluding Part)

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The master of sex hiragana Ramadhin has changed his form into a woman Honey and Honey now is the Master of Ramadhin’s cock that is a woman heart with man’s cock and except them none knew the facts and also god always do for the better.
Now to avoid any confusion I will call female Ramadhin as Honey and male Honey as Horny-Cock. Now Horny cock in the night ordered all DIL will sleep with their Husband and Result to be sexplained in the morning and let us start with youngest DIL (Julie).
Julie: Oh my dear husband please comes in to sleep with me.
Julie’s husband got surprised by this as he is not familiar to this as he get enough pussy outside his own home to satisfy his sex hunger. When he entered then Julie was quite provocative in her sexy bra and panty and Julie stared seducing her own husband.
Husband: My dear Julie, I have never found you so sexy and your breast is also quite large
Now when he opened her Bra then got astonished to find such big boobs of his wife and drive his mouth into the valley of breast mound of her dear wife and they are loving couple and today is their Honey-moon and in real sense the Honey moon is to make a couple sexually attached to each other and it is happening now.
After kissing and fondling of breasts and sucking of grape nipples the sexcavating stick of husband is at his best 11 inch and roaring to jump on his prey which is hiding in the cave. To unlock the cave door of Julie, Mr. husband went for his hand to remove the Panty.
Julie: you will only use your hand to pump my breast and buttocks and other than that your hands has got function. If you do not listen to me, I will stop sex.
Husband: No, No, No, I will do as you command
Julie is thinking how the thing has changed within 20 minutes and she is getting profound love of her husband which she was missing since her marriage, so sex is the ultimate bondage, ultimate happiness and once again thanks Her FIL Ramadhin to make them a beautiful couple.
In the mean time her husband has used her mouth to pull down the Panty from Julie’s lower portion and the sex door is open but her husband instead of entering her cock started to suck the labia and the trembling clit coming out of clit hood as the totally cleaned cunt of Julie is really inviting for her husband to get such sex enjoyment.
This act of sucking cunt he has not performed earlier in his life any other lady and getting immense sex joy and when sex water started to flow from sex pond of Julie then her husband lapped all the sex water and the sex door has also opened a bit and totally salivated by his tongue ,there is also pre cum at his own cock-pit and he presented his cock to Julie’s mouth and Julie like a sexpartite whore took more than half of his cock inside her mouth and the cock is salivated enough to enter the sex cave of Julie.
Husband: can you take my rod?
Julie: It was a rod before and now you put your stick to satisfy my sex fire.All the sex worms inside my sex cave is itching ,you with your sex rod kill all the worms and pour sex cream to extinguish my sex lust fire in my body and give me a sweet child.
Both laughed and Julie spread her legs giving passage for easy entry of her husband’s pecker in her cunt to celebrate their memorable Honey-moon. Now Julie’s husband got astonished by the tightness of his wife’s pussy but his cock is going deeper and deeper and at last it reached the womb door of Julie and suddenly he discharged his cock cream inside the womb of Julie and now it is sure that Julie will be a mother but she is not satisfied by her sex partner and got angry.
Julie: You mother fucker could not satisfy his own wife going after other whores, now call your mom.
MIL of Julie came to their room and Julie told see why at the mess your son has done?
MIL : you don’t worry. I will do for my son. Now son got astonished to see sexy figure of her mom and she took out her huge 40DD breasts and by seeing her breast Julie told mom I love your milk bag and kissed her both the nipples and in return got the same favor from her Mil. Now Mil lapped all the sex jism of her son coming out of her DIL’s cunt and blow job was given to her son’s cock to clean the cock but it is still lymph. Now both the ladies started lesbian sex show before their husband/son. After 40 minutes both the ladies (MIL-DIL) discharged their sex juice to satisfy their sex urge.
MIL: Son you are going to other slut when your wife can not satisfy you. Now what will happen?
Julie: I will go to my FIL to sex satisfy me and to you and to my SIL, my BIL and all will fuck me and I will enjoy in front of my dear husband.
MIL: My all the son has got this problem in spite of huge dick they cannot hold the toughness of cock. Julie what is the remedy?
Julie: My FIL, y our husband should do something for their sons.
Let us see what the second DIL is doing with her husband.
Nila: My dear husband now I am ready at the grace of your FIL and you will get a tight cunt from now onwards and tonight is our true Honey-moon and the couples needed no more encouragement and when her husband trying to invade the sex valley finding it is not the valley but the tightest cunt he has fucked till now and when he reached the womb door ,he has discharged his sex juice and Nila is sure about impregnation but she has changed a lot and she needs sex satisfaction beside impregnation and abuse her husband as slut fuckers
Here also MIL entered to settle the matter with lesbian sex with her DIL which her son witnessed and decided that they will meet their FIL to settle the problem if he can do it.
At last it is the turn of Honey and let us see what happens there.
Now Honey’s husband got astonished to see his wife and in the bed room when he entered then found his MIL and two SIL are chained and handcuffed by their hands and legs in completely nude condition so that they can watch the sex show between the couples.
Honey: You my SIL fucker mom and BIL fuckers’ slut sisters just see how I am giving sex-satisfaction to my husband. Today is our Honey-moon and you all watch the sex show but if anyone makes any noise you will be punished severely.
Husband: You are my boss from today and I will obey all your order.
Mom: your husband can keep his cock hard only for 5 minutes.
Honey went to her mom and two elastic bands were fitted at the base of the breasts and a huge pain of cry from her mom’s mouth.
1st Sister: It is not fair.
2nd sister: you are torturing to your own bloods?
Now Honey also put elastic bands around their breasts and told it is fare to fuck husband of your sister, husband of your son
Now you all will be punished and stay as my bonded sex slave and you were my relatives but from now onwards not my own blood but only my sex slave, you all clearly understand this.
Mom: If your husband can sex satisfy you then we all will be your sex slave and will give all our property to you.
Honey: it is a challenge and I am accepting the challenge but from now single word will fetch punishment for you all. So keep your mouth shut and watch the sex show. Now Honey wished big boobs for her mom and sisters but there cis no action so Honey thought she will loss the challenge but any how proceed to see the result. You all three sluts SIL fucker mom and BIL fuckers sisters watch our Honey-moon
Now Honey took the sex pole of her husband in her mouth and found her husband is too much sex crazy and Honey wished that he does not ejaculate his sex cream until she wants and now all ladies saw the sex pole of her husband it is abnormally strong and roaring to enter Honey sex crave and all three ladies by seeing the cock shouted OMG:
Youngest sister: OMG, it is really hot
Elder Sister: OMG:,I have never seen this in before..
Mother: OMG:, my SIL is sporting such giant cock; I did not notice until now.
Honey: I told you not to talk but disobeyed me and you slave all will be punished. then Honey took the piercing instrument and pierced the nipples and clit of her slaves and put their ear rings into the cunts and clits and they are crying at the pain of these torture.
Now Honey’s husband has been sex slave of Honey, once Honey has touched him and Honey also understood this and Honey knew she can control her husband but she cannot control those females, so what can be done for them let us see.
By the next step Honey’s husband separated her labia and started to sexcavated the region with his tongue and the tongue is working on engrossed clit of Honey and also sex water is coming out from the parted sex-door of labia and Honey is screaming OMG: Fuck,Fuck,Fuck, my dear husband please give your sex hose pipe to extinguish the fire in my sex hole and the monster cock slowly and slowly went inside the sex crevice of honey and their sex passion is beyond expression and they fucked in the missionary position for 20 minutes forgetting the presence of audience though the audience made huge sex screaming sounds.
Now Honey took cow girl position and put her labia on the helmet of her husband and the swan egg type big helmet got vanished inside sex hole of Honey and Honey started bobbing on the sex pole and her husband boobing the breasts of Honey that is fondling and sucking of breasts and all the audience can see the mingle sex juice on her husband’s sex pole and is very inviting for every cunt and all three females become sex crazed to fuck by the sex pole of Honey’s husband and all demanded in chorus that Honey you can give as much punishment you want but please give the cock inside our cunt and after one hour of sex play they discharged in unison and Honey’s receptive cunt took all the sex cream of her husband in her womb thus the chirag of Honey at last burnt by the oil of her husband. but what will happen to Honey? Let us see.
Actually there is CCTV in every room of this land lady and she is observing everything along with her divorced sister and Honey-cock. They all entered the room and MIL told Horny cockto take charge of those three ladies. Horny cock became sextremely happy to see the sex starvation condition of her mother and sisters and wanted to punish them. Now Horny cockwished bigger boobs for her mom and sisters so that elastic pressure will be more and more pain for them, and their breasts became as large as 40DD from 36C for mom and 34B for sisters respectively and all three started to cry in pain.
Now Horny cock put his cock inside her mother’s snatch and started fucking and when she fell the bitch in heat is chewing her cock to release her sex cream then at that point withdrew her cock and mom started crying due to unsatisfied sex and same thing Horny cockdid with her sisters and all are audience sex screaming and now Horny cockwished her husband cock to be solid again but there is no reaction. So what is the matter?
Honey and Horny cock discussed among themselves as their changed identity is not known to anyone and they came into the conclusion that Honey as female got control over the males and Horny cock as male got control over the females. So let us see what they do for the betterment of this family.

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