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Going to fuck my step-daughter in 6 days time

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I’ve been preparing my new step-daughter for sex for the last few months, ever since I married her mom. Now she’s about ready for the main event.

I got married a few months ago and gained myself a hot little step-daughter, her name is Annie, she’s the sweetest little girl you’d ever meet, she’s at that stage where her face glows when she smiles, you could go for a swim in her big blue eyes, she’s secretly the main reason I married her mother, and I already have plans to fuck her eventually.

I started prepping her on the wedding day, she was our flower girl, she looked so pretty in her mint green puffy dress, her long blonde hair all done up in golden curls, and that smile, she just melts my heart.

After the ceremony me, my new wife, and Annie, headed to the venue in the wedding car, but when we got there I realised I’d forgotten to bring the bag of wedding favours, little gifts we were going to give to guests, so I left my bride to quickly dash home and get them, it was only a 10 minute drive, and Annie wanted to come with me, so we both rushed to the car and headed home.

As soon as we were through the door I checked downstairs and Annie ran upstairs looking for the bag with the gifts in, it wasn’t downstairs so I ran upstairs after Annie, “Did you find them?” I shouted out as I rushed in to the bedroom.

Annie was sitting on the bed holding the bag up to show me, “I found them, Daddy.” She said.

Now, that was a big shock for me, it was the first time she’s ever called me Daddy, “What did you just call me?” I asked.

“Daddy.” She repeated, “You’re my daddy now, is it okay?” she asked.

My face lit up with pride and I walked over and picked her up and gave her a big hug, “Yes, it’s okay. Perfectly okay. I love you, Annie.” I said.

“Love you too, Daddy.” She replied.

Holding her in my arms with her arms and legs wrapped around me, she had her head in the side of my neck and I could feel her warm breath against my skin, I suddenly got very turned on, as my cock stiffened in my pants, I put her down.

“Now that I’m your Daddy, I’ve got something very special I want to show you. But you can’t tell anyone, not even your mom. It has to be our secret, can you keep it a secret?” I said.

“Yes.” She replied, gazing up at me and nodding.

“Are you sure, you have to promise to keep it the secretest secret you’ve ever kept.” I said.

“I promise.” She said.

“Good girl…” I said, and immediately undid my pants, I reached in and pulled out my erect cock for her to see, “…Do you know what this is?” I asked.

She stared at it for a minute, it was about 10 inches away from her face at her eye level, “A willy?” she replied, wanting confirmation.

“That’s right, but it’s a special willy only for you.” I said.

“Just for me?” she asked.

“Yes. You’re my little girl now, I’m your daddy, and this is a special present daddy’s give to their little girls. Here, touch it.” I said, taking her hand and curling her tiny fingers around the hard shaft of my cock.

I felt very proud of her when she started to rub it without me giving her instruction, “Wow, you’re a clever girl, you already know what to do with it. Good girl. Keep rubbing it.” I said, praising her.

I reached down and lifted her dress up, holding it bunched up under her armpits, then I pulled the front of her cute pink panties outward and looked down them at her little bald pussy as she continued to rub my cock.

A few minutes went by and I could feel the pressure rising up my shaft, just before I came, I took hold of my cock, told her to hold up her dress, and I aimed my cock down her panties and I ejaculated, I shot my load down her panties, covering her entire pussy with my warm white sperm and I watched it drizzle down the crack of her pussy.

I squeezed out one last drop which stayed on the tip of my cock, “Here you go darling, I want you to taste this.” I said, moving my cock to her mouth, she opened up and licked the drop of sperm off my tip and tasted me, “Is that nice?” I asked.

She nodded, “Mmm.” She sounded.

I told her to keep her sperm soaked panties on and I helped her straighten her dress, “Now remember it’s our secret, okay?” I said.

“Yes, Daddy.” She replied smiling.

We hugged again and dashed downstairs and out of the house to get in the car and back to the wedding reception.

I didn’t see her again for an entire week, while me and her mom were on our honeymoon, I fucked her mom’s brains out constantly, while picturing Annie in my head, she was all I could think about, I couldn’t wait to get home to her.

For the last few months Annie has been playing with her special willy, she’s got the jerking down to a fine art and she’s getting better every day with giving me head, I love having her little mouth clamped firmly around my cock while she sucks the life from of my balls.

Next weekend I’m sending her mom on a spa weekend, she will be pampered with her friends, and that means I’ll have Annie all to myself for 2 whole days, next weekend is when I’m finally going to fuck little Annie’s pussy, I can’t wait to feel my cock inside her.

Bring it on.

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  • Reply Megabetaboy ID:knn03ah

    Fabulous grooming my friend. She sounds wonderful

  • Reply B ID:1dddqsw9zyen

    How old is she?

  • Reply zandy ID:16oihueov9c

    Sounds like she’s stroked a few cocks already. Lucky daddy

  • Reply Annie ID:4j4s7tghk

    Mmmmm. This is so hot.

    • Wowow sogod ID:g0zmw08ra

      Wow sow good

  • Reply Jake ID:1lj09l0fib

    I hope you are fucking that tight pussy like no tomorrow, I can’t wait to read the update

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I would have been very tempted to fuck her on the wedding day

  • Reply Jdollar ID:1ie00enmzrj

    Update on this please

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoik

    It is always a pleasure to hear a good genuine sexual awakening taking place. Those urges are so natural as is sex and I am so glad u got to experience this at a young age. I am certain your sex life has been wonderful since that moment forward. All young females should be taught he art of sensual sex and foreplay learning of their bodies and self confidence. This will lead to very healthy decisions about their bodies building confidence with ambitions to seek and fulfill all their sexual desires and fantasies openly without shame or remorse. Just remember you are a goddess and as such can create life and should be pleased when ever you so chose and I for one will be right there with you along your path of enlightenment.
    Seek and be taught proper!
    Love your bodies girls as you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of what so ever. Seeking sex is a natural hard wired instinct so please seek it then embrace it fully.
    Bible thumping Hypocrite call it grooming but we lovers call it a sexual awakening.

    • Megabetaboy ID:knn03ah

      Hey Gonzo, I use the word grooming in a very very positive way, not with the negative connotation which people give it today. It’s the gentle nurturing of interest , in which beneficiary, in this case Annie, are gently awaken to their needs. I speak from experience, my doctor groomed me from the age of 9 till 16 a wonderful experience. That being said, sexual awakening is a much better phrase.

  • Reply Incest lover ID:1g69ienr6ia

    How old is your precious little baby girl and how tiny is her pussy

    • Jack ID:7zv1lwo743

      Who cares the main is he knows that young girls are better then grown girls

  • Reply Jack ID:7zv1lwo743

    Divorce her mom or just leave her for life…
    Or get married with your true young wife and get her pregnant

  • Reply Never ID:abtw02hk

    Horrible story, you should be ashamed

    • AnniesDaddy ID:eycvrhl

      I am. I’m ashamed I didn’t do this sooner.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoik

      ROTFLMAO! Couldn’t have said it better.

      Hey Never: go home and fuck your god awful fat ugly wife and leave the authors the fuck a lone. Don’t like it get the fuck off this site bitch!

  • Reply Robskye2 ID:30rzx5o7zm

    That’s very hot! If anyone want to kik or wickr, my username is the same as my name here.

  • Reply Gabe ID:2bgots86ik

    I have been so hard and throbbing all day.. new neighbors and they have two young daughters 8 and 11 both are so fucking hot. I have been having the most amazing sex with my girlfriends daughter Amanda for about 4weeks now, she just turned 10 last week and she made friends with the 11 yo girl right away and is already grooming the both hi

    • Incestuous ID:mzgdgchi

      Please tell me you gonna write about the story love to read about it

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      @Gabe email me id love to hear more!

    • Sarah ID:3zaqoqglv9i

      That’s hot 🥵
      You going to breed them ? 🤤

  • Reply kys ID:iy7ren9k0a

    whats wrong with u sicko?? i hope she gets taken away from u!!

    • AnniesDaddy ID:eycvrhl

      Nothing is wrong with me, you can’t help who you love, and I love Annie and she loves me. Next weekend we’re going to express our love in physical form. By having amazing sex. If loving my stepdaughter makes me a sicko, then sicko me up.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoik

      Hey Mother Fucker!, leave the authors the fuck alone. We spend a lot of time devoted to writing stories to entertain. If you fucking don’t like these stories then stay the fuck off this site fucking bitch hypocrite . Go back to your fat ugly slobby wife and your boy raping so called Christian pastor that fucked him in the ass last week. That goes for all you son of a bitches that bad mouth all of us authors. if you don’t like what we post then what the fuck are you on this site for in the first place god damn HYPOCRITES!

    • marry_jane ID:1qkwn188rc

      i was so wet reading this, please write more x

    • Megabetaboy ID:knn03ah

      I’m with gonzo on this

    • tyler16 ID:e9qi92m9a

      gonzo cant admit pedophillia LMFAO wtf r u on crack or smth?

  • Reply Jon. ID:brx1qeo7qk


  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Fantastic keep up the good writing

    • feed_the_rabbit ID:mycl2akzl

      Anybody have a good working website to find some younger porn? Curiosity has gotten the better of me.

  • Reply Randy ID:6cdla3mqrb

    Way to go man, fuck that cute little cunt long and hard as often as possible

  • Reply Luvemyung ID:vuf1my41

    Oh god so sexy how old is that little princess? Cant wait to see what happens next