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Losing The Bet- Chapter 13

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Anna got dressed and fixed herself as best as she could. When she finally came downstairs she found Jamie and all the kids sitting around the dinner table, eating hamburgers and laughing. Aside from the three naked puppy girls, and of course, her husband at home hog-tied with a ball bat in his asshole, you would have thought this was a normal neighborly get-together.
“Ah Anna there you are,” Jamie said fixing her a plate. “Zoe said you were feeling, ah, sick. And that you went to lay down for a while.”
Anna looked at Zoe. The kid was truly remarkable. “Yeah, I think between everything going on with Steve and the rum, my nerves were shot. Thank you for letting me use your bed. Looks like I owe you another.”
Jamie smiled. “No need. I am just glad you are better. You look like you were able to get what you needed out of it.”
Anna took a seat and started to eat. The burger was amazing, but before she could get through half of it Geneva came to her. “Mommy, what is going to happen to Daddy?” The little girl asked.
The woman swallowed her bite as she looked around the table, everyone was looking at her intently, especially her children. “Zoe, Paige, Tink, let’s let the Tylers have the room…” Jamie said rising from the table.
“No please stay, this affects us all,” Anna said putting her arm around her daughter, realizing for the first time that the little girl was sexually attractive. “I have talked to Jamie, and I feel that Steve, your father, needs to answer for his crimes. When I get up from this table, I am going to call the police, have them come to the house, and find your dad just as you left him. I will then show them the footage of what your dad did to you and Zoe… Only that footage, and then we will see what happens. Any questions?”
Nate was the first to speak, “What about Mr. Jamie? Are you going to get him in trouble for helping us?”
Anna knew the answer, but she wanted to see what her children had to say about the matter. “Well, baby do you think Mr. Jamie did anything wrong, or bad?”
Nate shook his head. He jumped up from the table ran over to Jamie and hugged him. Erin and Geneva joined their brother. “Mama,” Geneva began, “if you get Mr. Jamie in trouble I will never speak to you again.” Erin jumped in right behind her sister, “Gee is right if you do that Mom, we will run away.”
Anna was glad to see her children talk with such a strong stance. She smiled, “I do not plan to get Mr. Jamie in any kind of trouble., There is no proof of him doing anything wrong, no matter if your father tries to insinuate it or not.” With that Anna stood from the table, and asked Jamie to watch her children. In her hand she held her phone, dialing for the police. She then walked out of the house sexually satisfied and ready to deal with her shithead husband.
It was late by the time the police had gotten their statements and were leaving. Jamie couldn’t help but hear the officers laughing and commenting on finding Mr. Tyler in the state he was in. They made several comments about how Erin and Zoe dealt with their abuser. One even mentioned wanting to be at the trial when that evidence was presented.
With all the festivities over Jamie sent Zoe and Paige to bed, to sleep. Tomorrow the bet would be over, he would sign his divorce papers and the sale of his company, and then he and Tink could fuck for the rest of the day, or at least until he had to pick the girls up from school and take them to gymnastics.
“Don’t forget you said you would take us to Jay’s and let us suck cock in the booth,” little Paige added as Jamie tucked the girls into Zoe’s bed. “I haven’t forgotten,” Jamie said before passionately kissing the two little girls.
Glad the weekend was over Jamie laid down in bed next to his new girlfriend. Tink rolled over and said, “So how many more people are you going to fix?”
Jamie chuckled as he lay on his back and the fourteen-year-old laid her head across his chest. “I’m not really the type of guy who likes fixing people. This weekend was a fluke. Next to you, Zoe and Paige, there is no one else I need in my life.”
“Really what about Nate, Erin, and Gee?” Tink slyly added.
“Well maybe them. Fucking that little girl’s pussy is too amazing to give up,” Jamie said laughing as Tink slapped his chest.
The next morning Jamie and Tink took the girls to their school. He watched as Zoe and Paige ran up to their friends Ava and Lilly. “Those girls are cute,” Tink smiled.
Jamie laughed, “Yeah they are but I am pretty sure neither of them is sexually active.”
“Yet…” Tink snickered. “So are you cool dropping your girlfriend off at high school?”
This was the first time Jamie had even thought about Tink still being in school, and the pixie knew it. “Um Jamie, I’m fourteen didn’t you think I was still in school?”
He hadn’t. Between the fake ID, her having her apartment, working at the restaurant, and Jay’s, the man had not even bothered to put it together. “So what grade are you…”
“I’m a freshman,” Tink grinned. Jamie nearly wrecked the car.
As they pulled up to the high school Jamie’s cock was as hard as a rock. “Don’t worry I won’t make you take me to homecoming. Prom yes, but we have a few years before that,” Tink teased Jamie, kissing him before jumping out of the car.
With the girl’s all in school Jamie drove over to his office. He was met by Betsy Turner, Ava’s mom. She took him to her office and handed him a stack of papers to sign, the first being his divorce papers.
“You know, now that you’re divorced, maybe we could get drinks sometime,” Betsy smiled.
“Um Bets, I thought you and Cody only separated?”
“We are, but it doesn’t matter. I’m much too old for him anyway. Besides, he doesn’t ask about, or wonder why I never read a book from my book club, so I don’t ask him what he jerks off to online,” Betsy said as she inadvertently looked at a picture of her daughter Ava.
Jamie caught the glance and the implication. He decided to make a mental note to get to know Cody better.
“Besides now that you sold the company and Georgia has divorced you, I am sure you are going to need someone to fulfill your desires.”
Jamie smiled. Betsy saw the smile realizing Jamie already had found someone. “Well that was quick, or was this your version of finding new talent, you and Georgia are more alike than I think either of you realized.”
“If you must know she is someone I met last Friday evening and we hit it off,” Jamie smiled. He couldn’t believe he was telling his ex-wife’s associate this. “And before you say anything. She is eighteen, a waitress, and I don’t care what you are about to say, and/ or tell Georgia. Thankfully this is the last time I have to be here or have any association with Georgia.”
With that Jamie left the building, flipping it off as he got into his car.
That evening Jamie picked up the girls, dropping Tink off at the restaurant, even though Jamie told her she never needed to work again. She felt she owed it to the restaurant to finish out her schedule and put in her notice. For a girl of fourteen, pretending to be eighteen, she was probably the most responsible person Jamie knew. Tink said it was because her mother had no respect for anyone or anything, and she did not want to be like her mother, well except for being hyper-sexual.
After dropping off Tink, Jamie took Zoe and Paige to their gymnastics practice. Usually, he would drop them off at the door, but since the events of the weekend, he wanted to see all the eye candy, which there was plenty of.
“Well I don’t usually see you here,” Simon Lawson said coming up next to Jamie. Jamie smiled at the man telling him that times were a changing.
Little Tori ran up jumping up into her dad’s arms and wrapping herself around him. The little ten-year-old whispered something into her daddy’s ear and then jumped down. She giggled as she looked up at Jamie. When he smiled at her, she ran off nearly tackling Zoe when she found the older girl.
“Looks like someone’s got a crush on you,” Simon said slapping Jamie on the back and leading him to the more private viewing room. “So what’s new,” Lawson added.
Jamie took a seat and told the other man about his divorce and his ex buying out his company and taking it out of state. Simon smiled, calling him a lucky man. When Jamie went on to tell him that Georgia was forgoing all of her rights to Ava. Simon added, “Lucky indeed, but let’s be on the safe side. I will draw you up terms for Georgia to sign. They will state that she is giving up her rights to Ava, and will promise to remain out of her life unless Ava chooses to include her.”
“Thank you,” Jamie said.
“Of course, what are friends for? Besides we like-minded men need to stick together,” Lawson winked at Jamie.
Jamie looked at the other man for a moment, sizing him up. Unless Zoe had said something to Tori about the weekend, there was no way Simon could have known about him and Zoe, or Paige and Tink. That had to be it. After all, Tori told Zoe about her and her dad’s relations.
Simon began chuckling. “I can see you are concerned how I know. It’s quite easy to figure out. First, I know Tori has told Zoe about… how close she and I are. I also know about your, shall we say extracurricular time at Jay’s that you are a kinky bastard. Thank you for that by the way. I have never had a better head, or been fucked so well in my life. And finally…”
Simon had to pause. One of the other parents stuck their head in asking if one of them was Polly’s dad. Polly was a gorgeous little twelve-year-old red-headed gymnast that had an amazing floor and bars routine. The little girl had fallen and twisted her ankle.
After she left, Simon resumed saying, “And finally, today I had a case come across my desk, that involves your daughter.”
“I see,” Jamie said looking out at the girls.
“Relax, just so you know Mr. Tyler is trying to drag you down with him,” Simon told Jamie, “and that is why I am taking the case. Look there is nothing wrong with a man enjoying a child unless that man is abusing them. And I will not stand for that. It may be unethical for me to defend him, but from the evidence I have seen the man deserves to be locked up.”
Jamie sat back in his chair. He smiled. “I just realized that your last name is Lawson, and you’re a lawyer.”
“Yeah, I used to try to work that into commercials until it was pointed out how cheesy it was. Now which one of these little hotties would you love to have a chance with?”
“Well, I suppose if I had only one to pick from I would have to choose Tori. Hope I’m not out of line but I just can’t quit looking at that cute little bubble butt, and when she looks at you with those green eyes…”
“Yeah, you just melt. Let me tell you, it’s not just her eyes that will get you. She can do this thing with her, cunt. It feels like you are being milked by a pulsating mouth. And no offense I want your Zoe, especially after seeing the footage of her naked little ass shoving a baseball bat up that asshole’s asshole,” Simon said adjusting his hard cock.
For the next hour or so the two men sat there watching the girls practice. They watched as the girls began to sweat from their workouts, their little bodies glistening in their tight little leopards. Every time one of the girls would do their routine on one of the apparatuses they would spend a minute or so picking the leopard out of their cute petite ass and on a few rare occasions, out of their pretty little twats.
“Fuck man, Tori is going to get a good fucking tonight,” Lawson said squeezing the large bulge in his pants. “How about you? Zoe in for a good night?”
Jamie smiled. “Yeah, but I am taking her and Paige out to Jay’s. They want to see what it’s like in the booths. Plus Judge Hanson should be out there tonight and I can’t wait for him to stick his little cock through and have it sucked by his daughter.”
“Oh fuck I love your style. Ever go to chatrooms?” Lawson asked.
“Occasionally…” Jamie replied.
“Here come to this one. This is my screen name. HUNGLAW12. There is always a young girl or two frequenting the room. You will really enjoy it there. Some of these little sluts are known to hook up with men. Hell, maybe you can bring Zoe and Paige there with you sometime. I have been thinking about bringing Tori and Tasha to the room.”
“Tasha, isn’t she a little young?”
“She’s eight. I’m not fucking her with this beast,” Simon snickered grabbing the huge bulge sticking up in his slacks. “But she is learning. She loves to be eaten out.”
About then practice started to wrap up. Jamie and Simon discussed meeting up. He said he was planning on taking the girls on a Daddy/Daughter camping trip in a few weeks and asked Jamie if he and the girls wanted to go. Jamie told him he would think about it. Just then Zoe, Tori, Paige, and three other girls ran into the room.
Tori ran up to her dad and asked, “Well?” Simon whispered something to her, then the little girl ran over to Jamie, and pulled him down so that his ear was next to her lips. She whispered, “Mr. Jamie I want to fuck you.”
Jamie smiled, then whispered into Tori’s ear, “I want to fuck you too.”
The little gymnast jumped up and down then leaped into her daddy’s arms. She kissed him on the lips in front of everyone and said, “Daddy lets go.”
We all took the little girl’s advice and left. In the car, Zoe asked Jamie what Tori had whispered. He said that she told him she wants to fuck him. Both Zoe and Paige laughed saying, “Duh. She’s only been asking if I would let you fuck her for the past three weeks.”
As much as Jamie hated it, they made a quick trip through a fast food drive-thru and ate on the way to Jay’s. The girls were so excited to be going there. After they scarfed down their cardboard hamburgers they took off their leopards and sat naked in the car. ’Seriously, you can’t even wait until we get there?”
Paige was the first to answer, “Seriously, yourself. Do you know how horrible it was for us to wear clothes all day? Zo, and me spent the entire weekend naked. It sucked so bad having clothes on at school.”
“Yeah Dad, besides who cares.” Then she rolled down the window so a guy in an eighteen-wheeler could look down at her. He liked what he saw from the way he kept blowing his horn.
When Jamie got to Jay’s he parked his car in the alley behind the shop. This time he made sure to park behind the dumpster, blocking the vehicle from the sight of anyone not driving through the alleyway. Jamie then hurried the two naked preteens inside and straight into his normal booth.
The girls were shocked at how small the booth was. They loved that it smelled like cum and piss. They immediately noticed that there were two different-sized holes on each side of the booth. “Dad is this where the cock comes through,” Zoe said pointing to the smaller of the two holes. Jamie smiled and nodded turning on the video monitor and putting on a lesbian porn video. “I will be right back, do not leave the booth,” Jamie said sternly.
Not long after Jamie left the booth the girls heard the door to their right open and close. About a minute or so later a very large black cock poked its head through the hole. Both Zoe and Paige’s mouths opened in awe. Neither of them had ever seen a cock so long or so wide. The behemoth had to be at the very least eleven inches long and four inches around. Both girls stood there staring at it as it twitched. Finally, its owner said, “Well?”
Zoe and Paige looked at each other, then they dropped to their knees. Each of them took a side and began licking the cock from the hole to the tip. “Oh fuck yeah,” was heard from the other side. Paige was the first to try and get it in her mouth. She opened her little mouth as wide as it would go, before sucking about five inches inside.
Zoe focused on the shaft working her mouth over the lower half up to Paige’s mouth. The two preteens worked as one sliding up and down the enormous cock, tickling it, sucking it, and stroking it with their mouths and tongues. When one of their mouths would get sore from sucking the girth, they would switch off. Finally, the man began to moan, and his shaft tightened up, blasting Paige in the back of her throat. The little girl tried her hardest to take all of the cum but it was too much, and she couldn’t swallow with the massive monster in her mouth. Cum began to shoot out the girl’s nose causing her to cough, and finally pull off before the man had finished. It may have been their first cock of the night but from the amount of cum that sprayed Paige’s pretty little face, she looked as if she had already blown a dozen men.
No sooner had the gigantic black cock been pulled back out of the hole, than another pushed through on their left side. This one was smaller, it was dark tan. The guy must have shoved himself against the wall because his coarse black pubic hair was poking through the hole as well as his five-inch cock. “I got this one,” Zoe said taking the entire cock into her mouth. She bobbed up and down the shaft face fucking the cock as fast as she could. This one didn’t last long at all. Within two minutes of Zoe slurping his cock up and down, the man tightened and shot six decent-sized ropes of jizz into her mouth.
Once the man emptied his seed in her, Zoe turned to show Paige the mouth full of cum. She began slurping it in and out of her mouth like she was playing with spit. Finally, she gurgled it around her mouth a couple of times before swallowing it down.
After he left a cock came in on the left and then one on the right. Both girls took one and began working the shafts like they were born to be cocksuckers. Jamie rushed in and closed the door. He was shocked at what he saw. Both girls were moaning, they were finger fucking themselves as they sucked the cocks. Jamie whispered to the girls to hurry up and get these guys off. “There is a surprise guest coming up next and I can’t wait for you to find out who it is.”
Both Zoe and Paige began to switch from sucking to jerking the cocks in front of them. Zoe had developed a cock teasing method of stoking the cock while sucking on just the very tip, occasionally using her tongue to dig precum out of his piss slit. Paige on the other hand was using her hand and mouth to suck and jerk the cock. When her hand would slide down the shaft, her mouth would slide up to the tip, and when her mouth descended the shaft her hand would slide up. The pleasure was so intense the man on the other side was meowing like a cat in heat. Both men came nearly at the same time, filling the girl’s mouths.
When they turned to show each other their mouthful of cum, Zoe spit it at Paige. Some landed on her face, but most splashed against her chest running down to her moist cunt. Paige giggled at what her friend did, nearly spilling the load in her mouth, but she recovered and retaliated. She spits her mouthful at Zoe, hitting the other girl right between the eyes and down her chin. Zoe sucked in the cum as it neared her mouth.
The fun was cut short when the smallest, whitest, cock either of them had ever seen slid through the whole. “Please be rough, I’ve been a bad boy,” a familiar-sounding voice begged from the other side.
Jamie immediately motioned for Paige to, take this cock. Which she eagerly did., sucking the entire cock into her mouth, and pressing her lips to the wall. “Bite me,” the voice pleaded. Paige bit the cock. “Harder,” the voice begged. Paige bit down hard onto the soft flesh. The man screamed out in delight, “Oh yes make me your bitch,” he cried out.
Suddenly Zoe looked up at her dad. She knew whose voice that was. She mouthed, “That’s Paige’s dad.” Jamie smiled and nodded. Zoe mouthed, “Oh my god.”
She then leaned down and whispered, “You’re biting your dad’s cock.”
The sudden shock caused Paige to bite down again, this time breaking the skin. “Oh fuck yes,” Paige’s dad screamed. He began banging himself against the wall trying to pump as much of his tiny cock into his daughter’s mouth. The whole time screaming that he needs to be punished. When he came it was only a few small squirts, not even enough for Paige to share with Zoe.
Judge Hanson pulled his cock out. The girls could hear him rustling around, and then the larger hole went dark. “Please fuck me. Please I need to be your bitch again.”
The girls looked up at Jamie who was now naked. He moved passed them, lined his cock up to the hole, and thrust it in. From the other side, they heard, “Ohgod yes. Oh Daddy I need that cock. Fuck me.”
Zoe and Paige fingered each other until they both had an orgasm while watching their Dads fucking. Well, they watched Zoe’s dad fucking a wall, while Paige’s dad begged like a whiny little bitch as he got his ass thoroughly fucked. When Jamie was about to cum, he said, “Bitch suck my cock.” Again there was a hurry of rustling, and then the sound of Paige’s dad taking Jamie’s cock into his mouth. “Ohgod, mmmmm, it’s so dirty. Let me clean you,” they heard.
When Jamie blew his load, they could hear Paige’s dad choking. Jamie shot a good six loads into the Judge’s mouth. Once he was finished Paige’s dad thanked the cock in front of him. From their side, it sounded like he was worshiping it. “Put your mouth on the hole the stick your tongue through it,” Jamie commanded.
A second later a tongue came through the hole. Jamie motioned for Paige to put her pussy on it. When the Judge felt the velvety lips of the pussy against his tongue he began to lick. Jamie moved the chair so that he positioned himself right behind Paige. Without moving her from the wall he laid her back so that her pussy was parallel with the hole. She was doing a full split with her legs against the wall, pressing her pussy against the hole as close as she could get to her dad’s tongue.
Unbeknownst to the judge, he licked his daughter into two orgasms. Before he was finished Jamie whispered, “Pee.” Paige smiled and let her bladder flow through the hole and into her father’s mouth. The man let out the largest moan, no doubt cumming again, as he drank down his daughter’s urine. Once she finished she felt her dad’s tongue licking her clean.
And then that was it, he was gone. He hadn’t said goodbye or thank you. One minute he was licking her pussy clean the next Paige felt the cold breeze of the door opening and closing against her wet tingling pussy.
Jamie lowered the little girl back down and they waited for the next cock, which wasn’t long. The wait that is, well the cock wasn’t very long either. Zoe stuck her ass up to the hole and heard, “Oh fuck yeah. Give me that ass.” The cock fucked Zoe filling her with cum.
By the end of the night, the girls and Jamie had sucked and/or fucked over two dozen cocks. The best part, besides Paige’s dad, was that they didn’t have any idea who any of the cocks belonged to. “Just think the next time we are shopping there might be someone we pass that fucked us without knowing it was us,” Zoe said.
Jamie nodded. “I love that feeling.”
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