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The peeper gets more than a look

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My wife and I got married at 18 and soon were in the swinger lifestyle. Lynn loved exposing her hot 5-8, 120lb, 34-DD-24-35 body to anyone possible, both male and female. With her long red hair & green eyes she was a knockout. When we were in our mid-twenties we started noticing foot prints in the flower garden outside our bedroom window at the back of the house. I knew right away what it was because when I was younger my friends and I would go around and look in windows at night of houses with hot girls living there. I knew if they came at the right time they would see Lynn standing in front of the mirror for a good while naked brushing her hair as she got ready for bed. And several times a week they’d be able to watch us having sex since we always left a lamp on.

I started to smooth out the dirt after finding the footprints and checking on the spot daily. After a couple of weeks it looked like they only came on Fri & Sat nights. So that Friday I went outside and hid in some thick shrubs. After a while my eyes had adjusted to the low light and I could see a figure sneaking through the backyards. They made a beeline to our bedroom window and from the light inside coming out the window I could tell it was a kid. L let him watch a while knowing he was watching my sexy wife in a garter belt & stockings and high heels. After a few minutes he pulled his cock out and started jerking off. That’s when I slipped in behind him and was right behind him when I ask what was so interesting.

He almost jumped out of his skin when he saw me behind him. I grabbed him by the arm and led him into the house, his dick still hanging out. I called out to Lynn and said look what I got out of the flower bed. She walked into the kitchen in her sexy outfit giving him an up close and personal look at her sexy body. She just stood there as his eyes moved from her big tits down to her red bush and then back up to her tits. As scared as he was his pecker got hard again. She started fussing at him, but not for looking in the window seeing her naked, but for messing up her flower garden. Then said he must really like what he saw to be going out on such cold nights just to look through our window. Then put him on the spot by asking what he liked looking at so much? He quietly said he liked looking at her. So she asked what he liked so much about her? He nervously said well you know, your boobs and your butt and everything.

She just stood there a minute then cupped her big tits lifting them up & pressing them together making them look even bigger, then said so you like looking at these. Then turned and reached back pressing her ass cheeks together and said and you like looking at this. She turned back facing him and started rubbing her pussy and then spreading her lips open and asked if he also liked that? His voice now shaking he said yes. She stepped closer to him and cupped her tits again and asked what he was thinking about doing when he was jerking off looking at them. He quietly said squeezing them & sucking them. She stepped right up to him and said OK then go ahead and squeeze & suck them. After some coaxing from her this 14-15 yo boy started to grope my wife’s big tits and then suck on them. She asked if that was the first time he’d sucked on a girls tits? He said it was the first time sucking any that big and surprised us when he said he’d sucked his 13-yo cousins but that they weren’t very big.

Then she had him fondle her ass a while and then feel of her pussy & slide his fingers in. Asking again if that was a first for him and again he said he’d done that to his cousin. She said she knew he’d watched us doing stuff in bed and she wanted to know what he’d seen that turned him on He said her sucking my cock really turned him on the most and me fucking her, adding especially from behind. Then he said watching me fuck her tits and shoot off on them and her licking up the cum. Then shocked us again when he said he imagined it was him licking up all that cum. Things were about to take a turn when he said actually he got turned on by seeing us both and said he got turned on seeing my cock and watching her suck it and wondering if he could take a dick that big all the way in his mouth. I guess by then he knew we weren’t going to call the police or his parents so he opened up.

He said he’d thought about doing all of those things to her, but he’d also thought about sucking my cock and swallowing my cum, and licking my cum off of her tits. Lynn asked if he’d ever sucked a guys cock and he said he and one of his friends sucked each other off a lot. And that he’d sucked off an older guy who lived near them. Then Lynn surprised me when she asked if he’d suck my cock? He thought for a minute and said sure as long as ya’ll don’t tell anyone. And she told me to take off my pants. She for some reason got turned on seeing a guy suck me off but knew I wouldn’t return the favor. Soon he was on his knees sucking my thick 9″ cock. And I was surprised at how good he was at it. He sucked my balls and stroked it while he sucked it and swallowed every drop of my cum.

Then Lynn asked if he wanted her to suck his cock? He jumped at that until she asked if he’d rather fuck her. He said oh that, that so she let him get his first experience fucking a girl. He shot his load in no time but she sucked him off having him hard again in no time and when he was ready to cum had him shoot off on her tits. After that she let him lick the cum off of her tits. We both stressed the trouble he’d be in if he told anyone and said we were adults so people would believe us when we said he was making it up to try and get out of trouble from peeking in our window late at night to see us naked. He swore he wouldn’t tell anyone though I’d bet he told his friends. But we never heard anything about it. We also told him if he came back we’d call back and as far as we know he never did.

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  • Reply MommyK4YLA ID:yq8b798k

    So naughty! But very hot. I’d let the neighbour boy have a go on mine! Hahaha

    • Unknown ID:1a912bhj

      My husband makes me answer our door when ever a delivery guy comes and I’m in a robe that’s open with nothing on under it. He loves it when they want to converse with me. He tells me, “Don’t you dare close that robe.”

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:mp1ng4spusi

    Wonderful. My husband loves me to flirt with our paperboy. The kid is 15 and is always looking out for me when he delivers our paper
    I’ve seen the bulge in his pants when he stands talking to me. I’d love to try him out
    [email protected]

  • Reply Danny ID:1eq6n6bywm5c

    I think I would’ve had to fuck his boy pussy

  • Reply andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

    God I really wish I could have been there or even just being able to see your wife, she sounds amazing 🤤