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Timmy’s 16th Birthday. Part 3

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How giving a 16th Birthday Party for my step son and his brother,turned me into a crawling puppy begging for mercy.

I stood in my bedroom looking at my two steps sons, I have had a fucking enough of this I screamed at the top of my lungs, now I am going to call your Father ,you have gone too fucking far with this stupid fucking game.
Thats a good idea said Tommy,give him a call and we can tell him how you tried to get a 16 and 18 year old drunk , and how you wanted to play strip pokers and how you showed us your tits and stinking cunt, go on call him, lets see who he believes, us or you ?
The anger had gone from my voice, meekly I said he will believe me , listening to myself I wasn’t convinced he would, and Tommy laughed. Listen Mommy Dearest, we went fishing with the old man one day up at the Lake , he was telling one of his drinking buddies that he had just got married, and when his friend said who to, he said remember the barmaid at the Cripple Creek Johnny’s Bar , Emmaly, her.
His friend said the one that worked evenings of a weekend always bending over to get the beer out of the fridge and showing her tits, and the old man laughed, said that’s the one.
Fuck said his friend, I wondered where she went, and the old man said into my bed and kitchen, and his buddy was laughing saying well I hear she had been around the block a few times, and the two of them were laughing.
Emmaly said Tommy sarcastically I heard with my own two ears my Father tell his fishing pal what a good cock sucker you were, and how at closing time more than once, after you locked the front door and dimed the lights him and a couple of others would end up having a “private party”, and you made more money blowing the guests than you ever made in tips in that dump, now who do you think he is going to believe, us or you ,knowing your history of being a cock sucking little whore ?
I could feel my eyes filling with tears, why are you doing this to me I said starting to sob, WHY WHY WHY, what have I ever done to you to deserve this ? I could see through the tears the two were talking quietly to each other , thank God I said to myself sobbing please let them leave me alone.
Tommy came over and put his arm around me, ssshhhh he said softly there is no need to cry,. I never knew until then how strong he was, when he had held my wrist downstairs, and he had hurt me, now he was towering over me and I could feel that the 18 year old boy had become a man, I guess playing football for the new college he was attending, and working out as much as he did ,really had work wonders.
Don’t cry he said softly, no need for that, then I felt Timmy behind me his hand was rubbing my back through my towel . You see Emmaly he said , your like that wounded animal in all those fucking nature programs you used to make us watch, your Bambi, and your down and wounded and were like the big bad wolves , were going to eat you up, and he laughed , well actually your going to eat us up, and I could feel my bath towel being undone and his hand rubbing my bottom and the towel fell to the floor around my feet.
It’s my birthday he said so I get to go first, turn round, and get on your knees, and I felt sad asTommy unwrapped his arms from around me , I had felt strangely safe for a few minutes and Tommy looked at me smiled and said he is the birthday boy, but don’t worry it’s my turn next, and he got hold of my shoulders and turned me round, and I could feel the pressure on my shoulders as he guided me onto my knees, and I watched as Timmy unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.
Where the HELL does a 16 year old get such a thing, I swear if his Father had something like that I would have been a much happier woman in bed. I looked at Timmy’s cock , all bright purple at the end, my hands are small but I could not get my finger and thumb to touch and he was pushing it hard against my mouth. Open you mouth cunt he said through clenched teeth open your fucking mouth, and when I did he literally tried to choke me with it.
I pulled my head back and pulled his cock out of my mouth , I spluttered wait, wait , give me a chance to get used to it , wait, but he wasn’t in a waiting mood, pushing his cock against my mouth he rammed it down my throat making me gag again , holding my hair tight in one hand he face fucked me like a mad man , his balls banging against chin, my eyes filling with tears and me trying to open my mouth enough to get a gasp of air , as a huge load of hot cum splashed against the back of my throat, choking me and filling my nose passage so I could not breath.
Grabbing his hand I tried to pull it off my head I was choking wanting to throw up, I struggled to push him away so I could get his cock out of my mouth, the final spurt of cum splashing against my face as I gasped for air closing my mouth to keep the puke in my mouth and not throwing up all over the floor .
Cunt, you Mother fucking cunt , he screamed at me ,you fucking cock sucking whore, and putting his foot against my arm and shoulder he pushed me sideways, I over balanced and fell on my side, grabbed the bath towel laying on the floor and held it against my mouth to stop me being sick.
Timmy knelt on my side, he was breathing heavily and was so angry he spat as he spoke. You cunt, you ever make me cum that quick again and I will fuck you up so bad, he said with so much malice and evil in his voice I started to cry again , and as he started to get up he was deliberately pushing his knee in the side of my stomach with all his weight on it until I cried out begging him to get off me..
He stood over me looking down at me, your turn Tommy why don’t you try and choke the bitch he said hitting me around the head. Guess I will was the reply, don’t slap her around the head, thats not nice , I guess it’s a good job she is our whore and works for free , or you would have been paying by the second for that blow job, not even by the minute let alone by the hour, and he burst out laughing. Fuck you said Timmy storming out of the bedroom, Tommy was laughing out loud calling him a 30 second man or something as he slowly helped me get off the floor.
You had better go and wash up he said folding up the towel and giving it to me, and as I started walking shell shocked towards the door he said don’t run away it’s my turn next. I turned to say please don’t but it was like he already knew what I was going to say, he had this rye smile on his face, and his finger on his lip and was saying shhhssss, don’t be long.

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    you could turn it around when they are asleep and make them your slave if you dare?