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I love chocolate

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He’s on the hunt looking for his next little lamb. He’s a predator on the loose. Some people say his blood goes back all the way to the old country, to his family’s country of Romania, his family swears that is great grandpa, was bitten by a werewolf.

Anyways, he’s walking the street toward an old neighborhood where there is an old abandoned house that he is familiar with real well.

He sees her, he does so love chocolate, she likes to be about 11:00 he checks the neighborhood, no one’s around, school’s out. Sun’s going down.
So, he wants up to her is wearing her Catholic school girls uniform a Catholic girl dress. He pulls out his lock played and flips it open, he comes in from behind and grabs her into a chokehold.

She tried to scream. He puts the blade to her throat and he tells her I wouldn’t do that if I was you! He says do you understand me? She said, yes sir, please don’t hurt me? He knows now that he has control over her.
Who tells her to walk and he, 8 points to an old abandoned house. They come to the walkway of the house. He tells her to go into the house porch. She does he asked her, how old are you? Says 11 sir. He says out loud, I do like a little chocolate referring to her she is, very respectful.
He asked her, what is your name? She says Aaliyah sir.. she goes inside onto the front porch. I tell her to take off her school uniform.
She sparked to cry, please Mr. Don’t do that to me, he shows her his knife. He says, now!
She untied as she is crying as she unzips it her black and white school uniform dress and it falls to the floor. Car and a little 11-year-old she’s got, little black berry nipples.
He tells her, to come over to him.

Crying, she does as she is told. he pulls her in and start to lick her little chocolate BlackBerry nipples she is trying to fight the feeling, she is still crying for, 5 minutes of licking her BlackBerry chocolate nipples, they start to react from him licking them.

He knows all about the old abandoned house, the thing is he knows the house real will, he took more than one girl virginity at this house.
He tells her to go inside, she says how sir the door is locked? I said no it’s not, try the door.
She tries the door and walks in and he tells her to keep on walking in the bedroom there are a set of two twin beds in it. He tells her to lay down on the one of the two beds flat on your back.

Crying she does as he has told her to. He tells her to take off her white school uniform panties. crying she as she is told
He tells her to open her legs up! She tries to talk him out of it please Mr. Don’t do this to me now. He flashes the knife at her! Crying bad she does as she’s told. And takes off her white school uniform panties.

He gets between her legs and start eating her black pussy out. He likes the taste of chocolate pie.
As he runs his tongue up and down her black slit, trying to get his tongue to open up her little black pussy, he didn’t think it would be that hard to do.
Finaly it starts to give in. The taste is so, incredible,, and,, the smell even better.

He keeps on eating out her 11. Year old pussy, he ads a.finger and start to finger fuck her she’s done, she is so done. she gives in and, start to moan, pretty soon her 11. Year old body betrays her, and, she.cums all over my face and,. In my mouth.

He takes his jeans and, underwear down his dick is already hard standing in all it’s ready and beauty. He don’t give up her no time to protest he takes his dick , grabs her by her long black hair, he jerk.it.so, hard that the minute she said owe, he shoved his cock.into her mouth.
Seniorly gagged on his cock going in her mouth on entering it. He tells her now set on my cock! She don’t do anything. Then it Dawn’s on him, maybe she don’t know how. He tells her to suck his dick like a straw!

She starts moving her head backwards and forwards sucking on his dick looking up and down on his child for a little 11-year-old, she can suck dick pretty good better than some women that hes known. His cock got good and , hard.
He gets between her legs again and , force his cock into her black 11.yeat old pussy try and, has he may he can’t get it into her pussy. After some work so it, he gets it to go in. She cries and screams, he starts to rape her black pussy as she continues crying and screaming as he goes deep into her pussy raping her.
After right in her for a while I came to her black cherry.
I pull my dick out of her pussy and, slam it back into her as hard as hell as I can and, pop her black cherry. She screams and, screams some more. She asked, what was that? He says, pop goes your black cherry! As she keeps screaming, it just makes her alot worse. He just keeps on raping her.

After a while her crying and, turns to moans. A little later she says, Mr please stop I need to pee? He keeps on raping her, her little body couldn’t handle him raping her, her little black pussy gives up cumming on.my cock coming 2 times out of her black.pussy..first when she had her pussy eating out number two just now being raped. He keeps on raping her. After another 10 minutes he cums and, cum all his white cum goes into her black pussy,
He takes his dick out of her black pussy and, tells her to turn over and lay flat on her stomach, crying she does she tries one more time to talk him out of it, please Mister, don’t do that to me crying.
He gets his dick hard again and he pulls her cute little black ass cheeks apart and, force his cock into her cute little black ass!

She screams he starts to rape her cute little black ass pounding it half she cries and screams! He says out loud as he rape her ass, I do love your tight little virgin black ass. After 15 minutes
He cums again all his white cum in her tight black ass.
He puts his cock away he pulls up his underwear and, jeans
Tells her one last thing, I do love chocolate. He goes to leave and, he doesn’t know what happened to her he leaves.

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    Nice, but try to work on the grammar

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    Tara that’s very interesting

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