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Swallows & Amazons – Part 5 – The Conclusion

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Sorry it has been a while for you to hold on for the final chapter, but here it is. Let me know what you think? More stories to come but shorter!

John was awake first the next morning, and even though he was wanting to get across to Rio as soon as possible to start spying out the place before the agreed meeting time, he thought it best to wait for the others to wake in their own time.

As he was heating some water for some tea, Susan and Titty came out of their tent.

“How are you doing Titty? Do we need to go home to mother, or call the police?” said John
“No it’s fine.” replied Titty as she sat down by the fire “I’ve been awake for a while thinking.” the other two let her go on. “Well this is difficult. Errr well okay. I don’t need any help, and I think over the last few days, we have seen and done some rather ……….eeeeeerrrrrrr….. strange things. I have decided that I’m fine about it all, and although I would have liked my ……first time… to have been with someone I love, I think it has caused something to click inside me.”
“Like what” said Susan
“Well I’ve been in bed with you, and I’ve seen you and John together a couple of times. I know now that I heard Nancy having sex with Captain Flint, and I’ve had sex with two men at the same time. I have no idea what has been happening between you when you were away, but….” Titty paused for a moment “It is as if my body has seen the light. I have changed to a new level, and all I now seem to be able to think about is repeating the sensations I have had recently. Basically…” she paused again “Basically I have decided I like fucking!” which shocked Susan and John “There I have said it. I like fucking. I don’t care if it is with a girl or a man. With one man or woman or many. What I felt when I was being fucked made me feel all tingly inside, and I want to feel that again and again. I like it.”

“That was quite a speech Titty” said Susan finally “If you will let us” nodding at John “ we can help you any way we can” to which John nodded “But are you sure you want to do this?”
“Absolutely” enthused Titty “Though I think I will have to be careful when back home, and I think I may need to watch my language, and be careful soon not to get pregnant”

They laughed at this, and they all stood up and had a group hug. John and Susan looked each other in the eyes, and they knew they were ready for anything, and they would show Titty the pleasures that sex can bring.

John bent down slightly, and gave Titty a kiss. Then he gave Susan a gentle kiss. Then he turned back to Titty who was looking at them both lovingly. She grabbed John’s head in both hands, pulled him to her, and she kissed him hard, sticking her tongue into his mouth. It was still early, and they knew they had a couple of hours before the meeting with the Amazons. They didn’t want to be late, but their lust had overtaken them.

Susan butted in to Titty and John’s kiss, and kissed Titty passionately holding her tight against her. Their tongues fought each other in their mouths for over a minute, and they were so taken up with their slobbering over each other, they didn’t notice John had stripped off until he pushed his way into their coupling, and they felt his rampant erection pressing hard against them.

They didn’t need any words. They took the water off the fire, and walked calmly hand in hand to the girls tent, and went in, not bothering to tie-up the tent flaps. The girls stripped off in seconds flat while John arranged the tent so that there was space for them all, and was comfortable.

John lay on his back, and the girls lay down next to him, one one either side cuddling him, and with their free hands, both massaged and rubbed his cock.

The girls took it in turn to kiss John, and after a few minutes Titty began to work her way lower. Both of them were new to oral sex. Titty had been made to suck off one of the men who had invaded the camp, and John had been given a blowjob by Mrs Dixon. However somehow it all seemed to work. Susan moved up a bit so that John could suck her tits, while Titty kissed and licked her way down John’s body causing him to become more and more tense with excitement of what may be about to happen. He was not disappointed.

Titty reached the base of his shaft, and then stuck out her tongue and licked it all the way up until she reached the head, and flicked the end causing John to groan while sucking Susan’s breasts, before Titty looped over the end with her mouth, and engulfed his rampant cock. Not only did she take in the head, she relaxed her throat, and took just about all of it in her mouth as deep as she could go without choking before sucking hard like a lollipop and drawing back.

John broke away from giving Susan his attention.

“Fucking hell Titty! That is fan-fucking-tastic. I’m sure Susan could learn even more about sucking cocks you fucking cock sucking whore.”

Titty smiled at being called ‘a cock sucking whore’ and just to prove the point renewed her oral assault on John, and Susan, not wanting to be left out climbed over John, straddling his face, and burying her wet smooth pussy in his face. John wrapped his arms around Susan’s thighs, pulling her close, and with Titty causing unbelievable sensations to his cock and balls, he pushed his tongue forcefully into his eldest sister’s cunt. Lust was overtaking them all. John was rolling his head from side to side while he sucked and licked Susan. Flicking her clit with his tongue causing her to gasp. Although she was reeling from her wanton sex urges, she reached back with her hand and began rubbing Titty’s pussy so that she would not be left out.

They continued like this for a few minutes before John pulled away from Susan pushing her to one side, before grabbing Titty by the hair and pulling her off his purple angry looking penis.

“Oh Shit Titty. You are going to make me cum in your mouth if you keep that up” he said “I need to cum, but I want it to be inside you. Are you ready?”

Titty nodded, and crawled over to John and gave him a kiss, licking off Susan’s love juices from his face and mouth.

John rolled her over onto her back, and got his body between her legs. His cock was pointing straight out in front of him and towards Titty’s willing wet cunt.

Susan knelt next to John pressed her body against his, and kissed him hard, tasting her juices in his mouth. She sat back slightly, and lay down next to Titty. She kissed her while gently running her hand all over her young body. Through her hair, down her neck, across her almost flat chest, and down between her legs where she rubbed and massaged Titty’s puffy and wet pussy.

Even though John was desperate for release, he held himself back, and shuffled forward until his cockhead nudged against Titty’s bald pussy. He waited there for a few moments, but ever so gently pushing forward a centimetre or two. Titty could feel the pressure increasing on her cunt, and breaking away from Susan’s kisses, she bent her neck forward so that she could see John’s cock about to penetrate her. She reached down, and taking his dick in her hand, she pulled him forward until it popped into her.

The tightness of his sister’s vagina was incredible. He rocked back and forward slightly, letting her juices increase the lubrication until he was ready. John put his hands down either side of Titty, and moved forward until his cock was completely swallowed by her. Her cunt walls pressed against his cock, but it was warm and slippery and completely beautiful. He looked down at Titty to check she was okay, and not in any pain before he started to pump away at her.

Susan was furiously masturbating at the sight next to her, and she got up onto her elbow to give John a wicked French kiss, before looking down between the bodies of the copulating couple to watch her brother’s cock penetrating her sister’s pussy. The sight turned her on even more, and she orgasmed next to them her head thrashing from side to side, gasping for air, and moaning in her orgasmic ecstasy.

John kept up a steady pace of thrusts, but he knew he would be unable to control himself much longer.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Titty my darling I’m going to shoot my big fucking load into you right now!”
“Do it John. Do it now! Shoot your fucking spunk inside me” shouted Titty as she came with a shivering climax at the same time a John.

With one long groan he let fly jets of semen as Susan watched his cock twitch and jerk with each new ejaculation. After five or six shots, Susan decided she wanted a proper taste of John’s cum. When she was with the charcoal burners they had changed positions before one of them came in her mouth, but now, having heard Titty’s story last night about one of the camp invaders cumming in Titty’s mouth, she wanted to try it. She grabbed John’s cock by the base and his balls. She could tell he was still firing cum but the throbbing pulses she could feel. She pulled him out of his sister, and holding him in her hand, he continued to send out jets of cum which splattered against Susan’s face and into her open mouth and onto Titty’s flat young stomach. Any spunk that pooled in Titty’s belly button Susan licked out and swallowed.

John fell back exhausted while Susan took his place between Titty’s legs, and while rubbing her pussy against her sister’s she kissed a spunky slobbery kiss, pushing wads of cum into her mouth.

“Thank you John.” Titty finally said “That was wonderful, and everything I hoped it would be”.

After a few minutes, they all slowly came round. John wanted to rest and close his eyes, but on looking at his watch, he knew they had to get cleaned-up and dressed so that they wouldn’t be late for the meeting in town.

Reluctantly he mentioned the time to the girls, and they knew they had to break-up and get going. They would have all the time they wanted later to do this again, but now they had to deal with the two men from last night.

After getting cleaned up as best they could using the warm water from the fire, they got dressed and went down to the Swallow to sail across the water to Rio. Luckily the wind was in their favour and they made it to town just as the Amazons were arriving in their boat.

“Anything much to report?” John asked
“We didn’t see anything on the way, though my uncle is still mad at you. He still thinks it was you who stole his typewriter and the papers. I tried to tell him it wasn’t but he didn’t believe me. Sorry”
“It’s okay. Thanks for trying. Anyway if you agree, I suggest we split up for a bit and see if we can find these men.” they all nodded “You can all remember Titty’s description of them so Amazons you take the streets over the far side of town, and we will look around the roads near the harbour. Let’s meet up again back here in one hour.”

So they went their separate ways, looking down all the streets and alleyways, looking into houses as much as they could. They looked closer at guesthouses, which they guessed the men might be staying at temporarily. Probably under false names. There was no sign.

Both groups made their way back to the harbour, still looking as they went.

“Anything?” said Nancy
“Nothing yet” said Susan, but was looking at John who was looking across the road.
“John, what’s the matter?” Titty asked
“It could be nothing, but I was wondering why Mrs Dixon’s shop says it’s closed. I am sure it is always open, apart from Sundays, and early closing on Wednesdays”. John replied. “I’ll be back in a minute”

John crossed the road to the shop, and tried the door. It was firmly bolted, and the ‘Closed’ sign was showing and the blinds down. He wondered if Mrs Dixon was ill or something, but decided to have look around the back. There was an alleyway leading to a small dark courtyard, and John walked quietly to the back windows of the shop and peered inside.

What he saw was shocking. Mrs Dixon was on the floor, with two men standing over her. She was bloodied and bruised, and her clothing torn. John couldn’t hear what was being said, but from the actions of the men, he could tell it wasn’t pleasant. They were shouting at her, and pointing to the cash box on the floor next to her, no doubt trying to get her to open it for them to steal the cash.

One of the men bent down and ripped her blouse off, followed by her skirt and underwear. The other man had undone his trousers, and was kneeling on the floor between her legs, and John had little doubt what was going to happen. The man began to thrust away at the woman while the other one held her head, and was forcing his cock into her mouth. From Titty’s description, it was obvious who they were. He ran back to the others who were sitting in a circle on the grass by the pier.

“Right everyone, I think I’ve found them. But I need help, and quickly. They are in Mrs Dixon’s shop, and I think they are trying to get her to give them her money, and it’s not nice.” John blurted out as quick as he could “Amazons, I’m sure there is a small police office just down the road. See if you can get some help. Susan and Titty, see if you can find anyone else who can help, but they have to be big and strong. I don’t know if the men have any weapons”.

Without question, they split up again. The Amazons ran as fast as they could to the far end of the street to get the police, while the Walker girls ran off to the marketplace to see if they could find any men who could help.

John went back to the back of the shop to see what he could do if anything. He peered again through the window, and could see that one of the men was in the middle of fucking Mrs Dixon. She was trying to fight him off, but the other man was holding her down. The back door was locked tight as well. John could only watch as the man who had been forcing his cock in her mouth let out a groan, which John knew what was happening. The man had pulled back, and was masturbating over Mrs Dixon. She had the man’s other hand holding her hair tightly in his fist so her face was flat one the floor being pushed down on the dusty floorboards. John could see tears running down her face onto the floor as the man started to cum. He had an evil look on his face as her ejaculated huge wads of semen onto her cheek which dribbled down which she could not stop going into her mouth as she was gasping and sobbing for air. She was totally humiliated.
A few moments later Susan and Titty arrived with two men. John recognised them as the two young charcoal burners. John was confused, but decided Susan really did like what they did to her as she said, and they seemed to have come to her help.

They were strong working men, and saw what was happening inside the shop. They took a few steps back and ran at the door with their shoulders. The door gave a little bit, and they knew it would likely give with another charge. This they did, and the bolts splintered and broke. The men inside, having heard the first crash against the door had quickly got up and pulled up their trousers. The bigger of the two men stood his ground and held out an iron bar in front of him. The other man had run across to the front door of the shop, and was undoing the bolts.
“Let’s get out of here” he said, holding the door open.
“Keep away from us you fuckers” said the other man with the iron bar “Don’t try to follow us or you will find yourself in a gutter with a smashed head”

With that he turned and ran to the door and out, but was immediately tripped by one of three policemen who had just arrived with the Amazons. Two of them jumped on the big man with the weapon, while the other policeman wrestled with the other thief, until the two charcoal burners charged out and pinned both men down as they were handcuffed.

Two of the policemen frogmarched the two robbers to the station, with a crowd of people looking on at what all the fuss was about. The other policeman went into the shop where the Swallows and Amazons were helping Mrs Dixon into a chair, and finding a blanket to cover her. Susan found a first aid kit in the kitchen area, and began cleaning Mrs Dixon’s wounds.

The policeman took down some details of who they all were, and what had happened. They didn’t mention Titty’s encounter with them at this stage, but might mention it later, but they were all pleased the men were caught, and would probably go to jail for a long time for what they had done.

After all that was done, and Mrs Dixon had thanked them all and gave, them as a small reward, some supplies for a celebration meal and drink, they sailed off back to the island.

Both the Swallows and the Amazons sailed back to Wild Cat Island, and they all breathed a sigh of relief at the adventure they had just survived, and sat down around the fire to re-live everything that had happened. Susan unpacked the stuff Mrs Dixon had given to them, and began to cook some meat and vegetables for them all. At the bottom of the bag, was a paper package addressed to John. On opening it, inside was a cardboard box, and in that was a large bottle of gin with a label that she was so grateful for all of his ‘help’ in the last few days (this was in inverted commas that only John understood) and he was the only one old enough to drink this.

The meal was delicious, and as the afternoon went on, and everyone relaxed a bit, John got out his bottle. He didn’t want to seem rude, so offered it to everyone. They all stuck out their cups/mugs, but they didn’t have a clue as to what it would taste like. They knew it was alcoholic, and John suggested that they all add a bit of blackcurrant squash to it to give it a better flavor. When they were all ready, they took a big swig. None of them choked, but when the strong alcohol taste hit the back of their throats a few seconds later they all sat there mouths open sucking in air to cool their mouths.

“That was not what I expected” said Titty, “But I liked it with the blackcurrant. It makes my head feel really light. Can I have some more please?”

They all nodded, and they all had a second round of drinks. Even after the big meal they’d had, with their inexperience with drink, they were all getting woozy, and the conversations were becoming more unrestrained. After their third drink, things got a bit strange, and after John, Susan and Nancy had a fourth drink as the eldest ones of the group, things went haywire.

John being the only man in the group was being snuggled up to by Susan and Nancy, and eventually, the conversation recapped all of their sexual adventures over the last few days, and went on to include what John and Susan had seen at the Amazon’s house at the end of the lake.

“You were watching all of us?” said Nancy, not in the least bit embarrassed “You should have knocked on the door and asked to join in”

And with that she turned to John and kissed him. Then John turned to Susan on his other side, and kissed her. They all got up, and John took both Susan and Nancy by the hand and led them towards the girls tent as it was larger than his. As they were walking across the camp, they turned to look at Titty and Peggy, and they were in a passionate embrace standing by the fire, and as they drew apart, they both started to undo each others blouses and shrug them off their shoulders. Then they both stood up and pulled down their skirts and panties, and followed this by holding hands facing each other with a look of love in their eyes. Titty standing there pale and thin, Peggy was had browner skin, but was white where her clothes covered her. She was also more developed than Titty with bigger breasts and a light down over her pussy. They looked at each other up and down, and after a quick kiss, they held hands as they moved towards John’s tent. They didn’t even look in the direction of the other three, they were so focussed on their own lust, they ignored everything else. Once they had disappeared into tent the others became focussed on their own situation.

They were only a short distance from Susan and Titty’s tent, but with every step they took, they took off an item of clothing. By the time they got to the entrance they were all naked, and there was a trail of discarded clothes in a line behind them.

The girls went in first, and with John standing there, they both knelt down, and took it in turns to suck him off. There was no jealousy between them. They just wanted to give and receive the maximum pleasure. John could hardly stand up in the tent, and had to bend his head and back a bit, but this gave him a closer view of the double blowjob he was receiving. He stroked their hair as they licked and kissed and sucked him, and Nancy looked up into his eyes as she sucked, making John feel even more horny than he had been already. It was a look of pure animal lust and she knew how to give pleasure to a man as if she was a backstreet whore. But this was different, as she was giving what she hoped to receive in return.

John was leaking pre-cum, and with each lick the girls gave, they exchanged this with their tongues with each other. The continued their oral assault on John who was breathing hard and was reaching his peak. He knew he couldn’t hold back when both girls used a hand to tickle and gently scratch his balls and scrotum. The feeling was unbelievable, and he knew from his cock starting to throb that he was going to cum.

He pulled back from the girls, and took his raging member in his hand.

“Open wide you fucking horny cock suckers” he demanded.

Both girls did as they were told, and with a loud groan, John’s cock started to jerk as twitch as jets of warm cum fired out. He made sure neither girl felt left out, and took it in turns to shoot wads of creamy cum into each of their open mouths. Some missed, and sprayed their cheeks and hair, but they didn’t care. They took all of his cum in, and after John had finished shooting his load all over them, the girls looked at each other, and as one, they swallowed the male fluids down into their stomachs before hugging tightly and kissing their spunky mouths in an open French kiss. Some dribbled down their bodies making them all shiny and slippery, and this enhanced their passion.

John collapsed onto the floor completely spent (for now!) and lay back to watch the girls making out next to him.

They were licking their faces and bodies. Scooping up all of the excess spunk that had been deposited onto them. This carried on for a number of minutes while John watched. Susan then began to work her way down Nancy’s body until she reached her sensitive areas. She kissed and licked the inside of Nancy’s legs and teased her for ages making her writhe around and have her juices start to flow out of her before Susan plunged her tongue into the Amazon. Twisting and turning her tongue and flicking Nancy’s clit sent her into a shaking orgasm in no time. This spurred her into wanting to give Susan the same treatment, and shifting her position, she made Susan straddle her and they were then locked into a 69 position frantically licking and sucking each other to more and more lustful feelings.

It was then that John noticed something. Nancy had a scar on her stomach like Susan.

“What’s that for? It looks just like Susan’s” he said. Nancy looked up for a moment with her face and cheeks shining with female body fluids.
“Well my dad is a surgeon, and as you know we like to fuck, so he did a little operation on me so that we could have fun without the worry of babies. I don’t really care if I have children or not. What I do know is that I like sex more right now, and nothing is going to stop me. Peggy is just the same. She likes to fuck around. I’m sure dad will do the same op for Titty if she wants.” She left that statement hanging in the air for John to think about, but before he could reply, Nancy was already slobbering over Susan’s pussy again with renewed energy.

As they were enjoying themselves so much, and he needed a little time to recover, John thought he would go and see if Titty was okay. He needn’t have worried. When he opened the flaps to his tent, he could see Titty with Peggy’s legs over her shoulders, and her arms wrapped round Peggy’s thighs pulling her opening apart so that she could get as deep as she could with her tongue.

John watched for a few minutes. Peggy had a beautiful body John thought. She was not thin and flat like Titty. She was plump, with some puppy fat around her middle, but in a sexy way. Being like this meant that she had larger tits which like teenagers were high up on her body, almost up to her face when lying down on her back as she was now. Peggy was twisting her body to Titty’s oral punishment of her wet and willing pussy. In her ecstasy she didn’t seem to know what to do with her arms and hands. Sometimes these were above her head as she arched her back, sometimes they were by her side, gripping tightly at the rug she was lying on, and sometimes they were gripping Titty’s hair and head, forcing her to go a deep as she could into Peggy’s cunt, as well as licking and sucking her clit.

This was too much for John, and he was overwhelmed by lust as his cock rapidly began to recover much to his surprise at how quickly this had happened. He saw the scar that Nancy had talked about, and he knew what he needed to do.

He squeezed into the small tent on his hands and knees, and as Peggy was coming down from another orgasm, he pushed her legs off Titty’s shoulders, and grabbing Titty by the hair, he pulled her face to his, and gave her a deep passionate French kiss, tasting all of the sweet juices Peggy had coated Titty’s face and mouth with. Peggy watched as John kissed his sister hard, and without invitation, cupped her young pussy in his hand, before plunging two fingers into her wet pussy.

John’s erection was now raging, and needed a place of release. This ‘place’ was Peggy’s cunt. He was a rampant animal now. Even though he loved his sisters and would love to fuck them, he was consumed by the sight of Peggy’s young plump body lying there on the rug all warm and sweaty, with her legs wide open showing her puffy wet womanhood, ready for a fucking.

Without a word, Peggy almost pleaded with John to stick his cock inside her. She held out her arms to him and smiling a youthful sexy smile she flicked her fingers at him to come to her.

John kissed Titty again hard, as if he was apologising for being such a weak and sinful man, but he knew he would have plenty of opportunity to fuck Titty again, and therefore abandoned all thought of offending his sister, and straddled the younger Amazon. He bent down to kiss her, pressing his erection hard against her pussy and stomach.

Titty not wanting to be left out, helped her lesbian friend with her imaginary ‘man cure’, by grabbing John’s cock in her hand, and guiding it towards Peggy’s soaking pussy, which was ready to be filled. John obliged without asking by pushing his dick into Peggy. Even though it was tight as hell like Titty’s, it slid in with no trouble up to the hilt, causing Peggy to gasp and moan in surprise and lust.

Titty reached behind John, and cupped his dangling balls, filled with semen and sperm, ready once again for release. She massaged John and gently squeezed them and dragging her fingernails across the area between his balls and his asshole which was almost unbearably sexy.

John began to pound away at the young Amazon with his sister working him from behind. Thrusting in and out while towering over the small body of Peggy, every now and then looking down between them to watch his cock slapping into the young girl as their sex organs met.

John turned to one side and with one hand on the ground, grabbed Titty by the hair again, and pulling her up to him so that he could stick his tongue in her mouth, grunting and moaning at her playing with his cock and balls, while he fucked her young friend.

Even though John had not long spent his load over the older girls, from the sensations his cock was being subjected to he knew he would not be able to last any longer, and with a loud groan, he emptied the contents of his ball sacs into Peggy, blasting all of it deep inside her vagina until it leaked out the sides.

John collapsed to one side again so that he could recover leaving space for Titty to dive in and begin to tongue out much of the semen from Peggy’s cunt into her mouth and stomach.

It was at that moment that John saw that Susan and Nancy where watching them all from the tent entrance.

“How long have you been there?” said John
“Oh not long. We have been having a great time haven’t we Susan” said Nancy “I’ve been tonguing out your sister, and she’s been licking out my cunt, but I’ve been here long enough to see you shoot your spunk into my sister’s cunt you fucking randy fucker”.

With that they all crammed into the small tent in a mass of writhing slippery young bodies. They all cuddled up and with kisses all around, they rested, and without realising, they fell asleep in each others arms.

It was getting light when Susan woke up, suddenly realising they had slept for hours, all keeping each other warm in a mass of sweaty bodies covered in dried cum, and it was now morning, and she was thirsty and hungry.
She gently shook the others awake, giving them each a kiss as they opened their sleepy eyes, but they all gave her a loving smile back as they stretched and tensed their bodies, recovering from their sex last night.

Susan opened the tent flaps wide to let in some fresh air, and not bothering to get dressed, got the fire going again and put on some water to boil for tea, and to cook something for breakfast. None of them bothered to get any clothes on. John watched as Peggy got out of the tent, and stretched her arms as high as they could go while standing on tip toe to loosen he aching muscles. He almost dashed across the campsite to fuck her again as the sight was unbelievable sexy. Her nubile rounded body, perfectly proportioned, but in a young girl sort of way. John managed to control himself, but his erection was giving him away as he saw his male body fluids dribble down the inside of her legs.

They sat in silence on the ground around the fire having a drink and something to eat until Titty spoke out.

“You remember a couple of nights ago, when I had my ‘encounter’, I said I had heard the men talking in the distance as if they were searching for something.” the others nodded, and she went on “Well now it is light, I think we should go across to Cormorant Island as soon as possible and see if we can find anything”.
“I agree” said John “But I think we should get dressed first!”

Thankfully they had all dis-robed early on last evening, so their clothes were not smelly and sweaty or dirty with dried male and female fluids. They put these on, and in their separate boats, they sailed the short distance to the island. The island was small, and would not take them long to search all together.

It was Titty who found something. It was in the roots of the single tree, which had some earth disturbed there. She called the others over, and began scrabbling in the ground with her hands, pushing the sand and soil to one side until she hit something hard. They all helped to clear the ground around it, and dragged it out of the hole.

“I would love it to be pirate treasure, but I think that is my uncle’s box with his typewriter and the pages from his book” said Nancy as they opened it. “I was right. Well done Titty. Uncle will be pleased to get it back”. She added

They picked up the box which thankfully had not got wet, and lifted it into the Amazon for them to sail to their Uncle’s houseboat. The Walkers waved as the Amazons sailed off towards Houseboat Bay as they called it.

Later that morning, the Amazons got back to Wild Cat Island with the news that their uncle was extremely pleased to have the box back, and his book especially.

“What is the book about?” asked Susan
“Well…..” went Nancy, being a bit evasive. “eeerrrr it is…. Well….eerr… a book about me and Peggy and our mum and dad. It is, how can I say….a bit racy, I think the word is”.
“What do you mean by that? Is it a book on your ancestry ” said Titty not thinking deeper about what had been said.
“No……It is more a book about ‘incestry’ if there is such a word which I don’t think there is” smirked Nancy. “It is a biography of all of our sexploits over the last few years, and later his encounters with Peggy, and my mum, and being watched by my dad when doing things”.
“Oh! Oh I see. That is something he would not want others to know about or he may get into trouble”. Titty replied.
“Definitely, so that is why he is so grateful. Why he wants to write it down is odd. He hopes he can get it published anonymously.” Nancy said “Anyway, he wants to say thank you, and apologise for being such an ass, and invites everyone to a party he is having with a couple of friends tonight at 6 o’clock.”

At about 5 o’clock everyone was cleaned up and ready. The Walkers didn’t have many smart clothes as they didn’t think they would need them when camping, but they put on the best things they had, and the girls tied their hair in bows. They set sail, and with the wind behind them, they were soon there. Slightly early, but it didn’t matter.

The Amazon’s uncle was there to greet them aboard.

“Hello there” he said “I know you call me Captain Flint, and I am sure I deserved it, but I am truly sorry for being so horrid to you. I’m James Turner” he introduced himself as he shook their hands “But please call me Jim or Captain Jim if you like. Come in and make yourselves comfy. I can see my nieces are not far away and’ll get here in a few minutes. And you must be Titty” he said bending down a bit to her height “Thanks for being so good at finding my stolen property.”
“No problem” she replied “I hope you can finish your book soon”

The Walkers stepped down into the cabin, and there were the two young charcoal burners standing there which was a bit of a surprise.

“Hello” one of them said to Susan “Nice to meet you again. I don’t think we had a proper introduction last time we met. I’m Young Billy, and this is my older brother Old Billy, but it may be easier to call him Will. Our dad likes to stay with the burners when we go out”
“How do you know Jim” questioned Susan not in the slightest embarrassed about what happened at the meeting at their camp on the hill, and she didn’t have much of a chance to speak to them the previous day in town.
“Well we are drinking buddies. We meet at the pub every few days, and he invited us over as we helped a bit with getting his box back, and helped save Mrs Dixon.”
“You’re very….eeerrr…. clean and eeeerrrrr…not smoky” she said, not being sure what to say.
“Yes we can be when we need to, but we can be really dirty sometimes” Will said with a smirk on his face making a bit of an innuendo “Can I get you a drink?”
“What are you having?” said Titty
“Rum and Coke” said Billy “Usually we have beer down the pub, but as we are at sea” he said with a smile and a broad wave of his hand “I thought I would have a real seaman’s drink”
“Okay I’ll have one of those as well, and make it a large one” Titty replied.

Susan and John asked for Gin and Bitter Lemon while the Captain was handed a large Whiskey and soda.

“Better get a few more Rum’s ready. Nancy and Peggy are here” said Jim when he heard them tying up the Amazon.

Titty looked around the cabin. It was warm and comfortable with a long cushioned bench down one side, but a couple of small sofa’s at one end, and a large armchair looking out of the wide windows giving a fantastic view of the lake and mountains. She was also interested in the parrot that sat quietly in its cage.

“Does it say much?” she asked Captain Jim.
“A few bits. I did inherit him from a sailor mate of mine, so some of the language he uses is a bit …how can I say….salty at times”. Titty nodded, knowing that he meant that it swears a bit.
“Hello girls” Jim said turning to greet his nieces “The party can begin now you’re here”

They were immediately handed some drinks, and the Walkers were given refills of their chosen tipples.

“Erhum!” sounded Captain Jim to get everyone’s attention “I would like to welcome you all here this evening to firstly apologise to everyone who I may have been a beast to over the last few days, and I hope you can forgive me, and secondly I want to thank you all for your parts in recovering my stolen property. I’m most grateful, and I hope tonight’s entertainment will show you I’m not all bad, and I may even walk the plank at some point as punishment for my sins. So to all my helpful friends” he said as he raised his glass and downed his large Whiskey in one gulp.

Everyone raised their glasses and did the same with a rousing “Here. Here”
“Get some more drinks for us uncle” said Nancy “We’re one behind already”
“Your parents will think I’m trying to get you all drunk so you don’t know what you’re doing” he replied motioning to the Amazons and the Walkers.
“Parties don’t really get started until everyone’s got a bit tipsy, then things get a bit more open and uninhibited.” Peggy said with a bit of a wink in his direction, but John and Susan saw it, and smiled at each other, knowing how the party was likely to end.

The conversations got louder as the party went on. They played a few games, and had a laugh trying to get the parrot to say some naughty words. Titty kept repeating “Pieces of Eight” trying to get the parrot to say it back, but all she got in return was
“Fuck my cunt” or “show us your tits” or “suck my cock”

As the evening wore on, the drink kept flowing, and the conversations got louder and more rude. Captain Jim turned off some of the lights, leaving just one weak table lamp on, and the atmosphere became much warmer and intimate. Susan was at one end of the lounge area sitting between Billy and Will, John was on the other sofa between Nancy and Peggy, and Titty was helping Captain Jim in the kitchen area tidy up, but he was much closer to her than would be expected while she washed up at the sink. He seemed fascinated by Titty in the way she was so outgoing and uninhibited for someone so young, and after a few drinks, she was slurring her words slightly, but was not making Jim move away.

Titty glanced up from her washing to see Susan having her blouse unbuttoned, while she had her hands down inside the men’s trousers, obviously massaging their rapidly hardening cocks. She then looked over to John, who was kissing Peggy hard and kneading her firm teen breasts, while Nancy was kneeling on the floor pulling down his trousers, and immediately began to suck on his raging hard erection.

As for herself, Jim was right up behind her, and she could feel his hard cock pressing against her behind, and his hands were underneath her blouse, feeling up and down her firm belly, and flat tits, before wondering down lower below her waistband to rub her moist slit. She pushed her ass back against him, and wiggled it around, partly massaging his cock through his trousers and partly in rhythm with his exploring fingers that were now hooked round inside her pussy.

As Titty was being molested, she was being a voyeur to the threesomes across the room. Susan was now naked, along with Billy and Will, and like Nancy, she was on her knees sucking them off in turn while they massaged her breasts.

John’s group was also naked, and he was on the sofa behind Peggy doggy fucking her while Nancy stood on the floor next to them, with her hand between them feeling it slide in and out of Peggy, and talking dirty to him him to fuck her sister hard and fast and shoot his big fucking load of spunk inside her. John did not object, but couldn’t respond as he had his face buried between Nancy’s tits.

Titty decided then that she didn’t want to be left out, and reached up behind her with one hand, pulling Jim’s head down to her cheek, and whispered to him in a put on scared voice.

“Captain Flint. I’m your prisoner I am completely alone here on your ship. There is no one here to save me. If I let you have your wicked way with me, will you let me live?”
“We shall have to see” he replied in a mock pirate accent “I will definitely have my way with you you lusty wench, and I may let you live, but you may die from being fucked to death” he said, and laughed an evil pirate laugh.

With that he spun her round, and yanked her t-shirt over her head, and threw it to one side, and in the next second he grabbed the waist of her skirt and panties at the same time, and pulled these down leaving her only in her white socks with the Captain towering over her. He grabbed her by her ponytails, and as Titty tried to make it look as if she was struggling, really she was just playing, and it was a moment later that Jim had his mouth clamped over hers, sticking his tongue inside her pressing his body against hers.

Titty felt down between them, and undid his belt and buckle, and pushed down his trousers and underwear. He broke off the kiss briefly to undo his shirt, leaving them standing there facing each other both naked (apart from socks) and sucking in air and almost shaking with lust as they looked at their naked bodies. Titty knelt down on the floor, and took Jim’s huge erection in her mouth, and began to suck. She relaxed her throat and took it deeper and deeper each time her head bobbed forward causing Jim to gasp in surprise at the fantastic blowjob he was getting from such an inexperienced girl. He grabbed her hair again, and pulled her towards him until she had him entirely in her, right to the back of her throat, and seemingly half way down. She didn’t gag or protest, she just clamped her mouth around the base of his cock, and sucked hard before drawing all the way back.

“Oh my fucking god you horny fucking slut” Jim managed to croak “Suck me off you fucking bitch, and I will fuck you all night long you fucking whore”.

This caused the other threesomes to look around, and the men smiled at the thought of having a turn with Titty sucking them off, and the girls wanted to be as good as her and hoped that the men would be fucking them all night. They were absolutely consumed with lust and it needed release.

As much as Captain Jim wanted to shoot his cum down the girl’s throat, he was wanting to shoot his load into somewhere else. He wanted to fuck a young girl, and here was one right in front of him. He still held her hair in his hands, and being slightly rough, but not too rough, he pulled her up to her feet, kissed her hard, and turned her round, pushing her flat over the kitchen work surface.

Titty was turned on by this rough treatment, and encouraged him more.

“That’s it you horny fucker. Fuck my cunt. Stick your cock inside me and fuck me until you shoot your spunk into me.”

Not needing to be asked twice, Jim rubbed his cock between her legs a few times before ramming it home into her willing pussy causing her to moan out loud. This got everyone’s attention again as they watched Titty getting soundly fucked from behind as they watched. Peggy and Nancy had changed positions, and with John watching Titty being fucked, he renewed his pounding of Nancy causing her to orgasm hard. Across the room, Susan was still giving head to the two charcoal burners.

Peggy not wanting to be left out of the fucking, made an announcement.

“Right you lot, I’m as fucking horny as hell. Girls, you all need to come over to the bench and line up.”

They all did as they were told, though Titty was a bit annoyed as she was having a great time. They knelt on the bench looking out of the windows. Thankfully the light inside was so low, no one looking in could see anything going on, but the girls could see the lights of the town, and there was one motor launch that came past at that moment, and if they could have known and seen what was happening on the houseboat, they would probably called the police.

With all four girls kneeling on cushions with their asses in the air, the four men lined up behind them. Jim took Titty again, John took Nancy again. Peggy had Billy start fucking her from behind, and finally Will pounded away at Susan.

The wet sounds of fucking and skin slapping against skin filled the air in the boat, along with moans and groans as the girls started to orgasm from the punishment they were receiving. Susan finally lost control as she came.

“Oh jesus! oh fuck! Fuck me Fuck me. FUCK ME!!” the last words shouted out at the top of her voice through one of the boat’s open windows, and echoed across the lake a few times, which was a bit of a shock to Mrs Dixon who was sitting quietly on the harbour wall at that moment, and wondered if she was hearing things. She shook her head thinking it must have been a wild animal barking which she thought sounded like a girl saying “fuck me”, though it did start her imagination working at the thought of her sex life, and how she wanted to start it again for proper after she had lost control with John a few days ago. She hoped he would come back soon and they could carry on where they left off.

Meanwhile back on the boat, the men were still pumping away at the female flesh beneath them, but Susan’s shout had caused them to look around at each other, and they were grinning to one another. With a few hand gestures, they agreed that they would all swap round. So they all pulled out, moved along one girl, and the last one walked down the line to the start, and the lovemaking continued.

This rotation continued until all of the girls had been fucked by all of the men, but they could tell they were all about to blow. Jim came first, blasting male reproductive fluids as deep as he could go into Titty who shook as her fifth orgasm hit her. Then the others joined in the cum orgy as they shot what seemed like gallons of spunk into their partners. John pumped his cum into Nancy. Billy shot his load into Peggy, and finally Will ejaculated into Susan.

The men continued fucking until they couldn’t continue. Body sex fluids ran out of the girls and down their legs as the men’s cocks slowly deflated. Titty was the first to move, letting Jim’s cock flop out, but immediately turning round, sitting on the bench and taking his cock in her hands and licking both their fluids off it, trying as hard as she could to keep him stiff.

The other girls followed suit a few seconds later, each taking their partner’s penis into their mouths to keep it warm and stiff. Although the men were slow to react no matter how horny they were, the girls decided to copy the men from earlier, and swapped round every few minutes until all the men had been blown by all of the girls, and there were signs of life starting to appear again.

“We’ve all had one on one, but now I think it is time to take things up a bit” said Susan “Right we will take it in turns” she said to the other girls, before turning to the men.
“Right I want Jim to stick his cock up my cunt, I want Billy to stick his cock up my ass, and I want John to stick your cock in my mouth. Will, you have all the other three girls to pleasure as you like and we can swap round in a little while.”

She took her three men to one side and got Jim to lie on the floor. She straddled him and inserted his cock inside her body. Billy then came up behind her, and with his cock still covered in body fluids and saliva, eased his dick into Susan’s tight ass, deep into her rectum. John stood beside her, and with her hands resting on Jim’s chest, she took him into her mouth and started to rock back and forward with the men pushing in and out of her in rhythm to her movements.

The sight was one of and abandoned, lustful, debauched orgy of flesh. A woman, no a teenager, being used and abused, but at her own request.

The other four were in a daisy chain of sex on the floor a few feet away waiting their turn to be gangbanged. Will was being sucked off by Titty, while under her, Peggy was licking out all of the sperm that her uncle had shot into her, and Nancy was between her legs licking male ejaculate out of her sister, and to complete the circle, John was licking out Nancy, not minding tonguing out his own spunk and swallowing this back into his body to be recycled.

They all carried on for about five minutes, the men were all being careful not to tip over the edge. The girls had no such problem, and they were shaking with their orgasms every few minutes, especially Susan who was being fucked in all holes.

Reluctantly Susan had to take a break from her punishment, and the other three girls threw a dice to choose who was next. The men watched, dicks erect, pointing to the ceiling, sweat on their brows, and their bodies flushed red and breathing hard from lust and physical exertion.

They all knew they would get their turn, but they all wanted some of what Susan had right now! Nancy threw a two, Peggy threw a five and was quite pleased with herself, and finally Titty threw the dice. It rolled across the floor, and then span on the spot for what seemed like an age before it stopped.

“Sorry Amazons, it looks like the luck of the Walker family is in at the moment. Six it is!” she beamed, but was sorry for the others, but they would get their chance.

The men pulled her up and across to their space across the cabin. Will got to work again on the three girls. They all lay on their backs on the floor with their legs open, and John began to fuck them each in turn starting with Peggy, then Nancy, and then Susan last as she had already received a lot of cock in the last session. In between their fucking the girls not being fucked were either making out in a couple, or they were frantically masturbating, keeping their juices flowing for Will to be well lubricated when it was their turn.

Across the room, Titty was panting with lust. She had been violated by two men before, but now only a few days after she first had sex, she was now in a full blown orgy, and now about to fucked by three men at once. She wondered if it was possible to take anymore at once, but that would have to wait for another time.

Unlike Susan, Jim lay on the armchair, and Titty was manhandled and placed on his lap facing away. Billy and John lifted her slightly, and Jim lined up his raging purple thick veined cock with her asshole. She tensed slightly as the head touched her, this being the first time she had tried anal sex. The Captain rubbed his fingers over her sopping cunt, and lathered his cock up and down until it shone, which now slid into her easily. Titty could feel it penetrating her insides pushing a path into her rectum, impaling her on his manhood causing her to gasp from the sensation.

John then moved in front, and with Jim holding her legs apart, John held his cock out in front of him. He looked Titty in the face, and keeping eye contact, he pushed forward and into his younger sister. He was surprised how far in he got into such a small body. His cock seemed to go in for ever. Titty broke contact, and looked down as John’s shaft filled her vagina all the way up to her cervix, swallowing it to the hilt. She could now feel both penises rubbing close together inside her. She knew what was happening was absolutely evil, but she was letting it happen willingly, and from the feelings she was getting between her legs, this would not be the last time this would happen.

The double penetration cause Titty to come cum with a loud moan and foul mouthed expletives escaped from her lips, twice as bad as what the parrot had been saying. Maybe it would remember these later. Who knows.

Jim and John began to start their rhythmic thrusting, while Billy standing slightly to one side of the chair now presented his engorged cock to Titty to suck him off.

They continued using Titty’s body as their own fuck toy. Thrusting in and out of all her orifices causing her into multiple leg shaking orgasms. The other group of four stopped what they were doing after a while and stood around the chair watching the young girl being gangbanged.

Just when they knew Titty could not take anymore, and would pass out from her brain being overwhelmed by the erotic sensations she was receiving, the two Amazons intervened and demanded their turn. Titty was lifted off the men/chair. She was flushed with exertion, and the abuse she had received, sweating like a pig in the warm evening air, and gulping down air from her oxygen starved lungs. She just about collapsed on the floor as she tried to walk, but John caught her and helped her across to the kitchen area for a drink (or two).

The three remaining men then got to work on Nancy, who had won the dice against her sister, and was soon having her turn at having her holes filled while the others watched sipping at their drinks. Then it was finally Peggy’s turn.

Like Titty, she had never been in such a position with three men before, but having watched the others, she knew it was something she would like, and was not disappointed. The men took her from all angles. They swapped round every few minutes so that she felt like a two bit whore being passed from customer to customer all evening, but she was not being paid for this. In fact she would have paid money herself to be used like this.

The men had been banging away at the girls for what seemed like hours, but really only about half an hour for the multiple gangbanging, but they knew they would not be able to last any longer.
The three men withdrew from Peggy dropping her to the floor where she crawled slowly across the room watched by everyone to their amusement until she pulled herself up at the kitchen counter, and gulped down a large vodka and orange given to her by John.

John thought this funny, but also he was aching to release the contents of his balls. He didn’t care with who or how, he just needed to cum.

John grabbed Peggy by the hair and kissed her hard. Then turning to Titty he did the same. He held them under their arms and marched them to the nearest sofa and got them to sit down. Then he made Susan and Nancy kneel on the floor in front of them, and arranged them so that all of their faces were close together. Then without any words or any hint of embarrassment, he began to jerk himself off in front of them. He didn’t last long.

“Oh God! All of you get as close as you can, and open wide cos here it comes” he shouted at them as he ejaculated.

Jet after jet of pent-up spunk shot out from his teen cock, splashing against Titty’s face first so hard that it almost bounced off her cheek and onto Susan’s chin. Then he found his targets, and with each throbbing cumshot, she filled their mouths in turn with his warm gloopy white semen.

The other three men then took their cue to do the same, and sperm rained down on the girls coating their faces, mouths, hair, chins, and letting it dribble down their chests and belly’s onto the floor. The men the presented their dripping cocks to the girls for them to share the remaining spoils, while they kissed and exchanged spunk in sloppy kisses with twisting tongues and open mouths.

Jim wished he had a camera to catch the image of total depravity, but he would have to learn to develop his own pictures to ever get it printed.

Susan stood up, and still with semen dribbling out of her mouth, she pulled John close to her shiny naked body, and French kissed him, pushing the mixture of four lots of male fluids into his mouth, and the others did the same choosing a partner at random.

They were all exhausted now, and flopped down on chairs. Jim knew he would have to wash the entire cabin from top to bottom in the morning, but it was completely worth it. They all held a drink, and Jim took the opportunity to propose a toast.

“Thank you ladies and gents for a wonderful evening, and may there be many more such evenings” he said “I would also like to thank you again for recovering my book, and I now have plenty of material for my final chapter” he said with a smirk on his face.

Everyone raised their glasses to him and took a big gulp from their drinks. All was quiet for a moment until Titty spoke.

“Thanks Captain Jim. This is quite the best party I have ever been to in my life, and I hope to attend many more in future. But that is in the future. Right now I think it is still early, and moving on from what Susan demanded earlier, I want all four men to fuck me now, and all of the girls have sex on the floor in front of me while I watch.”

No one argued with her, and with a final swig of their drinks, they did as they were told, and all of this carried on until the sun started to rise, each having their turn to be fucked, and gallons more spunk squirted into all their holes and shot all over them.

This was a holiday none of the Walkers would ever forget.

The End.

Wickr – satan666bad

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