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Down to the Barn 3 ( a detour )

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Well I went back home. I heard chain saws from over my fence. Omg I thought it must be that crew in the truck I had flashed earlier. Well as long as I’m not out front when they leave they won’t see me. I just wanted to get inside to clean up after a sex filled day and relax. That made me think that the walk home was less eventful than the last one to Cliffs house. I went in and headed to the shower.After cleaning myself good inside and out I opted to just a loose oversized tank to wear and went out to relax in the back yard and enjoy a cooler. Even though my pussy was treated so good today it was still tingling at the thought of at least 7 big construction workers giving me a good fucking before bed.
O well that won’t happen if they don’t see me. I was heading in and heard a man yell out miss a few times I paused as my heart jumped. I opted to ignore him l reached the porch an heard miss please. I had to stop to see what he wanted. Besides maybe he wouldn’t recognize me after all they were in a truck and probably not looking at my face. And just how did he see me over my fence. I turned towards him and began walking that’s been I had one question answered. The man was in the back of the truck they were in. Then the big grin answered the other question. When he told me it was nice to see me again before asking for some water for him and the crew told me he remembered md. They ran.out earlier for about an hour. I told him that I had none cold but I did have some cold beers and coolers. What did I just do? I just invited a crew of strangers to have a beer with me, what an I thinking?
He quickly told me they would love that.
Hear they came but there was 9 and all black men which made my heart beat faster this has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. I absolutely love a muscular black man. And here I was in just a tank top. I went in and brought a cold case out and asked if any of them wanted a cooler. The beer was good they told me as one helped me with the case. Damn I thought. They were all being perfect gentlemen not one sexual remark no nothing.onel of them said that my pool looked inviting. Go ahead I told them that they were welcome to. A few polity refused from being so dirty. I let them all know that it was okay and that it has a cleaning system on it. They all asked if I was sure I was telling them yes as one said that they bad no trunks to wear and I finished up with asking if they had shorts on. Then like a group of boys off running they went stripping to their boxers. I was horny and they were way to polite to make a move so it was up to me to get this party fired up.
I walked down to talk with them. I squatted down knowing that they could see my shaved pussy if they wanted.
Then asked if they had a long drive, about 60 miles I was answered. One told me they wanted to bring a camper but couldn’t find a place close enough. I told them that they could put it here if they all wanted. Then asked if they was going to stay a while tonight. And If so I could start the grill and that I had plenty to drink. One told me if he drank any more he wouldn’t be able to drive. Ok then if they wanted they could stay the night and save gas and time along with having a good time. I told them that also I could wash their clothes to be fresh tomorrow. One said how can we turn down a God sent angel.
Getting up I grinned and told them if you boys aren’t to embarrassed to give me those boxers that I’d wash them to. Three shorts were tossed on the pool deck then followed by 6 more. I smiled and told them good boys. Then asked if cheese burgers were good.
As I cooked the boys were having fun in the pool. Every one had a mild buzz on when dinner was done. I called to them that it was ready. I heard complaints about having no clothes.
I told them to come on while it’s hot.
Slowly they came out of the pool. And OMG the smallest cock there was at least 5 inches long and at least an inch thick soft out of cold water!!! We all set down at the picnic tables and began to eat. Now I started doing the math and it came out to 3 x3 = a good time. After dinner I asked if I could get there of them to help me inside to get a couple of cases of beer. The first 3 stood up telling me that they would help
Once inside I grabbed the beer and my coolers. Then went to grab a big comforter to lay on the ground for us to sit on. I asked for help reaching it. Coming to my aid they asked where it was then asked if they could just lift me up to get it.Knowing they would have my bare ass and pussy in their face. they lifted me up to grab it and I dropped it to the floor. And as they lowered me I raised my arms wiggled a bit to slip out of my shirt. Then reached behind me running my hands up and down there naked bodies. The three of them followed my lead and started groping my now naked body. Finding two growing cocks then the third.
I told them that I was going to fuck each of them tonight. Then spun around dropped to my knees and alternated sucking one as I stroked the other two.I stopped and asked if they wanted to serve me to the others. Two of them took out the drinks and comforter and the other carried me out and gently put me on the spread telling every one desert is served. But they get the first slice.
You should have seen their faces when I took their friends cocks on my mouth. I acted timid with those huge cocks at first then when they were completely hard I went from one to the other balls deep. Then I got an idea a blow bang then the faster 3 hard again gets to fuck me, the first one gets choice then the second gets choice of 2 holes and the third gets what’s left. They all.agreed and stood around me in a circle I went from one to the other giving each 5 strokes in my mouth balls deep. But I thought to be fair I’d just suck each one off then start fresh with each cock. Needles to say it was a long night. Later I found out that they were scheduled out for three months on this job and they were bringing their camper up the next day. Can’t wait to introduce the to my boy’s.

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