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Outdoor sex with a German Shephard

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He was so honey and so was I so I let him fuck me and we came together!

In college I uses to like to fish. I heard about a pond that you could sbeak into and fish near my school. I decided to try it one time. The neighbors near the pond had a male and female German shepheards that were super friendly and sweet. I had caught a few bass when I realized there was no one around. Nature has always been an built of a turn on for me so I found a slot and decided to pull out my cock and jerk off. I was enjoying sun and the feeling all over when i noticed the male Shephard watching me stroke. He sat there eyeing me. I glanced down and there was his red crayon poking out. I got the craziest urge as he sauntered over to me. I must admit that as a teenager i a had experienced the joy of sucking our male dog and after a couple years actially hump me.

I decided to see if he was interested in playing. I hobbled over l, shorts around my ankles and cock in hand and squatted down in front of him. I pet his head and rubbed his chest and down towards his belly. He dilidnt resist of rnove away so slid my hand down towards his meat. Still no adverse reaction so I stroked his furry sheath and he started to hump slightly. This really got me going and brought back warm memories. I flopped down on the grass and pushed his fur back revealing his stiff little slippery dick. I turned around and stuck out my butt while reaching back for his dick. He immediately resumed humping my hand. I wriggled my butt towards him despite the rock poking my knee from beneath the dry grass. After a few tries I succeeded in getting him to mount me but he was excited and kept missing my ass. Finally a couple of his thrusts hit the good spot sending thrilling waves of pleasure to my brain. My ass was not lubed so he continued to poke around but failed to really hit a homerun.

I had been stroking my cock on and off while wriggling and trying to get him horny which had me pretty truned on too. My dick was getting deeper in color and stiffening with excitement.

I had never been able to cum while a dog was knotted in me or humping me but the thought thrilled me. I stood up as the pup turned and licked his partially hard proruding cock while i watched and stroked. He came closer and tried to jump up and hump me while ai was standing. At that point i had a delicious idea. What if he could hump me while I jacked off? I knew he would fnish quick once he was fully in me. I had learned that if I was fully lubed up before a dog tried to start humping me their cock would find my ass really quickly and the dog would finish the job by thrusting all the way in. I absolutely loved that feeling as he would burrry his head in me slipping his knot back and forth over my prostate as he jackhammer away. So I spit on my finger and slid it down my Crack and rubbed around my ass hole. It loosened and I doubled the spit and slimed my p
Rear portal thoroughly. He didn’t leave but alternated licking his balls and cock and then trying to jump on me. I could tell he wa super horny. My cock was burning with desire and my heart rate and breathing had picked up. As I felt myself nearing climax I turned around towards him leading with my butt. Reflexively he jumped up and clamped his paws around me leaving scratch marks that I would heave to explain later to my girlfriend. In a flash his red lips stick poked towards the wet spot. On the second pump the tip found moisture and the spit steered it in and up! Up towards heaven. As his penis slid inside me, my heart raced as he trust all the way in. I had a hard time keeping my balance but fortunately I had stepped one foot out of my shorts which gave me some much needed stability. I arched my back and stuck my butt out to allow for his full assault as I doubled my efforts on my darkening cock. The tip begin to blush and my veins undoubtedly bulged. His cock was full tilt sliding in me and I could feel his knott making itself known. I bucked back at him as he awkwardly slammed me pushing me exillerating pump aftet pump on my trobbing cock. The pleasure was so intense that I can hardly describe it accurately. It is still vivid after all these years. Suddenly the wetness back there seemed to quadruple and i knew he was cumming. I couldn’t take it any longer and thrust my fist squeezing my abs and thrusting into extacy. As the first spurt of cum left my cock setting into oblivion my whole body began to convulsed seeming to pull cum come from every inch of my insides and blast it out into the galaxy. I kept thrusting forward and back. Each back swing filling my innards with dog cum and hard dog dock. Each following forward thrust equally excillerating though pushing nifferent nerve buttons along an orgasmic system overload of pleasure. I don’t remember exactly how long that went on but I can tell you that it I could have stayed in that moment for ever. I do remember jerking and twitching with extacy in a way I had never experienced with a woman!

As my cock began to ooze the final drips of jiz into my hand. I the greedily ate the cum on my hand as the dogs Knott slipped out with an audible slosh sound. Fortunately or unfortunately his Knott slidnin and out but been out when it fully swelled outside my rectum somewhere wile riding the incredible pleasure wave. His hit jiz now oozed down my weak legs and onto my sock.

I am happy to say I came back a few times over my time at college and enjoyed some mind blowing sex with my furry friend! If you have any questions hit me up at [email protected]

Hope you enjoy

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  • Reply Alleykatt ID:1csanggz130m

    I wanna do that

  • Reply Hotbutt ID:1emlyzsrdh9e

    Throughout my life have always been curious about having a dog doing my hole but have never had the opportunity. I think that I would go through with it if I find myself horny as hell and knew what to do. Would like someone w/ the knowledge and experience to show me the way.
    [email protected]

  • Reply Doggy ID:mt9wvjdqj

    And i have been with 6 dogs

  • Reply Bitch who knows. ID:1ardd6te40

    Clearly written by someone who knows nothing about dogs

    • Mikey ID:3vi2u2u0k0a

      We can agree to disagree. I have had 7 male dogs fuck me over the years. Right now we have a female doodle but my brother in law’s Shephard is over. Dont think I’ll get him alone tho. How many male dogs have you been with?