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Saturday with Katie and Christina

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My mom came in my sister room early on Saturday morning and said she was leaving for work. I rolled over and gave my sister a kiss. I said to her we better get up because Katie and Christina would be over soon. I got up and put my boxers on and my sister threw a shirt on. We went out to the living room where we ate breakfast and watched tv.
A little before 9 the doorbell rang and my sister got up and answered it. It was Katie and Christina and they both had dresses on. I said to them, you two look beautiful in those dresses. I then said, I can’t wait to see what’s underneath. Christina came up and twirled around in front of me. I noticed that she didn’t have any panties on. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me and kissed her. I then pulled up her dress and grabbed her ass and said, no panties, I like that. She smiled and said, Katie doesn’t have on any either. At that moment my sister ran her hand up Katie’s dress and said, yep, no panties. Katie asked my sister if she had panties on and my sister said, why don’t you find out for yourself. Katie slid her hand up the front of my sister’s shirt and slid her hand and felt my sister’s pussy and said, yep, no panties. I said let’s go downstairs.
We went to the basement and turned the tv on. I rolled a joint and fired it up and pasted it around. We all were sitting on the couch with me and my sister sitting on the outside and the girls sitting between us. I looked over at my sister and she was running her hand up Katie’s dress. Me and Christina started making out and I also slid my hand up her dress. I slipped my finger in her pussy and she was already wet and ready to go. I looked over at my sister and there was Katie sucking on my sister’s tit. I got on the floor and positioned Christina in front of me and started to eat her out. She started moaning as I lick on her 10 year old clit. I then heard my sister moan and I looked at her and she had Katie going down on her. I went back down on Christina. Her hips started moving and she let out a scream as she had an orgasm. I again looked at Katie on her knees going down on my sister. I got behind her and pulled up her dress. I slid my cock up against her slit and slowly pushed into her. Katie let out a moan as I buried my cock in her bald pussy. I grabbed her by the hips and pounded away. Meanwhile my sister had a hold of the back of Katie’s head pushing her onto her twat. I looked over at Christina and she was fingering her self watching me and my sister with Katie. I started fucking Katie faster and harder. She was moaning and screaming into my sister’s pussy. My sister’s body started shaking as she had an orgasm and I that point I blew my nut in Katie pussy. I pulled my cock out of her and my sister let go of Katie’s head. I sat back down next to Christina and said, did you like watching us and she looked at me and said, I would like to try that. I smiled and said, don’t worry you will. At that point Katie sat back down on the couch.
We sat there watching tv and Christina reached over and started playing with my cock. When my cock got hard she looked at me and smiled. She then wrapped her lips around my cock and started blowing me. After she blew me for a while she looked up at me and said, can I get on your lap. I looked at her and said, of course you can, but first let’s take off your dress. She stood up and lifted up her dress. She then pulled it over her head and dropped it to the floor. I was sitting there admiring her 10 year old body when she got on top of my lap and straddled me. I positioned my cock and she slid her pussy down on it. At first I was moving her up and down and then she took over. She wrapped her arms around my neck as she bounced up and down on me. She started moaning and then she said, oh god yes and the let out a scream as she was having an orgasm. At that point I heard Katie moan and I looked over and my sister was going down on Katie. I looked at Katie and watched her have an orgasm. She was moaning and breathing heavy and I watched as her body arched and her eyes rolled back into her head and then she screamed in pleasure. I looked back at Christina and we started kissing as she fucked me. As we were kissing she started moaning again and she said, oh god I’m having another one. She started fucking me faster and then her body tensed up and started shaking. As she came she pushed down on my cock and scream oh god oh god. After Christina had her orgasm her body went limp. I asked if she was ok and she lifted her head and looked at me and said, oh my god yeah, my pussy is tingling. My sister then said, well since Katie and Christina had some dick can I. I lifted Christina off of me and Nikki got on the couch between the girls and she lifted her legs. I grabbed them and pushed them apart and slid my cock in her. I was fucking her and I told Katie and Christina to suck on my sister’s tits and they did. My sister was moaning and then she screamed, oh fuck I’m cumin oh fuck. She had a couple of orgasms when I pulled out and blew my nut on the side of Katie and Christina face. Katie took her lips off of my sister’s tit and looked at me and my next load went in and on her mouth. I finished up on my sister’s belly. I stood up and Katie and Christina sat up. My sister was still on her back and looked at the girls and saw all the cum on their face. My sister smiled at them and said why don’t us three hop in the shower and clean up. I said that’s a good idea and I’ll make us lunch.
We went upstairs and I made Mac and cheese while they showered. The bathroom shower is on the other side of the wall from the kitchen. So I could hear some moaning and a few screams as my sister and the girls showered together. After they were done I had lunch ready and Katie and Christina came to the kitchen. I looked at them and said, sounded like you guys had fun in the shower. They both giggled and Katie said, Nikki fingered both of us at the same time and it was fun. I said we’ll eat your lunch so we could have some more fun.
After we ate we went out to the living room and shortly after my sister came out of her room with her vibrator and dildo. We were on the couch and Katie and Christina were sitting next to each other. As we watched tv I asked the girls if they ever kissed or felt each other up and they said no. Christina asked if I would want them to and I said yes. They looked at each other and started making out. I was feeling Katie up and my sister was feeling Christina up. Katie spread her legs open and Christina started fingering her. Katie let out a moan and that was enough to get me hard. I got up and lifted one of Katie’s legs and Christina saw my cock and she took her fingers out of Katie and I slid my cock in her. Katie moaned and said oh my god he is in me again oh god yes. My sister took her dildo and laid Christina on her back and started fucking her with the dildo. We had both of them moaning and screaming as we got them off several times. They both were lying with their heads next to each other as we fucked them. I knew I was about to cum so I pulled out and came on both of their faces. Katie reached up and grabbed my cock and jerked another load out of me. Both of the girls sat up and my sister laughed and said, well looks like both of you need another shower and I said, I’ll take them, it’s my turn to have fun with them in the shower.
I took the girls to the bathroom and we got in the shower. After they cleaned the cum off of their faces I started taking turns kissing them. I had my hands on both of their asses and asked them if they are enjoying themselves and both of them shook their heads yes and Katie said, can we do this again. I kissed her and said oh yes we will do this again and maybe the next time I will have some of my friends join us. Christina smiled and said, really. I said, yes really. Ask Nikki.
We got out of the shower and we went back out to the living room and there was my sister was laying on the couch. Christina said to her, Chris said the next time we come over he will have some of his friends here. My sister sat up and said oh you guys are gonna like that. I always have fun with Chris’s friends. Katie ask how and my sister said, well what I really like is when I’m blowing one of them while another one is fucking me. Both of the girls smiled and Katie said, I can’t wait. My sister said why don’t you guys go to mom’s bedroom and I’ll be there in a minute. I took the girls to my mom’s room and a couple minutes later my sister walked in with her strap on. She said who wants to go first and both girls said, me. I laughed and said well you two have to make a choice and Katie said Christina can go first I laid down on the bed and told Christina to get between my legs and blow me. As she was blowing me my sister went up behind her and started fucking her with the strap on. Every pump my sister did Christina would let out a moan on my cock. I look at Katie and she was playing with herself. I grabbed her and told her to sit on my face. She crawled over and sat on my face and I started licking her pussy. Katie started grinding her pussy against my tongue and then I heard Christina cumin and shortly after that Katie started screaming as she had an orgasm. Then Christina had to take her mouth off of my cock while she had an orgasm. I moved Katie off of me and asked if she wanted to switch with Christina and she said yes. But this time both me and my sister were on are knees and we had Katie on all fours. I was pumping my cock in her mouth as my sister was fucking her. I knew I was about to cum again and this time I shoved all eight inches down her thought as I blew my nut in her mouth. She started gagging but never took her lips off of my cock. After I finished in Katie’s mouth we all laid down on the bed. Katie laid next to me and asked how she did and I said you did great, would you like to try it with my friends and she said, oh yes I do. I then looked at Christina and said, would you like to have my friends play with you and she said yes I do. I then said, good I’ll set it up. Both of them smiled. We all got up out of my mom’s bed and got dressed. As the girls were getting ready to leave I gave them both kisses and said, I can’t wait until next weekend. Katie said, I can’t wait either.

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    Hi Valleychrish,
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