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My start of sex with my 13 year old daughter

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How I started having sex with my daughter when she was 13

I started having sex with my daughter when she turned 13, I remember that day so well, it hax been 4 yeara since i had the accident at work and had a big paypit but couldnt work, my wife had started a cleaning company and I stated home doing the books .I had never done anything before with Sofia but this day I was lying on the sofa watching tv when she came in from school, she was wearing her uniform which was a pale blue blouse and a checked skirt black knee high socks .
She came over sat next to me and lay into me she looked upset i asked what was up she said some off the girls at school had been calling her witch because of her long black hair and had upset her.
I put my arm around her and it landed on her tit she didn’t move out of the way as my hand cover it,I hadn’t ever seen her in a sexual way until this minute when my hand felt her tit I moved it slowly on it she just lay with her head against me I was telling her she was beautiful and she was, 5ft 4 slim long black hair nice sized tits .
I was now groping her tit and she was breathing heavy as I groped a bit harder and my fingers was now slipping between her buttons on her blouse opening it to see her bra a nice pale blue one, I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants, her head never moved from my shoulder, she was either enjoying or not and not stopping me but I had that feeling I didn’t want to stop and my hand was trying to Undo the buttons on her blouse.
My hand was shaking as I undone 1 button then 2 buttons I could slide my hand in now and was actually feeling her bra now my little girl was getting molested by her dad and she was hopefully enjoying it.
It was 2 hours till my wife her mother would be home and I had my hand in her blouse feeling her bra I needed go further I moved her head off my shoulder and kissed her lips She kissed back then she whispered to me daddy we shouldn’t be doing this, I replied to her I know but it feels good are you not enjoying, She looked at me and said yes but I’ve never done anything before only kissed a boy .
Don’t worry princess I will teach you as I undone all her buttons on her blouse opening it revealing her bra her tits were bigger than I thought I reached behind undone her bra and it fell beneath her tits her nipples only small were hard like jelly tots as I lent in and kissed them she put her arms around me as I sucked and fondled her tits they were so smooth and soft making me excited she was breathing heavy and gripping me, she said daddy that’s nice but we shouldn’t I know its not right , I replied its our secret no one has to no don’t tell anyone especially your mum and if your really good we can go to your favorite clothes shop , she smiled thank you daddy I love you.
I went back to kissing her tits and I moved my hand down to her thighs just above her long socks her skin so soft and smooth as I moved higher, she shivered I moved up slowly feeling her skin as I went up to her panties they felt silky and the middle part between her legs was damp she was excited I wasn’t going to go any further today I didn’t want to scare her ,I wanted to but held back I went back to sucking her nipples and groping her tits, I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear that’s enough for today Sofia go up to your room have a shower and get changed before your mum’s home .
Off she went she was smiling as soon as she went up the stairs I got my cock out and wanked it till I shot my cum ,the excitement I was feeling was so good even though I knew it was wrong doing it .
She came downstairs after her shower wearing jeans and a tshirt she was still smiling and told me she enjoyed what we did she hadn’t had that feeling before, then her mother arrived I whimpered remember tell no one .
She went over kissed her mum and then the rest of the night was normal .
The next morning a usual my wife was out at 6 for work I got up with her and when she went I went up to Sofias room she was still asleep i lifted the covers she was wearing a white top and bed shorts , I sat on the bed next to her she woke up looked at me and just said morning daddy what you doing in here I told her mum’s gone to work and I just wanted see you in bed as I love you she reached over to cuddle me and as she did her top rose showing off her stomach turning me on, then she asks if I want to do what i did last night I nodded and she lifted her top up revealing her tits and she lay back I climb on the bed next to her and my mouth moves to her tits kissing them and I hear her breathing go heavy as I kiss her tits my hand goes on her stomach smoothly rubbing it around her belly button I feel it quiver ,I have one of her nipples in my mouth sucking it as my hand moves towards her bed shorts I push a finger under her waist band her stomach goes in ,I hear her breathing starting to become erratic as my fingers go under her waist band I feel some pubic hair as I slide them down inside her shorts ,I’ve never seen her naked so have no idea what her pubes look like but I push down with my hand and her legs open and my fingers go between her legs , my cock now is rock hard my other hand is undoing my belt I had to release my cock I opened my trousers Sofia was still lying back with her eyes closed as my fingers stroked her lips and my mouth sucked on her nipples.
I got my cock out it was hard hardest I had felt I reached for Sofias hand and placed it on my cock she pulled away it away I asked her what’s wrong she said I don’t know what to do I’ve never touched one .
I smiled just feel it for now as I put her hand back on it felt nice her small hand on my cock she was touching it and as she did I moved my hand further between her legs and my fingers opened her lips and I slowly pushed in as I did her hand gripped my cock she was liking this i told her to move her hand up and down my cock she obliged and my first wank of my daughter was feeling good as i pushed my finger in to her pussy it was so tight I could imagine how tight it would be on my cock she was getting excited I could feel her legs gripping on my hand her body moving she was getting ready to have a orgasm I was getting ready to cum too as I fingered her her body was shaking her pussy juices flowed and her hand was wanking me erratically I could feel my balls tighten I fingered her so fast her legs shaking her face looked a picture as my cock shot my cum up over her body she kept wanking me draining my balls as I pulled my finger out her pussy juices all over my hand she looked at me I kissed her tongues in and out of our mouths her hand still wanking my soft cock .I told her she could stop but she said she liked doing it as I leaned over her and licked my cum of her then kissed her putting it in her mouth she swallowed it and I lay next to her.
She turned to me daddy you make me feel so good doing that I love you did indo alright for you , I kissed her and told her she did great but we better get her ready for school after a shower .
More to follow if you want

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    Would love more

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    I Kept on doing this for almost 2 years every day and then one day he said you are going to become a woman and is placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy and slowly started pushing it I felt a little pain but the pleasure of her so much that I completely forgot about it as soon he managed to shove his cock in my pussy it felt heavenly he was pulling in and out and I was lifting my hip up-and-down as he was fucking me with this lovely cock and soon suddenly my pussy clamped on top of a Cock and he became very big and soon he started growing larger I thought I am going to die but then suddenly he released lot of cream in my pussy felt like gallons and I had it biggest orgasm in my life. I miss you dad.
    I was loving it but daddy was not available all day. So my next lover was my younger brother. I got him in shower and took him in my mouth and soon he was pushing his cock in my mouth and a little watery cum filled my mouth. He could 5 to 6 a day. One day he was naked in bed and I rode on his thighs and inserted his cock me. Up-and-down up-and-down event on his cock. It lasted pretty long and Soon He was making funny noises and came in my pussy and I release my girly juices.

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      Do you have any other social media to follow

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    When I was young in the morning I used to go to my parents bedroom and my mom will go to office much earlier than my dad so we’ll just stay in bed. One day my daddy started taking his finger from my side of panties over by my pussy he started fiddling with it and it felt very good.
    Every day he will fiddle my pussy with his finger and I will get wet and I have a good feeling like somebody has punched me in my belly it felt so good oh my God.
    One day daddy asked me if you want to feel better I said yes how do I feel better daddy? Well both of us have to get naked.
    So we got completely naked my panties were gone my top is gone his underwear was gone I was completely naked his penis was sticking out and that dipping slightly some creamy sauce. Suddenly he moved down facing me and spread my legs and put it my legs on his shoulders and start licking my pussy and flickering my clitoris it felt so good and I had a best orgasm in my life he kept on doing for half an hour wiping his face and eating me as if there’s no tomorrow I loved it and after 45 minutes I had to push them away from my pussy because I was dizzy with happiness and pleasure
    Then he asked me are you going to make daddy happy like he made you do I said yes yes he says OK you can get up I live down and you can hold my cock suck on it and rub your tongue all around it it was weird but it was hot red and leaking some salt clear cream which I like the flavor
    After sucking his cock for 10 minutes he told me to suck the knob like a lollipop oh my God he started making weird noises and started having shortness of breath and his balls contacted in the scrotum is suddenly he said baby I’m coming I’m coming as soon my mouth was filled with delicious cream which he told me to drink if I want to get prettier and get flawless skin.

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    Fuck yes for the love of all that’s holy write more please.

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    Sex with young teens so hot wish I had a daughter like yours.. I cruise by playgrounds looking for young girls to play with 10 or younger are so clueless so sexy young sweet pink pussies I’ve only had two sweet babies but I’ll keep trying for more..

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    • Darrell Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20b

      Ban all birth control

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      I was 11. Felt like his cock was stuck inside me . We waited till he went soft to take it out. I couldn’t walk the next day

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    Dang why tease us and leave us hanging lol dang

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    Keep going. She is a submissive. You should get her a collar and breed her like all daddy’s should breed their daughters

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      paragraphs and punctuation dude… FFS…

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    Lovingly this, cant wait for part 2. Keep going i just hope there is no birth control haha

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    It was ok could use a bit of spacing so its easier on the eyes, I’m more of a girl on girl fan for sex stories so it be interesting to have that twist in the second volume. I have to check though it is fiction right?

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      Yes your right will add a friend in later