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Pregnant to a 27 year old

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I got pregnant to a 27 year old, oblivious to the fact that what he was doing is illegal.

My neighborhood was quite close. Everyone knew who each other was. We were a close knit community. Me and some of the other kids, mixed group of ages (8 – 18 year olds) were playing rugby at the local park. One of the local boys who i thought was incredibly hot was there with us. At the time i didn’t know he was 27, because he looked alot younger for his age.

He tackled me and i felt him squeeze my ass and i thought it was weird. But he held me a little longer and asked if we could hang out together. I didn’t know what that meant but having him around me made me feel nervous and happy. He told me to go to his house at night time and wait for him at his garage about 11pm. And so i did.

When i got to his garage he motioned me to come inside. I got closer and noticed he was just wearing his boxer shorts. I could see his bulging veiny arms and his rock hard abs. It made my body shiver as if i had goosebumps. He grabbed me by the hand and lead me to the couch. I think thats where he slept because they had a large family and he didn’t sleep in the house. We go to his couch and we sat next to each other. He asked how long have i liked him and how he found out from my friends that i wanted him. I was still 12 and still a Virgin so i had no idea what sex was. That all changed that night.

We started kissing and his tongue was going in and out of my mouth. I thought that was weird but i did it back to him and soon it became normal. He would stop to suck on my little nipples. Everything he did made me shiver and get those goose bumo feelings. He lifted me up on to his lap and i could feel something lumpy pressing against my butt. We continued to kiss with our tongues and this timw both his hands were in my shorts, gripping my bum. 🤣

Again, i was 12. I didn’t understand any of this but i was loving it. I think he couldht take it any longer. He carried me to what i think was his bed. The room was dark so i could barely see everything around me.. He laid me on the bed and he asked to take my pants and undies off. I let him do whatever he wanted. I still had my shirt on though. I could feel him rubbing something up and down my privates. I couldn’t see it because it was dark, but i could feel it. He slipped it in and i did feel pain but it didn’t last long. I think because my pussy was really wet. He loved it. He fucked me for what felt like ages but was only 10 minutes. I could feel what i thought was piss running down my pussy but was told later when ivwas with my friends that it was his cum. lol

After that 1st time, he went and grabbed some towels to clean me up but this time he had the light on. He turned around to me and he spread my legs apart. This time i could see his dick. It was brown and fat and veiny. Which was what i could feel inside me. I guess the site of my hairless 12 year old pussy made him horny again as he fucked me a 2nd time. This time i knew what was in me and i was so excited. I could see it moving in and out of me. I think i was reaching an orgasm, i didnt know but i looked away and put my arms over my head so he couldn’t see me. I was ofcourse shy as well. I felt his hips and legs jerk and he let out a large groan. I guess he had finished. Again i could feel his liquids running down me.

i put my shorts and underwear back on and told him i was going home if we were done “hanging out” and he said that was fine. We were then bf and gf and he would fuck me regularly and id give him heaps of blowjobs too. That night on the walk home, it wasnt far but i could still feel his cum leaking out of me. He must’ve cum so much.

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  • Reply Sven ID:cxcbm99

    I would have have cum so much in you as well ,horny little girl !

  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:60a9y93a8

    I need more of this more pregnant stories

    • Moana ID:n21djdm0

      When i was pregnant, he would hold my legs down like on the side. We would fuck so much. Everyday after or before school and late at night. But it stopped once he went to jail for illegal sex with a minor. lol

    • Gonzo ID:7ylren2v9j

      That’s okay because there is another daddy just waiting around the corner to fill that void between your legs with more baby making material.
      I will fuck a pregnant teen in a New York second.