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I Watched My Black Boss Rape His Employee’s 12 Year Old Daughter

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My name is Autumn, I’m 25, married, 2 year old daughter. I’m 5′ 0″ tall, short stocky, blonde, chubby baby fat curvy. Average size tits, I have a big phat ass! My husband gets on me about losing weight, especially in my belly and my big butt. I work in a medical clinic, I am a nurse. There’s my coworker “Myn”. She is a nurse also. She is 39, Vietnamese. She is married and has a 12 year old daughter. Her name is “Sammy”. Then there is our boss “Mark”. He is 6′ 5″ tall, He is 58, Tall big black man. Salt and pepper hair, Grey gotten, very rugged and sexy for his age. I won’t lie, the day he interviewed me for this job I had dirty nasty thoughts of him. Even at work I thought about being with him a tall big black man.
Somedays when he hugged me goodmorning or goodnight he would put his hand on my big phat ass for a few seconds. I would find an empty room in our office and rub my young chubby married mommy pussy through my scrubs and panties.
Sometimes, I would manage to slide my hand down my scrubs and down inside my panties, rubbing and finger banging my married mommy bald pussy thinking about how big his big black cock would be.
I know he would for sure be bigger than my husband’s cock. One Friday before our weekend Sammy showed up at her mom’s work. Sammy is like 5′ 0″ tall, like I said 12, long jet black hair, pretty. She was wearing Grey tight leggings and Mark noticed it.
As Myn introduced her daughter to him, he was standing next and very close to her. All three were joking around and I saw Mark side hug Sammy and he put his hand on her nice tight little 12 year old ass several times. I went back to work and realized I made a mistake on a medical supply order.. I was still making mistakes and learning how Mark likes things done. I hadn’t been there very long, only like 4 months.
Myn offered to go and pick up the supplies before they close. It’s easier to get them now, than be short supplies on Monday morning. Myn grabbed the keys to the cargo van. Sammy wanted to go with her, but Myn explained that the cargo van is uncomfortable for her to ride in the van.
Sammy’s mom told her to stay and Mark and Autumn will watch over you.
After Myn left I went to the storage room to see the mistake I made so I never do it again. As I was in the storage with most of the lights off. I heard the door open really hard and loud. Mark had a hold of Sammy’s arm and through her down to the ground. He sat on top of her stomach and chest pulled down his scrubs and underwear part way. Mark’s black cock was big huge and hard. Mark forced his big black cock past Sammy’s teeth and braces and started fucking Sammy’s 12 year old mouth. I couldn’t believe what was happening.! Mark was raping this tiny little 12 year old Vietnamese girl, Myns daughter by force fucking her mouth and throat with big black cock. Myn was kicking, thrashing around, screaming, crying with alot of his big black cock down her throat.
I was behind the shelving watching Mark rape Sammy.
Sammy continued kicking and screaming with a mouthful
Of big black cock. I had no idea how big Mark was in inches, but it was super huge. I was so jealous that Sammy was only 12 years old and had her mouth full of Mark’s big black cock.
Even though she was kicking and screaming and crying, I swear there were times she seemed to like it by the look on her face. My pussy was so wet watching Mark fuck Sammy’s mouth, it didn’t waist anytime. I pulled down my scrubs and then my wet panties they fell down around my ankles.
I started fingerbanging my bald chubby pussy watching Mark’s big black cock forced down down Sammy’s throat.
While Sammy’s was kicking and crying, Mark was moaning in pleasure while he fucked her mouth. Mark’s moans were louder and he began grunting. As I’m finger fucking my married pussy, next thing you know Mark was grunting hard filling Sammy’s mouth full of cum!
I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Mark just kept cumming in Sammy’s mouth and I was still finger fucking my pussy. Mark pulled his big black cock out of Sammy mouth and because there was so much cum in her mouth it spilled out onto the carpet. I did see her swallow quite a bit of his cum. Mark then started taking off her clothes while still forcing her down on the carpet.
Once she was completely naked he tried spreading her legs, but she was still kicking and thrashing. Screaming at him that she was going to tell her mom what he was doing to her. Mark held her down by her waist and managed to spread her legs wide open. Mark layed between Sammy’s tiny legs and he just started eating her bald 12 year old Vietnamese pussy. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, he was eating her out. In-between screams there were times I heard her moaning.
I could tell she liked having Mark’s tongue in her pussy. I was jealous again wishing that Mark had his tongue deep in my white chubby bald married mommy pussy. Sammy was kicking and thrashing alot less now, but moaning more. I was still finger fucking my pussy as I watched.
After about 15 min of eating Sammy’s pussy he stopped.
As he took off his scrubs and things, she watched and so did I.
Mark was 6′ 5″. Sammy about 5′ 0″. He spread her tiny legs
Positioned himself between her tiny legs. Mark began sliding his big huge black cock between her tiny pussy lips.
Then I saw Mark push his big black cock into Sammy’s tiny bald 12 year old Vietnamese pussy. Sammy screamed in pain as he was pushing it in.
I saw only about 3″ of Mark’s black cock inside her pussy, but as he slowly fucked her he popped her cherry. Mark continued to tear and rip her 12 year old pussy. Sammy still screaming and moaning in pleasure. Mark would clean the blood off his black cock and her pussy with his scrubs.
Once there was hardly any blood, Mark pushed every single inch of his big black cock deep inside her
Sammy screamed so loud! Mark had every inch of that black cock inside her tiny pussy, just fucking her deep and slow. Sammy still screaming and moaning! I noticed Mark was was going faster and faster. Mark now was ramming and pounding down on her bald 12 year old Vietnamese pussy. Sammy wasn’t screaming anymore, she was moaning very loud in pleasure as fucked and pounded her Vietnamese pussy. I was so jealous again wishing that big huge black cock was pounding my white chubby bald married pussy.
Both Mark and Sammy moaning in pleasure as he rammed and pounded her pussy. Then Mark’s moans turned into grunts, before I knew it Mark was impregnating, cumming deep inside Sammy’s 12 year old Vietnamese pussy.
I was still finger fucking my bald married pussy as Mark was still impregnating Sammy’s 12 year old pussy. I watched Mark pull his big black cock slowly out of her pussy and cum ran out and down her pussy like a river, wishing that was me.
He used Sammy’s panties to clean up the cum leaking out of her pussy and on the carpet. Mark sat and was getting dressed when Sammy crawled over to Mark on her hands and knees and she put that big black cock in her mouth and began sucking that big huge black cock.
But now she was in control. Mark just sat there and let her suck his big black cock. After a while Mark started to grunt and then he filled Sammy’s Vietnamese mouth full of cum again. Sammy swallowed every drop! They both got dressed and left to the other room. I pulled up my panties and scrubs and snuck out of there before Myn got back. My mini van was in the parking garage. I sat in my mini van in disbelief of my boss Mark raping Myn’s 12 year old daughter. But because he did all those things forcing big black cock in her mouth, force eating her pussy, pounding her 12 year old Vietnamese pussy and liking it.
That night I layed next to my husband while he was asleep thinking about what I witnessed in the storage room earlier with my hand down my panties finger fucking my chubby bald married pussyas I fell to sleep. Look for part 2

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  • Reply Sex lover ID:1cp2qnnzk8fv

    Great story. There is nothing better then ripping open a young pussy

  • Reply Robert ID:bardhvbhb7p

    This story was so hot and made me come really hard I wish you could have been me inside of her

  • Reply Bandoman ID:8ldl5lfxzi

    Nice story… quite a turn on

  • Reply Big Daddy ID:1en8w63f7tww

    Autumn, fuck your husband. If you were mine I would fuck your chubby bald married pussy all day everyday. You know what fuck your husband, come over right now.

  • Reply jackyboy ID:45xylx7doic

    good story. But you should write less useless words

  • Reply KILLPEDOS ID:1cs321w4xp6x

    I read exotic stories all the time. But how the FUCK can yall or you AUTUMN get horny over a little girlboy being raped? That is sick as fuck. Yall need help soon. The stories on this shit shouldnt ever be written or posted. What happened to actual adults havin sex instead of bragging about being raped or watching others being raped or whats worse is watching grown people rape kids. HOW FUCKED UP ARE YOU ALL…

    • jackyboy ID:45xylx7doic

      read my storyes!

  • Reply No ID:1et9zenwwljk

    Too many repeated descriptions.

    • Mark BBC ID:4hvf5nphk

      Sorry, I’m not a professional writer. My name is Autumn….

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wleu41

    Now I love a big black cock as much as anyone, but there’s only so many times you can mention it! But, like BBCclut, loved the ripping and tearing of her little underage pussy. Mmmm…

    • BBCclut ID:1ejdkh2gopri

      That’s also my favorite part

  • Reply Yvan ID:2m80osafik

    my daughter has a friend who was deflowered at 11 by a 34 years old man and she loved it…so why wouldn’t Sammy…that girl invited my daugter to meet him nad she loved the fucking she got…

    • Jim ID:71ou0taghl

      Hopefully you have fucked your daughter

    • BBCclut ID:1ejdkh2gopri

      Hopefully your daughter was too

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  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:60a9y93a8

    I hope she’s pregnant

  • Reply BBCclut ID:1ejdkh2gopri

    Mark BBC This was a beautiful story. By 12 she should have already been deflowered by older black man. Loved the part about continuing to tear and rip her pussy.