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Babysitter blues

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He didn’t know what it was but he sure does now

Jonah was a little boy at the age of 15 he was innocent and loved video games so his parents got him a babysitter to watch his at night then take him to school in the morning because theyd be back in the afternoon when he gets off.

They hired Justin a tall muscular football player from down the street also 18 Justin always had his eyes in Jonah’s cute bubble butt and bubbly attitude

So that night when Jonah was watching a movie Justin took him to the guest room and sat him down.

You can tell no one what I’m gonna do it gonna make you feel so good and it’s gonna be our secret okay
Jonah nodded and listened to Justin taking off his clothes before Justin stuck his tongue up Jonah’s ass it hurted but once his little pucker was ready.

Just let his 7 inch meaty thick cock sit in Jonah’s ass before Jonah whimpered at being fucked.

Jonah sat in his lap with his legs spread open and being held as moaned how good it felt.

Justin but his lip going faster before gruntning and speaking can you feel my cock in your little ass baby

Jonah could only moan feeling his ass being stretched before he came all over his face after feeling Justins cock spurt 10 thick long spurts into his ass.

He recorded the creamy substances coming out if the monors ass

The next day at school Jonah was being fucked by every man in secret first his math teacher them the gym teacher now he was on his knees for 5 football players

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