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Little woman

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I’d spent the afternoon getting her drunk with Malibu milkshakes. I was waiting until she was blackout drunk so I could fuck her silly. After a full bottle and 5 hours she was stumbling around and throwing up. After she was sick I put her In the shower and gave her an enema with white rum. She couldn’t move or speak properly.
I put her In my bed naked and let her sleep for half an hour or so. I came in the room and there on my bed was my 10 year old daughter naked and snoring. Long black hair with olive skin. 4 foot and 4 inches with a flat chest and slim waist. Tiny little girl she was with the cutest little bubbly ass you ever will see. It was my weekend to have her and have her I was about to do.
I got naked with a jar of Vaseline and climbed on the bed next to her. I rolled her on her back and spread her little legs. I got up between her legs and went down to feast on her young cunny. Tiny little bald pussy that was so small i could open my mouth and cover the whole thing.
I ate her sweet young cunny and licked into her young folds. I could taste her sweet juice as i probed her hole with my tongue. My girl never even stirred as i licked her out. I flicked her tiny clit with my tongue and ate her cunny like the world was ending. After about 10 minutes of licking she was soaked and loosened up and ready to be penetrated. As she lay there snoring i poked into her with a finger and pushed until i felt her hymen tear. I wasnt sure my cock would even fit but i knew i was going to make it.
I rolled her on her side and pulled har ass towards me. I lubed my cock and guided it towards her baby fuck hole. I rubbed up and down her with my lubed up cock head and enjoyed looking down at her i cupped ger ass cheek as i probed her with my hard cock. I slowly fould my cock poking into her between her wet lips. I gently pushed at her virgin child cunny . I rubbed her back and ass as I started to rock back and forth into her. I felt my head enter her little warm and wet hole and it felt so tight. I reached and rubbed her baby clit as I gently started fucking into my daughter.
I was in heaven naked on my bed with my baby and I was about to fuck the brains out of her. Slowly and surely my cock went deeper into her and still she didn’t stir. I fucked and fucked at her until I was 4 inches inside her. I felt her cervix and pushed hard as my dick went in and squeezed my cocktail into her womb I slid further into her and held her in place as I rubbed her body and fucked her tiny cunny. I enjoyed it for about 20 minutes before rolling off her and turning her around. I opened her legs and pushed back into her and lifted her up. There was this tiny girl planted on my rock hard dick with her tight cunny squeezed over it. I lifted her near weightless limp body and stood up. I walked her into the bathroom and held her baby asscheeks and slowly lifted her up off my cock and then let her fall back on it. I walked around the house fucking her deep and enjoying the hell out of her. My baby was so drunk she hadn’t even moved her limp body or opened her eyes once.
I moved her to the lounge and got on my knees with her on her back and watched her belly buldge as I fucked in and out of her as she was so fucking small. I started to fuck her hard as I felt my balls boil and shot a load of what helped make her, deep inside her. I pulled out and her gaping cunny hole was stretched wide. I carried her back to bed and rubbed her tiny ants with Vaseline as my cock grew for round 2. There was no resistance as my cock entered her ass and it slid slowly till I was balls deep on my knees holding her hips and pulling her up onto me. I spent about an hour smashing her asshole in about 4 or 5 different positions until I blasted a load up her young tight ass.
Once I was done I spooned with her on the bed and rubbed her little body until I fell asleep.
I woke up about 4 am and fucked her ass and pussy going from one to the other for half an hour then when I was ready to cum I slid her down and blew in her mouth. She slept until morning with my cock in her sweet young mouth. I woke up to her still sleeping sucking it like a dummy and I layer there until I shot my morning load in my little woman.

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