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Mother and Son Give in to Temptation

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Husband comes home to find his wife in bed with their teenage son.

This is a story about my wife, Mary and our teenage son, Jason. This story all happened about a year ago.

It all started one day when I came home early from work and found my son fucking my wife. Mary’s dress, bra, and her panty girdle with stockings still attached, were laying along the floor in the upstairs hallway. Mary apparently had undressed along the way to the bedroom.

I soon found the two of them in Jason’s bedroom on the bed with him between Mary’s spread legs. To my shock it looked like our son was about to penetrate my wife!

From where I stood I could see Jason was hard as a rock and somewhat larger than me. Just then he slid his horny teenage cock completely inside his mother. He held himself inside his mother motionless while the two gazed into each other’s eyes, feeling themselves being joined together. Mary reached up and pulled her son’s lips to hers and kissed him deeply. When their kiss ended Mary softly told her son, “Okay fuck me sweetheart.” I knew Mary must be horny as hell for her son’s cock to allow this to happen.

I didn’t say anything. I just stood and watched my son slowly start to have intercourse with my wife. Why bother stopping them, I thought. Jason was already fully inside my Mary. They both obviously wanted this to happen so I figured I’d let them climax and enjoy their incestuous fling.

I was curious to see if Mary would actually allow her son to pump his sperm inside her. Mary uses a diaphragm for birth control so I hoped she had inserted it before Jason penetrated her. If she didn’t have it covering her cervix, Jason could very possibly impregnate his mother. Jason wasn’t wearing a condom, I could tell from my view point.

After several minutes of screwing, I heard Mary say, “Sweetheart please hurry and cum in me, your dad will be home soon.” After hearing that, Jason started squirting his sperm into my wife. It was very clear to me that Jason was orgasming into Mary. He stopped stroking his cock and tightly held it as deeply into his mom as possible. Then his cock and balls began twitching slightly with every squirt of sperm. This twitching lasted for about 30 seconds till my son’s balls emptied themselves into my wife.

Mary must of felt his hard cock swell and then pulse. Feeling Jason’s dick spasming, gave her an orgasm that really got her thrashing about. Mary completely lost control for a few seconds.
I’ve never seen her orgasm that hard when I’ve been fucking her. Must be the fact she’s receiving her son’s sperm in an act of incest. When she knew she was actually receiving her son’s sperm inside her body it must be a huge turn on. It no doubt made her feel horny, lustful, and very naughty.

After awhile they both calmed down and Jason reluctantly withdrew his still hard dick from his mom’s pussy, but only after his mother gently pushed him off herself. Then they cuddled in each other’s arms and talked softly. Mary gazed at her hand wrapped around Jason’s cock, slowly stroking it. She looked to be worshiping her son’s hard young cock that had just given her such intense sexual pleasure.

After a couple minutes they kissed then started to get out of bed. I quietly went downstairs and out to my car. I wanted the two of them to think I had just arrived home. After about 15 minutes I went inside and sat at the kitchen table.

Mary was the first to enter the kitchen. She was wearing a fluffy bathrobe that covered her from her knees to her neck. She gave me a kiss and asked how my day was. I told her my day was fine, and asked her why she was wearing a robe so early in the evening. She hesitated for a moment, then replied that she just wanted to get comfortable before making supper.

I asked Mary where Jason was. She replied that she wasn’t sure but he was probably in his room doing homework or something.

I wondered if Mary would let me make love to her knowing I might sense she’s recently had sex. I pulled her to me and whispered, “Why don’t you go put your diaphragm in and meet me in the bedroom. I really need to be with you honey………..

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  • Reply Pussy

    Fuck me then Robert.

  • Reply Anton

    So what’s the progress? 🙂

  • Reply ModikMike

    Robert how many times have you watched them fucking since then and what happened after you told her that and has your son impregnated your wife yet?

    • Robert

      If there’s enough interest I’ll tell what happened in the days that followed.

  • Reply G

    Very hot