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Cruising to suck strangers secretly discreetly publicly and how I became a slut for cocks n cum

I kinda got addicted watching porn on my phone just like any normal kid my age.. horny naive innocent wishing for the day I’d have a girlfriend like the ones in the videos hot sexy young so innocent looking. My favorites were when they would suck cocks..I always imagined they were sucking my cock.. Giggling moaning begging for my cum on their faces naked bodies mouth
Just a fantasy I guess.. Until one day I came across this video – “ Warning This Video Will Hypnotize You To Be A Cocksucking Cumloving Slut “

This should be good I thought as I’m laying in bed late at night.. When I first saw her I fell instantly she looked really young sexy pig-tails black hair blue eyes pink lip’s petite body small breasts pink panties and pink nylons.. Everything I always fantasized about the perfect girl.

She was on her knees kissing licking slurping on this guy bobbing her head up n down like it was a lollipop lust in her eye’s smiling giggling… god it was so hot.. Then the videos kept showing her sucking other guys hot cum splashing on her face her body over n over.

All the while there was a woman’s sexy voice saying over n over – “ Look how much you love sucking cocks you want to worship all cocks big small black white to satisfy strangers with your pretty sexy slutty lips say it you know you want to fulfill your darkest deepest desires to be a cocksucking cumloving slut “ My girl sucking over and over enjoying this hot cum leaking out her mouth..

The voice again – “. Satisfy your secret.. dress slutty panties short shorts show off your sweet ass cheeks let everyone know your a sissy looking for cocks wiggle your ass licking your lips giggling like a school girl do it go to any park at night you’ll find so many cocks to suck so much cum..do it bitch say it… I want to be a slut a cocksucking sissy faggot scream it “

I keep looking at her cum covered face begging moaning pleading giggling she stands up cum leaking out her mouth cum on her little titties so sexy god i was losing it she pulled her panties off showing her sweet sexy ass.. she couldn’t been more than 5’5” 95lbs petite I was actually falling in love … The sexy voice over n over..- “ Say it say it “

“ Ooh god yes i wanna be a cocksucking cumloving slut “ WTF.. did I just say.. my girl then slowly turned around and she had a cock like 5” just like mine she looked so hot in her pink nylons cum covered body and she started to cum… I was like in a trance i was moaning looking at her cock her cum splashing on the camera lens and I started to cum .. hard splashing on my belly panting like a dog in heat..

“ Yes i wanna be her I want to please guys sucking cocks having hot cum in my belly all over my naked body “ I was whispering..I imagined I was her a sissy boy being a cocknslut cheap slutty whore.. I needed to be like this fuck I was sooo horny I started cummming again this time in my hand I started to lick my cum rubbing it on my lips my face.

I kept dreaming that night i was wearing panties lipstick nylons walking in the park cruising for cocks to worship showing off my slutty young sexy body skipping n laughing like a girl..just like the girl/boy in the video.. I actually thought I was her.. When I woke up hard I knew I was gonna be her or just like her.. A sissy .. I watched that video again jacking off falling in love with her again but this time it was me I was falling in love with… I was gonna be The girl the sissy exploring my darkest deepest desires secrets.. I could hardly wait ..I went on the net ordering lipstick nylons panties slutty girls lingerie n things black hair dye I have the blue eyes.. I’m her I’m me a sissy boy ..
Next : I finally get up up the nerve to go cruising dressed like a little girl like a sissy slutty n cheap looking… Mmmm

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    You can hypnotize my cock U little slut