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Love Father, Like Son

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I rode the bus home with Milo, and watched him play in the living room, until my man got home from work.

I don’t call him “Daddy,” because he’s not my father, but I can’t really call him my boyfriend either. He’s a man, and he’s mine, but it sucks not being able to tell anyone at school. As much as I want to take him out, and show him off, I’m only 10.

He’s a widower, and I can’t really tell you how he lost his wife, but she was young. Not as young as me, but still too young to have a baby without complications. So, she didn’t die in childbirth, but her C-section got infected before it could heal, and it really broke his heart.

So, he focused on being a single father, and even quit work to live off the settlement from the hospital. (That’s why I can’t tell the whole story: He signed an agreement, so he can’t even tell me what happened, but somebody fucked up, and he agreed not to sue.) The settlement was enough money that he could raise Milo until kindergarten, then go back to work.

So, he needed a baby sitter, and he was a friend of my cousin in school. I started babysitting over the summer, then after school when it started up again, but slowly he got over his grief, and started having feelings for me, too. He cried, when he admitted that to me, and said I should probably stop babysitting Milo because of the conflict of interest.

I said “No, it’s okay, I love you too.” So, I agreed to watch him for free. It’s only a couple hours after school, and I just do my homework while he watches TV, or plays with his toys, but then Friday we put him in the car seat, and went out on a date. We got dinner at a drive through, but on a full stomach, Milo fell asleep in the car seat.

So, we pulled to watch the sunset, and let me work for my desert. Someplace private, where I could pull my bra cups down, and he could get his hand down my unbuttoned top, until he got hard in his pants feeling my little boobies. I know, they’re not even A cups yet, but they’re big enough for him.

I’m still too tight for his big dick, but I can suck it. Well, mostly just the tip, but that leaves the other 6 inches for me to pump in my hand, and my fingers are almost long enough to wrap all the way around it.

“Oh, hun!” He called me Hun, that’s short for honey, but he was so breathless from his orgasm, he couldn’t finish the word in 1 breath. “Huh!”

I tried to swallow it all, but a lot leaked out of the corners of my mouth, to run down the top and bottom, but after he finished ejaculating. I held it up to lick the bottom, then out to lick off the top. Then, I fixed up his pants, and gave him a pat sitting up.

“Naptime over?” Milo piped up in the back seat.

“Yeah,” his father rubbed my shoulder. “It’s late, so she just had to take a nap in my lap, but feel better?”

I blushed, and nodded silently, but then he started up the car, and dropped me off at home. I fingered myself to one hell of an orgasm, but when it finally broke free. All I could think about was the look on Milo’s face, when I sat up. With dick on my breath, and all weekend I was torn between being ashamed, and proud of myself.

When I’d only ever been proud of myself for getting a man like that in 5th grade. Most girls my age don’t even have boyfriends yet. Hell, most of them have only kissed their brothers goodnight, and only then because their moms made them do it. That doesn’t count, it’s like “Say you’re sorry,” when they don’t really mean it.

Ashamed because Milo caught us in the act, and we did just make love right in front of him, but I decided that I can’t keep it a secret any longer. So Sunday, when he had to go to his nephew’s Christening (He’s not Christian, but his family still is) I had to watch Milo, and I decided that even though he’s in 1st grade, and 5.

So, he’s too young to understand any of this, I’d tell him the truth. “You remember Friday night, when you woke up, and I had my head in your daddy’s lap?” His daddy, not my daddy. He just nodded, but he got that adorable look of confusion on his face again. “Well, I’ll let you a secret. Come here.” I hugged him on the couch, and leaned over to whisper in his ear. ‘huh, i wasn’t taking a nap, i was giving him head.’

“What’s that?” I had my legs crossed, but my panties were already getting steamy, so my thighs felt sweaty, and stuck together.

“Well, it means his peepee got hard, so I could put it in my mouth, and suck it.” I licked my lips, and his hot little body under my arm was making me feel dirty. Think really sick incestuous thoughts, like how he’s probably not too big to stick it inside me, and he’s probably going to be shooting blanks for the next 5 years, but I know I shouldn’t take advantage of him, even though he looks so cute when he doesn’t understand all this adult stuff.

“Oh, sometimes it’s hard to pee in the morning.” He nodded.

“Is it hard now?” I touched him, and my hand stopped shaking, immediately.

“No, I don’t have to pee. When I wake up.”

“Well, let’s pretend, lay down.” I got up, so he could lay down on the couch. “There, now just close your eyes, and pretend it’s nap time.”

“Night night.” He closed his eyes, and I pulled up my dress. God, I was almost dripping, but my panties were dry. I did feel a little damp inside, but I had to wiggle my fingertip in, then pull it out to get the opening slick.

When I closed my eyes, I couldn’t help facing facts. Now, I’m a child molester, I’m molesting Milo, but I always thought that age was just a number. Right? His daddy didn’t even say that, he didn’t have to, I’d heard it before but come on.

Do the math, he’s 20 now, so old enough to drink, and I’m not even 11 yet. Milo’s half my age, but I guess I had to try it myself. Lying, and making up stories, to get in his pants, and finally realize how much I lied to myself. For his father, he didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to, but he should have just left it as a schoolgirl crush.

I should have quit babysitting, when we admitted our feelings for each other, but I felt sorry for him. The way he lost his wife, and of course he’s a grown man so he has needs. I’m all too happy to satisfy, but now I have needs. What about me?

“Book?” He opened his eyes, and snapped me out of it, but his little peepee was still soft, and not even a little chubby on his hairless little balls.

“Yes, Milo?” I rubbed his hot little cheek, and bent over to kiss him.

“Are you gonna be my mommy now?”

“Yes, no. Not yet, but in a couple years. Then, I’ll be old enough to get married.” And technically old enough to have sex with my husband, but we’re not going to worry about that, now. “Uh!”

He touched my breasts? “So, can you feed me milk? I’m hungry mommy.”

“Uh!” I hadn’t even thought of that, but of course he was bottle fed. “Let me take my bra off.” He sat up, and turned around while I unbuttoned my dress. Enough to get my head through, and took it off to sit next to him in my underwear. He licked his lips, but I just pulled down the cup, and pushed my nipple up. So, he could turn sideways, and tilt his head over to kiss, and suckle it.

“Huh!” I just closed my eyes, and put my head back. I’d had my nipples kissed, licked, and sucked before, but his father. Well, he made it feel dirty, but somehow this felt so right, I could forget who wrong it was, and pull my waistband out. Squeezing the still developing glands in my bra cup, and imagining them full of milk. Flowing in to the center, pulled by his gentle intimate suction, and my fingertips brushed past the damp line.

Soaked into the crotch of my panties, I wasn’t soaking wet, but I was definitely lose enough for 2 fingers, and then 3. If I put my pointer, and ring fingers together, with my middle finger crossed over the nails. Well, it’s not quite as big as his daddy’s dick head, but they get wider, and wider. With each knuckle, stretching me loser, and loser until I have to stop.

Stuck against bone, I’m still too tight, and my pelvis just isn’t going to stretch. It has to grow normally, which is going to take years, I know.

“Smwok, Book?” He calls me Book instead of Brooke, because he still has trouble with the R, even though he stopped teething, but hadn’t started losing his baby teeth yet, and when he smiled, it just reminded me of how young he really is.


“I don’t have to go pee, but wook.” He spread his legs, and lay back in the corner, to show his stiffy tenting out his crotch.

“Oh, that’s my boy. Ihihihn!” I unwrapped my little present, gleefully, and yanked my panties down as soon as I saw the 2′ of pink steel. “You know where that goes?”

“In there?” he guessed, when I pulled him out, and lay him down to put my knee over against the cushions, and hold it up. Slipping it back and forth to get it wet before i sat down, and sank down so easily, it even surprised me a little.

“Are you going to have a real baby?”

“Uh?” I stopped trying to feel my bra hooks in back, and just pulled it out the front. To take it off like a training bra, and feel his little hardness inside my sex. “Where did you hear about that? Wait, how did you even know that milk comes out of here?” I squeezed my sensitive glands, but of course nothing came out. My spit slicked nipple slipped when i tried to pinch it.

“I’m not supposed to say.”

“A girl taught you?”

He nodded, “Uh huh, but she likes to screw the best. Screw it,” he tried to pull out, and hump it back in, but pinned under me like that. “Uh, you like it? You like that dick!”

“Uh, huh?” I feel a little cheated, actually. Somebody got to him before me, and even though I know he can keep a secret, as dirty as this, I thought he was a virgin. “You tricked me?”

He giggled, “My daddy doesn’t know,” he shook his head, “So, I said you’re taking a nap.”

Of course, his father likes little girls, so it’s not hard to believe that he knows one that likes molesting little boys, other than me. Does that mean we can start having sex as a family?

“You little faker!” He knew exactly what I was doing, that’s why the look on his face looked so dirty. He was trying to hide it from his dad, but deep down, I could see the dirty look for what it was.

He looked so much like his father, when he got that dirty look in his eye. He grinned, and winked.


I just closed my eyes, and sucked the juice of my fingers, imagining it was my man fucking my face, while I fucked our son, Milo…

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