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Brotherly love, so I was told

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I was raped by my Bob, my older brother, then Jerry, my oldest brother, then Frank, my older than david brother and last but not least my brother David, they all took turns fucking my ass as many time asa they could, my sisters Bonnie and Diane also raped me as well.
We lived in a three bedroom trailer, you know the type 2×3 walls, no insulation, tin siding and tin roof that sounded like it was going to blow away in the wind, in the winter is was and ice box in the summer it was an oven, We lived on a 20,000 acer ranch, my parents worked for the owners of the ranch, Dad was the one of the farm hands, third in command type deal, mom working in the bunkhouse kitchen as head cook, we all eat in the bunkhouse dining room, all us kids helped clean up after the ranch hand eat their meals, we are all home schooled as well, we are the only kids on the ranch other than the owners kids witch we never saw as they had their own lives to live at the big house,
I am the youngest of the family of 9, I was sleeping in my parents bed till I was 6 and then i was made to sleep in Bobs bed with him, all the boys are in one bed room on bunk beds. no room at all as we all had a 4 draw dresser to put are cloths in and a narrow walkway between the bed and dresser, no room for toys, only room for schooling books, Sisters had there own room and the bed was a twin they shared, parents room had a queen bed and their dressers and a limited amount of toys,
I was 8 as I said and was put in Bobs bed as I was to old to sleep with the parents anymore, I missed cuddling with mom as I slept at first but over time got used to bring mashed against the wall by Bob who resented me in his space, Bob was 11 at this time, he made sure I knew my place as he would beat me up daily, if I told I would get beaten harder and if Jerry or david or frank got into trouble over it I was a dead man, they beat me a lot,
I turned 9 and it was a normal birthday as I got hand me downs, cloths, we did not have money as we are just poor farm hands, Bob was 12, I woke up in the middle of the night, I had a pain in my bum, I didnt know what it was, I reached back and I was wet on my bum, I got scared, if Bob found out he would make me sleep on the floor as he has done in the past, I stayed still did not move, Bob moved, he said are you awake in a very low whisper, as the walls are so thin you can hear the person in the next room breathing, I said yes in a very timid voice, why are you awake, I told him Im sorry put my bum is wet and sticky, Bob told me to go to sleep we will deal with it in the morning, Bob said better not tell anyone or you will be forces to sleep on the floor in the kitchen, I never said a word about it,
Next morning I wake up and look at the wet spot on the bed, Bob looks at me and tells me to lay down to cover it up till David and Frank are out of the room, I do just that, they leave to go watch morning cartoons as it is Saturday, I asked Bob can I go and watch as well he said no I have a better thing for you to do, he pulled down his PJ bottoms and showed me his cock, he told me my job is to suck his cock every night before bed and every morning before we go for breakfast, I ask why, He told me its my fault for the wet in the bed and this is the only way he would keep quiet about it.
So that morning I learned to suck cock, I put him im my mouth and waited, Bob told me to move my mouth up and down on his cock, and to us my tongue as well to lick it as it goes in and out, I was shit at it but he came in my mouth and told me to swallow his cum and not to spill it, it tasted salty and tinny and yet sweet as well, I got better or time with sucking him off and eating his cum, it got to the point as we walked the half mile to the bunkhouse wqe would slip off the trail and I would suck his cock and eat a load of cum,
Me and Bob were in the big barn and he wanted me to suck him off, so I got on my knees and was sucking away and Bob was in heaven, all of a sudden I looked up into Bobs face and he was white as a ghost, I stopped sucking and turned and looked at what he was looking at, it was Jerry the oldest, he walked up to us and asked what the fuck are you two doing, I said sucking cock, Bob turned red, Jerry looked down at me and seen in my eyes I liked sucking Bobs cock, Jerry took his cock out of his pants, it was much bigger, his had to be 8 inches and three times thicker than Bobs, I licked my lips and took the head into my mouth, it filled my mouth, just the head of it, I sucked and licked as Bob had told me to and Jerry let out a low moan, he started to pump my mouth, faster and faster he went, I was slurping and gulping and making allsorts of suck sound, jerry held my head and thrust his cock into my mouth and grunted as he shot his load into my mouth, I did not miss a drop of his cum, his tasted more sweet then Bobs, Jerry asked Bob have you fucked him yet, Bob said no, Jerry said come back here tomorrow at 3pm and we will fix that, I sucked Bobs cock 4 more time that day as he was so horny knowing he was going to fuck me, I had no idea at that time what it ment.

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  • Reply Iva ID:1dhmznlilbng

    I was sucking and swallowing sperm from 5- on at least 6-9 loads a day ! Boyfriend of sister and brothers and their friends. Since my sister always had big cocked boyfriends only the head of their dicks would fit in my asshole. So they would jack off until they were ready to squirt then in their head was forced in my asshole and they would squirt my butt full of cum!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:sd2e1a7ytjc

    Was visiting friends in Southern MD last Memorial Day and at the pool party that evening we passed the 13 yo son of one of the guys around. 7 pervs, 3 hours and 1 boy. After the 1st 15 mins there was no need for lube anymore!.

    What’s weird is that with all this talk about LGBTQ going on, its harder to get good boy fun.

  • Reply Brotherscumslut ID:1i2lwlyeoid

    I love sucking my 2 brothers and dad’s cock everyday I love eating their cum

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

      [email protected]

    • Mike ID:1ek526yw7uf4

      U got sc I’m 35

  • Reply Tigerwoofer ID:1cmkpe5xnkyg

    This story made me cum.

    • Bigcock12 ID:1dqlre6lvg7t

      Yeah same haha