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My wife turned a gay friend straight for a night

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My wife and I got into swinging when we were only 18 right after we got married. A big part of our fun was Lynn exposing her hot 5-8, 120 lb, 34-DD- 24-35 body. She had long red hair and green eyes and looked hot as hell in her little outfits she’d wear that always included a garter belt & stockings and 4″ heels putting her at 6″ tall. We’d been in the lifestyle for about a year and had swapped with a few couples with bi wives and had several MFM threesomes as well as a couple of gang bangs in adult theaters. We had a friend named Rob who was in his 40’s and everyone in our group of friends knew he was gay but didn’t say anything to him about it and he never tried anything with any of us. But he was a really cool guy who was into muscle cars and that’s why he hung out with our group of friends.

He really hit if off with Lynn for some reason and had confided in her about being gay. When she said she was bi there was a real bond there. He started confiding in her about things he couldn’t talk to the rest of us about. And he kept his gay life outside of our small ultra conservative little town.He’d come by every few weeks or sometimes more often and always came around 8:00 pm, we’d know it was him by the sound of his car. One night when he came over we’d been taking pictures and Lynn was wearing a black garter belt & stockings with matching bra & panties and a sheer housecoat. When we heard his car her first thought was to put something else on, then she said screw it he probably won’t even notice what I’m wearing. I went and let him in and he didn’t seem to pay any attention to what Lynn was wearing at first. But after a while he commented on the garter belt & stockings saying that was all women used to wear when he was younger.

The night went on as usual and after he left Lynn said she had been right he didn’t really notice how she was dressed except for the garter & stockings and that didn’t get much of a reaction. A couple of weeks had passed and we were taking pictures again which we did weekly because we traded pictures through the mail with couples all over the country we meet through swinger magazines as it was before computers ( No we don’t trade pictures anymore ). We knew it was a good chance Rob would come by but it actually was curious as to the reaction she’d get if she was showing more. That night she had on a garter belt & stockings and a totally see-through housecoat with no bra or panties. The housecoat was so sheer it was as if she wasn’t wearing it. Sure enough he showed up around 8:00. I let him in and when he went into the family room Lynn was sitting in a chair with a bright light on, right beside her. She might as well have been naked. I could tell he noticed it and was surprised. Rob sat on the couch where he usually sat and was facing her.

After a few minutes Lynn went to get us all a beer and her housecoat was wide open. I couldn’t help but notice how his eyes were moving from her big tits to her red bush and back up. But what I really thought was funny was after she’d passed him her turned around not just once but twice checking out her very nice ass. Once she was out of the room he commented on what a nice body Lynn had. I told him he should tell her that she’d appreciate that. When she got back she leaned over him to sit his beer on the end table and her tits were so close to his face one of them brushed against his cheek. She looked down and saw a big bulge in his pants. When she sat back down she let the housecoat bunch up in back so she was sitting on it holding it wide open, pretty much sitting there naked. It took a few minutes but he finally commented on what a nice body she had and instantly started talking about garter belts again. It was a surprise when he said when he was in school while he wasn’t sure what he wanted he’d dated a couple of girls and that he remembered how much he liked the way their stockings felt and that it had actually turned him on.

He was in a talkative mood all of a sudden and revealing things that surprised us like when his mother would throw away a pair of stockings he’d get them and use them to masturbate with. It surprised me when Lynn asked how and he said he’d wrap them around his cock and pump them up & down with his hand. But then made it clear it wasn’t a turn on because they were his mom’s it was just how they felt. Lynn over time had gotten us a couple more beers, on the second trip saying that the material her housecoat was made of was itching her and took it off leaving herself naked except for the garter belt & stockings and 4″ heels. This time he was again checking her out and just stared at her ass and let out a little moan. And again commented on her body and specified her tits & ass. And said he hoped I wasn’t offended. I told him if it offended me I’d get her to put more clothes on. And told him I was proud of how she looked and it was actually a turn on when other guys checked her out. This trip as she sat his beer down she put one hand on his thigh to steady herself and pressed on of her tits against her face. But it looked like an accident.

He started talking about the garter belt & stockings again and the girls he’d dated saying it was about 25 years ago and even said how when he fucked them he loved how the stockings felt against his thighs. I told him I didn’t think girls back then would have sex until they were married he laughed and said both girls he dated had sucked his dick on the first date and he’d fucked them by the third date. He said from what he heard most girls were having sex they just acted like they weren’t. Lynn asked if he’d enjoyed it? He said at the time but once he started finding guys who were gay too he wasn’t interested in women. It was the first time he’d said much in front of me about being gay, he’d usually just talked to Lynn. But he started talking about the clubs he went to out of town and even invited us to go and said some straight couples went then looked at Lynn and said that there were lots of really hot girls there that were bi. And said he bet she could find a really hot friend.

You could tell he was turned on as hell by then so Lynn got up and pretended to go to the bathroom. When she got back she stepped in front of him and took his hand and put it on her thigh rubbing it over her stockings and asked if he liked how that felt? He said he really liked it. Then she slid his hand up to her bushy cunt and rubbed it around and asked how that felt. He said it felt good, and she moved his hand up to one of her big tits and asked if he liked feeling her tits? He in a shaky voice said he did so she told him to use both hands. He was groping my young wife’s tits and saying how good they felt and Lynn said suck on them if you want to. He started sucking one of her tits as he reached down rubbing her pussy and then sliding a finger in. His pants looked like he had a tent pole in it so she reached down and started rubbing it. Then pulled it out and started stroking it. After a few minutes she moved down and started licking up & down the shaft and around the head, then sucked on his balls. Finally she took it in her mouth taking just a little of it stroking it as she sucked, then suddenly took all 8″ where his balls were slapping her mouth. She sucked his cock as hard as she could as he fucked her mouth now holding the back of her head skull fucking her and obviously loving every second of it.

She leaned back taking his cock out of her mouth and ask if he wanted to fuck her? He got a big smile and said hell yea. I guess he was thinking he could always get his dick sucked but fucking a hot 19 yo girl not so much. She sat in his lap facing away so he could reach around & play with her tits because he obviously liked those big tits. But she had another reason too. Once he was going at it real good she nodded at me in a way I knew what she wanted so I went over and slid my shorts & underwear off. I saw Rob look at my thick 9 1/2″ cock and he had a look of admiration. I got in front of Lynn and she started sucking me off as Rob looked over her shoulder watching. It seemed to kind of give him a boost and he started hammering his cock in my sexy young wife’s pussy. He emptied his load in her pussy and a couple of minutes later I shot a huge load of cum all over her tits. She stood up and his cum was running out on him.

She got down and started licking it up and licked his cock clean, then leaned against the couch and started lifting her tits up licking up all the cum she could reach, then started scooping it up on her fingers & licking and sucking it off. Once she’d got all she could she went in the bathroom and cleaned up and brought some soapy wash clothes and cleaned us up. He stayed for a while and once Lynn was back in the room he asked if that was the first time she’d had two guys at once. She snickered and said no, then said she loved having two or more guys at once. His eyes got wide and he said two or MORE? He knew she was bi and knew we’d swapped with couples with bi wives but had no idea of all the things we were into. She told him about her first gang bang in an adult theater and told him we’d had several threesomes, both with guys we knew and total strangers. But we didn’t mention any names because he knew some of the guys. It was clear this was turning him on and he kept wanting to hear more. I was surprised when he mentioned the bar he went to out of town and said we should go there with him one night and Lynn quickly said OK.

He assured us other couples went there and said no one would make us uncomfortable there. So Lynn suggested us going the upcoming weekend. Lynn was excited about going and when the night arrived she wore a sexy wrap around dress and all she had on under it was a garter belt & stockings and she had a pair of her heels on. This dress made it easy for her to let someone get a look at her tits by just bending over a little and if she wanted them to see her pussy she could stoop down like she was fixing the strap on her heels. It was almost like an episode of Cheers when we went in but instead of saying Norm they were saying Rob. He introduced us to some people and made it a point to say I was straight. A couple of guys said too bad then said they were just kidding. But I think the word got around that I was straight and by him only saying I was straight they assumed Lynn was bi. It wasn’t long until a guy asked Lynn to dance. It turned out they had some really bright spotlights on part of the dance floor and another part was really dark. It had an unexpected bonus because when Lynn stepped in front of the lights you could see her outline and as she moved around dancing you could see her big tits bouncing around.

They hadn’t come back to the table until a slow song came on and a really hot blond headed girl asked her to dance. They’d moved to the dark part of the dance floor and I couldn’t see them but found out later they had kissed and felt each other up a little. The girl could feel that she was wearing a garter belt and that turned the girl on saying she was really into sexy redheads and loved garter belts so she really liked Lynn. Lynn danced with lots of people both guys and girls and got felt up by a few of both. That first girl danced with her several times and always to slow songs. It surprised me when she told me she was going outside to smoke a joint with a couple of guys. They’d been gone for a good while and I was ready to go out and check on her when she came in. I noticed her hair was messed up a little and when she came in she went straight to the bathroom. When she came out she told me she’d had a threesome in the back of one of them’s van. It turned out they had both fucked her and she’d sucked both of them off. They had both shot off in her mouth. As the night went on the hot blonde kept coming back asking her to dance and sometimes just talking to her, but most of the time whispering to her. And at one point she handed her a piece of paper with her phone number.

They’d gone to the dance floor and kind of dissaperred for a while. When Lynn came back to the table she was obviously flustered and said we had to go right then. So we left and once we were in the car she told us that the she’d gone in the restroom with the blonde and the girl was eating her pussy when a big rough looking girl burst in and started raising hell. It turned out the blonde was her girlfriend who’d told her she wasn’t going out that night. She was threatening to kick Lynn’s ass and that’s why she suddenly wanted to leave. But until then she was having a blast. She gave Rob a blowjob on the way home and was going to suck me off while I drove but a state trooper was staying right behind us. I’d only had one beer so I wasn’t worried but I didn’t think it wise to have my wife going down on me while I was driving. But he finally turned off but we were in the city by then. Lynn sucked Rob off a couple more times over the next few years but it wasn’t a regular thing. But he surprised us a couple of times. The first time he showed up like usual only when I opened the door there was a couple with him. I knew Lynn was only wearing a blue baby doll nightee you could see right through so I said I needed to tell Lynn we had company so she could change. But Rob assured me it was fine.

It turned out we weren’t the only couple he knew who were swingers with a bi wife. We went in and you could see right through her outfit as if she was sitting there naked. But when she said she should change the girl assured her she was fine and complimented the outfit and Lynn’s body. They went to get us all something to drink and were gone a while. When they came back the girl had taken off everything but her panties after Lynn said something again about putting some clothes on. In the meantime we’d put a porn movie in. When the girls got back they made Rob move so they could sit on the couch together. As the night went on the girls ended up on the floor sucking each other’s tits & eating each other’s pussy as the guys watched. After that we started swapping partners with them pretty regular and it turned out they were friends with another couple we swapped with and the three couples would get together at times. It was hot as hell seeing three girls hooking up. But Rob wasn’t finished because a few months later he showed up one night and had a girl he knew from his bar who was bi. Lynn was in a pretty revealing outfit that night but not totally see through.

The girls hit it off but it didn’t go beyond them kissing, but Lynn had arranged for the girl to come back alone. The first time just the girls hooked up but they let me watch. Then a couple of weeks later we had a threesome with her. We were either going to see her or her coming to see us since she lived out of town. I loved it when she’d come on a Fri or Sat because she’d spend the night and the three of us would sleep in our king size bed. Sometimes I’d wake up during the night to find the girls going at it or other times she wake me up by sucking my cock and we’d end up fucking. Sometimes Lynn woke up other times she didn’t. This went on for a while until she got a girlfriend and they moved in together. We were friends with Rob for years and every once in a while Lynn would suck his cock but that was about it. So it turned out having a gay friend has it’s perks.

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