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A week with my runaway girl: Day 1

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The continuation and first instalment of 7 In my recounting of the escapades with mari, “the one that got away”.

First off I’d like to thank everyone for their feedback on my first post to this site, between the typical post-nut thankyous, Big daddy’s endorsement and the eager questions from Mr wolf it’s drove me to think harder and do my best to remember the finer details of the week before my first love moved away.
I hope you receive this story as well as you did what could only be described as the long but necessary prologue to this mini series, as always i will be changing the names of people for the sake of anonymity.

Please note that the exact words exchanged in these stories aren’t entirely accurate as it has been some time and the memories are no doubt biased and faded from having remained so dormant for so long, regardless I do my best to retell this true story to the best of my ability, enjoy!

M = Mari’s dialogue
D = Dusty’s dialogue


The night preceding the final week of my primary school education for that year was frankly a restless one, between the mournful news of Mari’s parting at the end of it all, the impassioned confession and ensuing lovemaking, and then the announcement that she would be mine for the next week entirely, it’s not hard to imagine I barely slept, despite that however, the Monday of the final week, I was awake and in one of the most charged up states I had ever been, I’m even proud to admit that after Mari awakened my sexual appetite, I was rocking a small but mighty length of morning wood under those bedsheets.

Regardless of my newfound appetite my parents were still quite vehement that I maintain my studies, even though SATS were over and the final week was largely consistent of final goodbyes to the legacy of teachers who had us for our initial and formative years.
so there I stood, dressed in uniform and with my bag on my back, sent forth to march to school, as per usual, taking the route over the brook to get there, what changed this time however, was the appearance of Mari, seeing her this early and more surprisingly in the most “pristine” white sun dress I had ever seen at that point, I was left speechless, literally gibbering away like an idiot as she greeted me, giggling at my response before kissing me, I was never going to get tired of that, the feel, the taste, how soft her lips were on mine.
I returned the kiss immediately and held her close, the fear of losing her fading to the back of my mind as we stood in the middle of that sandstone dust and dirt path, beneath a cloudless sky with the warmth of the sun on our skin:

M: “Good morning dusty, did you miss me? why are you wearing your uniform?”

D: “I couldn’t sleep thinking about you, my folks are insisting on me going to school still even though it’s the last week, but never mind that, what the hell are you wearing?! you look gorgeous.”

Mari’s face lit up like Christmas lights as I said that to her before she kissed me again.
M: “Oh dusty~ I’m glad you like it, it’s the same dress I wore yesterday, don’t worry though, it’s clean, they let me wash it when I got back so I could wear it for you today too! I’m glad you like it, so I guess this means we’re not gonna have all day with each other if you’re going to school still huh?”

I nodded lightly, a crestfallen expression crossing my face as we walked.
D: “Yeah, it kinda sucks that we can’t spend all day together and do stuff, I really love what we did yesterday and I want to keep doing it, as often and wherever you like.”

Mari giggled again, excitement and mischief lilting in her voice as she responded
M: “Howabout right now then?”

Her suggestion brought me to a sudden halt as I felt my young cocklet twitch in my boxers.
D: “But, we’ll be late if we do!”

M: “So? it’s the last week, I don’t think the teachers will care if you’re a little late to class, c’monnn, you were so good yesterday, and besides, we haven’t done “everything” yet.”

Mari grinned at me and gave a devious little wink as she ran ahead, her skirt flitting up, revealing once again she was pantless, like a red rag to a bull it had me eager for her touch once more, I charged after her, chasing her along the path and down into the valley alongside it, catching her at the bottom, we tumbled to the floor and found ourselves in that familiar position, her on top of me and grinding her already moistened slit against the rough denim of my jeans, she whimpered and moaned in delight as she felt my young cock grow beneath her.

M: “so, wanna play before class mister “good boy”?”

I bit my lip and nodded as I reached up, stroking her hips and down her thighs as she sat on her knees, rising off of my crotch before undoing my jeans, much like her today and the day before, I had chosen to go commando, surprising her as she felt my cock stand firmly at attention, smacking her in the lips.

M: “wow! somebodies happy to see me, mm~ can I put it in dusty? I want it so much! I wanna make babies with you!”

the feel of her hands on my chest, her thighs around my hips and her lips lazily brushing my tip were unbearable as I nodded furiously to her
D: “Please, I want you too Mari, sit all the way down on it, do what I did yesterday!~”

Mari was hesitant at first, but once her lips parted, she twitched before sliding all the way down on it, squealing as it opened her up some, she fell forwards, laying on top of me, her head next to mine as her hips seemed to go off of instinct, shaking ever so gently up and down on my crotch, her dress flapping with each jerk and shudder as she swung up and down, moaning and whining into my ear, saying my name rapidly between breaths as I felt the heat of her young cunny wrap my cock, the harder she shook the better it felt.

I myself began to moan and howl her name as she claimed my young manhood, knowing the sound of our impassioned lovemaking would draw curious ears and eyes, I turned to face her and brought my lips to hers, silencing the moans from the outside world, but letting them ring and reverberate through my very skull, i could feel her teasing my tongue with hers, returning it, our lips slopping and slurping with young slobber and spit, the fierce and lustful interaction spurring her forward.

At this point she drew all the way back and slammed down on my cock with every shake of her hips, as if she was riding a pony, dust rose and created a cloud around us as she rode me into an orgasm, screaming into my mouth as she buried me inside of her, those young lips gripping me tightly as she soaked my crotch in her juvenile juices, it wasn’t long until I too found release, secreting away a few ropes of my seed deep within her underaged depths. we laid there as the dust-clouds subsided and she whispered a soft thankyou into my ear, kissing me as she basked in the afterglow.

once we were both stable enough to stand, She hugged me tightly and stroked my nuts before zipping me up, continuing our journey to school, she stopped us just as we reached the steppes leading to the main road that led to her school, she took my hand and looked me in the eyes, those cat-like emerald eyes of hers gleaming with mischief as she spoke.

M: “hey! i had this really cool idea, skip school with me! c’mon it’ll be fun, we can go wherever we like and do whatever we want.”

I hesitated as I looked down the path I would walk to go to school and then back to her, my genitals doing my thinking for me as she spoke once more

M: “If ya do, I’ll give ya somethin’ extra special later okay stud?”
She then proceeded to smack my ass through my jeans and giggle as she walked to my front.
Once again, juvenile pre-pubescent lust got the better of me.

D: “Alright, but if we get caught we’re in so much trouble y’know.”

M: “Yeah don’t worry, I’ll take the fall for it, they can’t do much to me since I’m a foster kid y’know?”

D: “Huh, well okay, are you sure you’ll be alright if you take the blame for it?”

M: “Totally, I’ll even tell your parents it was my idea to skip school and go to the park! they can’t get mad at me and they won’t punish you since they already promised you could have me over for the next week, and boy, I’m gonna spend all week, rockin’ your lil’ world!”

she giggled as she ran off once more, leaving me scarlet faced and semi-erect.
M: “C’mon ya big slowpoke! follow me!”

I guffawed before rushing forwards once more, worried for the consequences of our actions but at the same time spurred onward by her encouraging promise.

Rather than go to one of the nearby parks, Mari led me out to the bottom of the brook and across the road, we walked the field across the way and over the bridge overlooking the trainlines onto another pathway, once there she kissed my lips again and I returned her affection, my hands holding her head as we stood in the middle of the pathway, she held onto one hand and led me along, I asked her.

D: “Mari? this isn’t the way to the park, do you even know where we’re going?”

Mari could only giggle and nod as we crossed a road onto one of the walking trails of my home before saying
M: “of course I do dusty, I used to go this way all the time when I skip school, we’re goin’ to the mall!”

My eyes lit up as she informed me of this, unfortunately, with our little legs it would be a very long walk there.
As we walked I would regularly share a camel bag’s straw with her, filled with cordial, back then I was something of an army brat and my backpack was a reflection of that status, between my camel bag and the multitude of pouches and chest-bags I genuinely looked like some kind of child militant, but It ultimately proved useful considering how much I packed besides my book, pencil case and lunchbox but I digress.
We were near the edge of the wooded canopy that this walk was covered by when I really needed to pee, quickly excusing myself into the treeline I dropped trou and began to empty myself onto the ground ahead of me, half way through this release I felt a pair of soft, warm hands on my buttocks, the familiar giggle of mari’s lilting voice set me at ease, until she reached around and moved my hands, taking hold of my now rapidly stiffening boycock, she giggles as she aims it for me, letting me piss hands free as her other hand strokes and tickles my balls, making me moan out lightly.

M: “Hehe, surprise dustbunny~ here, lemme help you pee okay?”

I leant forwards, my hands gripping a tree as she fondled and toyed with my still pissing lil’ peter, each stroke of those dainty fingers shaking my cock up and down, sending the jet flying erratically as I hardened more, eventually the stream ended and I was left exposed, fully erect with my girlfriend stood behind me, jerking me off as she giggled

M: “How does this feel dustbunny?~ I learned this by spying on a couple of the boys in the carehome, they’re so much smaller than you though! I’m so happy i’ve got a boyfriend with such a big thing!~”

I could only moan out a response as my own hips shook, humping away in her gentle grip as she peeled my foreskin over and over again as she stroked.
D: “Aaaagh!~ oh god it feels amazing, really?! i’m big? but i’m just a kid.”

M: “Duh! I mean you’re big “for a kid” dusty!”

As if to drive that point home, she squeeze my cock, making my butt clench and my hips thrust as she sped up.
M: “Do you wanna cum dustbunny? how bad do you want it?”


I had no idea what I asked for, because before I knew it, I felt something pierce my little butthole and press on something that made my vision go white as I let out a scream so girlish it would’ve been mistaken for one of Mari’s itself.
Mari couldn’t help but giggle as she heard me shriek in delight as my cock shook in her hand and I came all over the ground in front of me.

pulling her fingers free, which i discovered were wrapped with plastic, she giggled more and walked back, cackling as she spoke
M: “HAHAHAHA! oh my gosh, Y-You screamed like a girrlll!”

My face turned red as I glared at her before walking over, pulling my jeans back up
D: “What the hell was that?! what did you do to me?! why did you stick. y-your fingers?! up my butt?!”

Mari practically collapsed on the opposite grass verge, kicking her legs as she giggled away.
M: “It’s where you touch a boy to make them cum hard! don’t you know that?!”

She screamed with laughter at my response, only leaving me even more embarased as she unwrapped the plastic from her fingers and walked over.
M: “can you blame boys for being curious when they’re cooped up together? speaking of~”

She then held up her hand, showing off the wad of pre-teen spunk that gushed all over it, before licking it up, holding eye contact with me as she did, at this point, my vision went a little blurry and Mari panicked as it seems all the excitement gave me a nosebleed à la anime.

The rest of the journey to the mall was filled with her senseless tittering and giggling at my reaction, once there however, our curiosity in our own bodies became wonderment at the freedom we had to walk the much less densely populated halls of the indoor shopping centre, unsurprisingly mid-week mid-day was a quiet time for large retail centres, everyone was at work and those that weren’t most likely had business of their own to attend to, we must’ve spent from 10:30 to 12:30 in there, exploring all the stores and even buying a couple of things, mostly chocolate.

what surprised me however, was when Mari dragged me into one of the clothes retailers and started asking me if i thought x y or z pair of knickers would look good on her, what baffled me was the fact that there were so many pieces of underwear that were so “revealing” even for girls her age.
Ultimately I ended up being the one to pick out her new panties for her, a wonderfully thin, almost see-through black lace pair, she herself also picked out a new outfit, a pair of daisy dukes and a thin blue and white striped tank top, both of which she made me carry around.

Our little venture into the mall ended with us getting McDonalds and then running off into the ether once more, this time, returning the way we came but detouring towards one of the parks, the one we arrived at was right next to the road, a pokey little affair that led up to a much larger woods that existed parallel to the trail we walked.

She led me in there with an all too familiar look in her eyes that left my young prick twitching with anticipation and I wasn’t left chomping at the bit for long, once deep enough she pulled me off the path and into a dip in the terrain, guiding me over to a strange stone brick shelter hidden beneath the roots of one of the great trees that made the forest.
She pushed me down and sat on top of me in that dark but dry alcove, kissing me with the same passion she did that very morning as she pulled her dress off and sat atop me naked, she then said one simple word to me as she pawed at my chest.
M: “Strip.”

I looked at her wide-eyed before reaching for my shirt, only for her to stop me
M: “Pants first… show me your cock~”

I was becoming more and more nervous with each of her commands, but my body told me everything I needed to know as I kicked off my shoes and then slid my jeans off, letting my now pink, thoroughly petted peter stand up again, my young nuts pressed snug against the base of it, having been so thoroughly milked 2 days in a row, Mari quickly slid down and lifted my shirt, kissing me all the way down from my neck to my hips, I jerked and trembled as she kissed the side of my cock and then my balls before she stroked them, her lips brushing and smooching my tool as she worked her way up and then licked the crease of my lil’ glans, i throbbed hard and she licked up a bead of pre cum, making me moan, the sound echoing through the little shelter as she looked up at me.

M: “good boy~ now for your surprise.”

Mari then proceeded to pin me to the wall and lay on my lap, stroking, kissing, licking and sucking on my young manhood, her lips smacking and her tongue soaking my little boycock in her slobber as she lapped up my essence, I was completely at her mercy as she serviced me, all the while, her hands stroked and rubbed at my slim upper body, she moaned out “Good boy” and “naughty boy”, “yummy” and “so big” ever so faintly under her breath, enough for me to hear as she fondled my balls, I wept with tears of delight and slight pain, I was at my sexual limit as she fellated me.

Soon enough I would hold her head in my hands and cum hard once more, only a couple of watery ropes of my young seed exiting my cock, but she kept on sucking, making me go cross eyed and groan out her name as I grabbed and gently pulled her hair, making her moan in kind.

We laid there for a good 10 minutes, her head in my lap, lips kissing my waist and my now fully spent young cock, hands pawing and stroking at my bare torso as she spoke softly once more

M: “You look exhausted dustbunny~ but hey, tonight, when i get in your bed, i want you to pull my hair when we do it okay?”

D: “yes marmar~ I don’t know if I can do it much more right now but I really wanna try some more tonight. but won’t we get caught”

M: “Only if we’re too loud ya dingus, but don’t worry, Mama Mari knows “just” how to fix that.

Putting her clothes back on and stepping out, she flashes her still cum drenched pussy at me as I dress and join her, we then journeyed the rest of the way to the park and found somewhere to have our packed lunches, by that point it was getting close to kicking out time and we spent the next just shy of an hour playing together.

Eventually, time came for the kids to leave school and we ourselves made our way back to my house.
Walking in, I had completely forgotten just what was bound to happen until my mother said my “full” name, in that moment Mari watched the colour drain from my face as I timidly approached, as my mother asked me why I wasn’t in school today, Mari ran in front of me and exclaimed.

M: “IT WAS MY FAULT DUSTY’S MOM! Don’t blame him please, I convinced him to skip school, I didn’t want to just leave him when we were about to go and I really pressed him… if you’re gonna punish anyone then punish me okay?!”

My mom was stunned as she stood up for me, to her it came completely out of left field just like my own sudden shift to delinquency, Sighing in relief she patted Mari on the head and said it was okay but that would be the first and last time we ever do that this week, she then told us to get out of our clothes and have a bath, then we could hang out in my room until dinner.

Mari and I took that a little “too” literally as we then went upstairs, discarding our bags I showed her to the bathroom and began running the bath, but as I turned to look at her, she was already out of her dress and showing off to me, seeing this I quickly shut and bolted the bathroom door, she then gripped my jeans and yanked them off of me giggling as she gave me another one of those haunting, irresistible orders
M: “The shirt, lose it right now mister.”

I gulped as I practically tore my shirt off and she stepped up to me, holding my face as she kissed me, our bodies pressed together, we sat and made out on the side of the bath together, sharing my MP3 player, I still remember the song that played “all the things she said” by t.a.t.u, thematic I know.

once it was ran we both got in, obviously without the MP3 player, all the while we washed each other and made out, eventually my mom knocked on the door to check on whoever was in the tub when she heard both our voices she paused for a moment before taking our twin presence in the bathroom at face value and going back downstairs, we then continued to make out as we soaked before rinsing off and getting out, towelling and “rubbing” each other off one more time, by now I was well and truly spent and seeing stars from all the raunchiness we subjected each other to that day.

Once dried and changed we spent the rest of that evening goofing off, making out and playing together in a more wholesome manner until dinner was called, casual chatter and “altered” tales of our escapades for that day were told, the naughty bits left out and after dinner, the two of us got ready for bed, surprisingly, my father suggested the two of us share my bed, assuming we were going to do so top and tail.
The smug look on both our faces as we went upstairs in our PJ’s however, told an entirely different story.
For the sake of keeping up appearances, we “did” go with that option at first, letting our folks see us off before going back downstairs.

Once gone, Mari immediately stripped out of her nightwear, revealing not only that her thighs had been soaked, thoroughly, but that she was also sporting her new panties, now drenched with her juices as she crawled up to me, kissing me passionately once more and pushing me down, she stripped me naked and proceeded to hump my thigh as we kissed, soaking it with her juices before shushing me gently, in the dark, I was at her mercy, and I loved it, this more commanding persona of hers had me trembling every time and I would never once disobey it.

She would then sit over my face and take of her panties before speaking
M: “Kiss me down here, do what I did to you today~ but with my pussy, if you do, i’ll let you stick your cock in my bum~”

Hearing that sounded strange but the thought of it had me at attention in no time, she then took one pair of her panties she hadn’t worn and stuffed them in her mouth as I went to town on her, all the while, she stroked and fondled my cock, getting me fired up and working me over, edging me as I lapped up her juices, it was like crack to me, the taste, the smell, the fact it was her and she was this horny for me, and so young no less.
she moaned through her panties and would often grab my hair, burying my face into her crotch and her lil’ bum as my tongue dug deep into her, it didn’t take long at all for her to cum all over my face.

I laid there trembling, toes curled and legs wobbling from just how much she had worked me up in that moment, giggling under her breath she pulled off of my face and looked over her shoulder at me, pulling her now saliva soaked panties out her mouth before speaking
M: “hehe~ you look like you’re in heaven mister.”

D: “Uh-huh… you taste amazing marmar~”

M:”So do you dustbunny~ but now it’s time for your prize, remember what I asked, pull on mommy Mari’s hair while you open up her bum tonight okay?”

Those words were all it took, i pounced on her and we made out, exchanging her juices with each kiss before she pushed me back, wadded the black lace she wore after the bath and stuffed them in my mouth before speaking once more
M: “can’t have you howling like you normally do can we? how do they taste?”

I could only nod as she rested a single hand on my chest before turning around, presenting her backside to me, face down, cheeks up and her pristine pink back door winking and twitching at me.

aside from the saliva she had soaked my tool in while teasing and the pre-cum that dribbled out the tip, there would be no lube, thankfully, that’s all it took, a lil’ pressing and soon I delved into the final frontier of her flesh.
through her wadded panties she let out a guttural groan and squeezed my tool with her pooper, all the while my tongue would lick and I would suck on her wadded panties, gulping down her juices as her cheeks clapped against my crotch, a handfull of her hair in my hand kept her from going completely downward dog on me, her head shaking up and down with each tug, my folks must’ve had the tv on pretty loud, because in the silence of my room, her gagged moans and the clapping of her cheeks echoes all around me, the sounds, the scents flooding my nostrils and the taste in my mouth, it tipped me over the edge as I plunged into her one final time and claimed the last of her virginities, now nobody could lay first claim to mari’s fields, she was all mine.

As i lay atop her, the two of us crumpled up in and around one another, my cock exited her hole as it softened and her back passage slurped as it winked and twitched, leaking my boycum as she murmured out
M: “Thankyou dusty~ i love you~”

D: “I love you too mama Mari~”

I pulled her up to the top of the bed in my arms and we bundled up, spooning eachother naked under the sheets that night.


Author’s Post-Scriptum:
Wow! I wasn’t expecting this first chapter to go as long as it has done, But hey-ho, this is probably going to be the longest one out of them all as this was when the most stuff happened, no need to fret though, there’s plenty more underaged and depraved action to come in this story.

Please let me know what you thought in the comments below, let me know if you thought this chapter was too long, any constructive feedback will be taken into account when I write the next chapter and as always, feel free to reach out to me by adding me on discord, my username is Dusty-Wells#4400, If it doesn’t work as written put a space between the S & the #, thankyou again for reading and I look forward to writing more if you guys and girls wanna read some more.

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