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Morning service

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Fun with a little girl in the basement of the church while service is going on

I’m Matt and I’m 60 but this story takes place 15 years ago in 2008 when I was 45 and so every morning on Sunday and I head to the church and I always go early to chat with people around or to the father but on this particular day I go downstairs to where the kitchen and storage room are along with a confessional that’s a room they put the booth in and I see this little girl probably no older than 9 playing with a doll on the floor and I don’t know what got into me but I was really in a mood to mess around and she had this cute little short dress on and when she bent down to pick up her no and I saw under her dress and started licking my lips looking at her nice thighs and ass.

I told her she should play with her dolls in the confessional room so that no one tripped on her dolls and she apologizes and starts picking up her dolls while I look under her dress and get hard looking at her Camel toe And when she gets in the room I lock it behind us and I take full advantage of the moment and I get behind her and start touching her tiny breasts and I unzipped my pants and have my hard dick out laying on her back, then I ask her if she’s wearing anything under her dress and she tells me her underwear and I ask her if I can look at them without her dress and she’s reluctant but since my hands are already under her dress straps she agrees and I pull off her dress and I’m face to face with this 10 year old wearing nothing but panties, socks and her church shoes she asks “what’s that” pointing to my dick and I tell her it’s a toy for her and that I’m going to teach her how to play with it and I teach her to jerk me off and after I grab some Vaseline from my pocket and spread it around my dick along with putting some on my fingers and lubing up the outside and inside of her pussy.

I don’t even give her any warning to me going in, I just shoved my whole dick in her virgin pussy and I’m now fully in her and I start moving going in and out of her, She’s screaming that it hurts but I just ignore her and lick and suck on her tiny nipples while also enjoying how tight she is and I eventually feels urge to cum, So I pull out grab her by the hair and put my whole dick in her mouth, going down their throat and I start fucking her throat hard and I also cum down it.

After all that I put my dick between her thighs and continued to grope her telling her to keep this a secret between us and after service I was standing around talking to the father and the same girl from before walks up to us looks at him and asks “daddy can we go home now” which he responds with soon and I’m just looking at her licking my lips and I excuse myself and follow her and see her sitting in the nave alone, So I sit with her which leads to me picking her up and sitting her on my cock which was hard again and so I moved her panties unzipped my pants again lifted her up and dropped her directly on my dick, coving her mouth from her yelling I used her like a sex toy and told her she’s not allowed to wear panties for the next service.

When Wednesday rolled around and I saw her again I walked up to her and from behind I grab her ass of course I put my hand up her dress while I’m no one was looking and my fingers went right up her tight little pussy, Of course though I took her back downstairs to the basement before service started but this time I took her to this little stage they had in the basement and I laid her on her stomach on a table, I turned on the mic in front of her, I pulled up her dress and I fucked her hard and rough And I was going fast she was screaming and moans and yells filled The entire basement as I kept going wanting to fill this little slut up, I left my hand print on her ass right before I can filling her pussy with my seed and as I pulled out while she cried I just held her legs apart while my spunk leaked out of her and onto the floor and told her she was such a good little slut.

This went on for the next two years of her life every time I would see her at service I would take her downstairs and fuck her brains out while filling her pussy up but sadly I had to stop when she turned 12 because I was caught by one of the new church volunteers who threatened to tell everyone, and so I threatened her saying “I Tell anyone what happened here I will find you and I will do the exact same thing to you” while pinning her on the wall with my hand on her throat and the other on her ass and she told me “I wouldn’t and she was going to get me arrested”she was probably 15-16 So I grabbed her by the throat pulled her into her knees and showed her how serious I was about doing it with her because I didn’t put my dick away when she caught me It was out while she was threatening me. So after I threatened her And she told me I wouldn’t I just forced my dick in her mouth and did it until I cam and she was crying the whole time but after I pulled my dick out I told her “That was just the beginning and it would get a lot worse if she told a single person” she just nodded her head and said she wouldn’t tell anyone, so I let her go, not before a slapping her ass hard making sure that she would remember what I said.

After that day I would be moving so it didn’t matter if she told anyone It I was already long gone from that small town, of course though I get news about the ongoing from the town and I would find out that my old little slut was raped by someone else and she got pregnant and he got blamed for her getting pregnant. The volunteer girl trying exposing me saying that I was the one who raped and got her pregnant Of course no one believed her because I was always seen as the great nice guy who would help you on the weekends with gardening and bake cookies for church events So no one believed anything she said and that other guy went to jail for what I did and my old little slut eventually gave birth to my little bastard.

I’m planning to go back to that little town because I found out that the father of the church actually died And I was invited to the funeral and so I was planning on getting another round with my little slut again who is 27 now and her little bastard who I found out she was 15 turning 16, So tell me in the comments if you want me to ride a part 2 of the stuff I’m going to do when I go back.

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  • Reply Ames ID:jwppb4dxpn2

    So she had a kid at 12? A 9yo with breasts? Come on! You are a P.O.S. if this is true

  • Reply matt ID:1eiyb7247uxv

    there’s always prison –keep going and find out

  • Reply Lou ID:3kfdj3yev9d

    We want you to join the priest ASAP and don’t worry if someone let us know we will all come to say goodbye to you 😘

  • Reply Tikkie ID:1dv8jizwt7wr


    • Ames ID:jwppb4dxpn2

      Yeah she had a kid at 12 and a 9yo with breasts. Lmao. Totally unbelievable. Probably written by some kid.

  • Reply Little one ID:bo1uhxy43

    Sick bastard who does this

  • Reply Lou ID:3kfdj3yev9d

    We want you to follow the priest that passed, possibly asap

  • Reply Avenger ID:g0zwlg8rc

    I want you to die

  • Reply Bronco ID:1dsfx9r0t7k3

    Learn better English, please!

  • Reply Larry ID:13qtz5knt89r

    Yes go back.

  • Reply Thomas ID:3qq53g6ic

    Fuk yes more