I Was A Masseuse

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I wasn’t married at the time so I had to work to support myself. I was a bartender, but when the bar closed I had to do something else. I was taking massage courses to have something to fall back on.

I finished and received my massage license. I was a little nervous at first and I didn’t know if I wanted to work for someone or do it on my own. I thought about it, so I decided to do it on my own.

I ran an ad in the local paper saying outcall massage I come to you. The first couple of days were a little rough. When people started to notice my ad, my phone kept ringing.

I’ll never forget my first client. We talked on the phone and he made an appointment. I bought these white dresses. They looked like nurses uniforms with a zippered front. I showered, put on a bra a thong and a dress and off I go.

I get to the address, ring the bell and this young man no older then twenty answers the door. I tell him I’m Carol and he says I’m Jack nice to meet you. I ask him is your father here. Jack laughs and says no, I’m the one who called.

Jack grabs my hand and we go to his bedroom. I want to specialize in hot oil massages, so I keep big pieces of plastic to make sure nothing gets messy. I tell Jack to get naked and Ingive him a towel.

I go downstairs and heat up some oil. The oil is nice and warm so I go to Jack’s bedroom. Jack is lying on the bed naked and the towel is next him. I put the towel over him covering his ass. Jack says Carol do we really need the towel. I tell him yes we do.

I put some oil on Jack and start to massage him. He says Carol that feels so good. I tell him I’m glad you like it Jack. I’m working my way down his back. Now it’s his legs as I go up and down his legs. I tell Jack to roll over and cover himself with the towel.

I turn my head as Jack rolls over. I look and he’s again laying naked on the bed with the towel next to him. I again cover him. I start massaging his chest, then his stomach. I’m being careful not to go under the towel.

My big tits are now in Jack’s face. Jack grabs my tits and tries to pull my zipper down. I tell him no I’m not here for that. Jack seems to not take no for an answer. He tried to pull my zipper down again and I say ok that’s it the massage is over.

Jack looks shocked and he says I thought you would do more. I ask him more what. Jack says you know. I tell him I don’t do that. Jack desperately says I’ll pay you whatever you want. I get so disgusted and leave because it’s no use trying to talk to him.

I go home and think about what I’m going to do. The first thing is I’m going to is change my ad. I changed it to senior men only. I thought this would be a better for me. I also think I will only take three appointments a day.

The next day my phone rings. The man introduces himself as Sal and he asks my name. I tell him I’m Carol and he says can I make an appointment. I tell him sure for what time. Sal says how about now. I tell him ok give me your address and I’ll get ready.

I get ready and I get to Sal’s house. I ring the bell and Sal opens the door. He’s a much older man and this is the type of client I want. He has a robe on and he says you’re gorgeous Carol. I thank him for the compliment and when Ibwalk in Sal taps me on the ass. I turn to him and say this could be over with before the massage begins. Sal says ok I’ll be a good boy.

We walk to the kitchen I tell him to get naked and that I’ve got to heat up some oil. Sal goes to his bedroom and I have the oil and I go also. Sal, like Jack is naked on the bed, so I cover him with a towel. I put oil on Sal’s shoulders and he says that feel so nice. I tell him I’m glad you like it.

I’m massaging Sal’s and now his legs. I’m going up and down his legs and when I get to his feet I tickle them. I tell Sal ok turn over and keep yourself covered. I turn my head and then I turn around Sal has the towel covering his private parts.

I’m massaging Sal’s chest and he says Carol climb up here so it’s easier for you. I tell him I’m ok. He says I’m not going to bite you. I figured ok he seems harmless. I climb up on Sal and I can feel his cock getting bigger.

What happens next is just crazy. Sal goes under my dress, pulls my thong to the side and tries to put his cock inside me. I smack him across the face get off him and leave. Sal says what’s wrong. I tell him forget it and leave.

My next client is a man named Phil. I get to his house and ring the bell. Phil is another man in his seventies. Phil eyes go straight to my big tits. I tell him go to your bedroom get make and cover yourself with a towel.

I have my warm oil and I go to Phil’s bedroom. Phil is laying on the bed and his butt is covered with a towel. I put the oil on Phil’s shoulders and proceed to massage him. Phil let’s put a small moan and says Carol I’m in heaven. I laugh and say I’m glad.

I massage his back and legs and I tell him to turn over. Phil turns over and I put some oil on his chest. I’m massaging his chest and then his legs. Phil’s cock is rock hard under the towel. I pay no attention and keep massaging him.

When I get to his upper thighs, Phil takes the towel off, grabs my hand and puts it on his cock. I tell him are you crazy. Phil says whatever you want just do it. I tell him ok and begin to jerk his cock.

Phil has his arm around my waist holding me close to him. Phil, with his other hand is trying to pull my zipper down. I tell him no and I stop jerking him. Phil is begging me please Carol don’t stop. I feel sorry for him so I start to jerk him again.

Phil Cuna all over my hand. I use the towel to clean it off and I leave. I go home take a shower and my last client is a man named Dan. I get dressed and go to his house. Dan has a really nice home and I get out and ring the bell.

Dan opens the door and the name Dan fits him. He’s a twin to Danny DeVito. I tell him I’m Carol and he says this is going to be very enjoyable. I don’t know what he means by that. We go into the kitchen and as I’m heating up the oil, Dan comes behind me and presses up against me.

I can feel his cock and it’s huge. The oil is warm and I say to him lead the way. When I look his cock is out of his robe. He doesn’t try to put it back inside so we go to his bedroom. I look for a towel and there is none.

I put the oil on his back and begin the massage. Dan has his legs spread wide open. I massage his back then his legs. When I get to his butt, I figure I might as well massage that also. He says Carol please massage my big balls. I put oil in his butt crack and I start to massage his balls.

Dan now starts to hump the bed. I ask him what are you doing. Dan says I’m fantasizing about fucking you. When he said that I should’ve left, but the massage wasn’t over. I laughed and said keep fantasizing.

I was time for Dan to rollover. OMG ahi’s cock is huge and it has a bend in it. Dan says so Carol what do you think. I tell him pretty impressive Dan. He says grab it and jerk it. I grab his cock and start to jerk it.

Dan unzips my dress and I don’t stop him. He then undoes my bra and that to falls to the floor. Dan is now sucking my big tits and I stay out, not stopping him. Dan says Carol climb up on the bed, which I do.

Dan grabs my tits and tells me he wants to fuck my tits. I’m oiled up now, so I grab his cock and let him fuck my tits. When his cock touches my mouth I give it a little lick. Dan rolls on top of me and sticks his cock in my mouth.

I start to suck his cock and Dan says Damn Carol you do know how to suck a cock. Then Dan takes his cock out of my mouth and gets in between my legs. Dan pulls my thong down and he’s rubbing my pussy with his cock.

I play little miss innocent and say to Dan what are you going to do to me. Dan puts his cock inside me and says I plan to fuck the shit out of you. I moan oh yes Dan do it fuck me. Dan lifts my legs up and slams his cock deep inside me. OMG yes Dan fuck me.

I wrap my legs around Dan and he’s fucking me the way I like it, hard and deep. I yell I’m cumming Dan and now he’s really fucking me. I cum all over his cock and Dan just keeps fucking me.

Dan rolls me over and is now fucking me doggy, my favorite. I turn my head and say to Dan, that’s right make me your bitch. Dan starts to bark like a dog and I cum again. Dan Cuna deep inside me.

We both collapse on his bed and Dan says Carol I’m not finished yet. Dan puts his fingers inside me and starts to suck my big tits. OMG a we’re going to fuck again. I was right.

Dan climbs up on top of me, I spread my legs and say is this what you want. He slams his cock into my cum filled pussy. We fuck a couple of more times before neither of us can. I came so many times I lost count.

I ask Dan where is the shower and he says cmon I’ll show you. We both get in the shower and Dan is enjoying washing me, especially my tits. I feel his cock getting hard and say ok that’s enough.

Dan bends me over and slams his cock into my waiting wet pussy. We fuck in the shower and now it’s time for me to leave. I dry off put my clothes on and say to Dan goodbye. Dan looks at me and says will you be back. I tell him you’ve got my number call me.

I’m driving home and I’m thinking to myself is this for you. I did it for a year and most of my clients became regulars. I had sex with most of them. Some just wanted a hand job or wanted me to strip. Every time I saw Dan, we fucked. This was one job I came to enjoy.

Now that I’m married and Rocky takes care of me, both with material things and his big cock, I don’t need to do this anymore. It was a lot of fun and some great sex while it lasted.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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