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My bf and I went camping we were robbed and I was raped.

My ex-bf and I enjoyed the outdoors camping hiking just being outside. He and I went camping on a nice lake we found a good spot in the middle of nowhere. On our 3rd day two men came into our camp ask if we had any beer. My bf told them no and that’s when one of then hit him. He was on top of my bf beating him. As I tried to get to him the other man hit me and knocked me to the ground. After my bf was beaten up they took our money it wasn’t a lot but it was all we had. Then one of them told me to take him to our car. He and I walked to the car. When we got to the car he turned me to face him he undid his pants pulled them down to he was exposed. Told me I knew what to do. After I was finished he told me not to move he when back and the other guy came to the car. He told me to get undressed and to lay on the hood of the car. He had sex with me. He finished inside me. He told me not to dress and to stay by the car. The next thing I saw was my bf coming to the car. We didn’t have the keys so I got dress and we walk to a store and called for help.

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  • Reply g ID:7zv38z18rc

    I hope when help arrived they rapped you

  • Reply Doug ID:fx7i916i9

    This is total bullshit.short and made up.this bitch fingers herself over this sick shit.peoples turn on’s and fantasies are so fucked up.glad I’m single,I don’t have time for people’s sick shit anymore.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fx7i916i9

    Your such a bull shitter doug.you guys even believe your own shit is what’s funny.the way you people make shit like it’s so easy, such liars.we all just start fucking one another, join in.such bull shit.

  • Reply Horny Bitch ID:6hfu7wmoik

    Why are y’all so disrespectful? They told this story because they wanted to. It’s not your business to ask about panties and bras unless they say it’s ok. I understand that this site is for porn stories but back the fuck off. Rant over.

  • Reply Anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    What type of panties do you wear and what size are they?

  • Reply Anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    What size bra do you wear?

    • Steve ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Don’t no why that’s important but a 34b

    • ? ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Anonymously. and steve. My bra and panties size are none of your concern. And Steve it’s not a 34b sorry.

  • Reply Doug ID:2zicu2bfzk

    A couple of my buddies did something similar when we were fishing and came upon a couple fucking. All 3 of us ended up fucking the gal as she sucked on cock, swallowing when it was shot off in her mouth. The boyfriend joined the party even though she did not want to. Once we got 2 cocks in her mouth and cunt at the same time, she started cooperating and we did her for a couple of hours, with her cumming off numerous times. I suspect she became a double fucker after that as the BF was really turned on by it and told us not to worry as it would never be reported. One of the guys insisted on ass fucking her and she fought that until he got it worked in and brought her off. Then the BF did it along with me face fucking her. Was a first for her but you can bet not the last. We got her number so we could do her again and we did a lot. She dumped the BF after a while but kept meeting with us for the gang bang. We got so 6-8 guys would do her anyway we wanted. Even took a couple of black buddies to try her out. A real fuck face slut that got broke in right.

    • Steve ID:vzg6b544

      Did you get pregnant ?

    • ? ID:vzg6b544

      I have a baby but it was from my bf not the rapist.

    • Steve ID:vzg6b544

      How do you no it’s not the rapist baby?

    • ? ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Because it is.

    • Steve ID:7ylvmikv9b

      You should do DNA. I think you might be surprised.

    • Ralph ID:5fu3cxh2vh

      That girl would of been good wife material at that point.
      Just think all your friends would be bringing you alcohol and you would be popular with them all.
      And you would have the most sexual experienced wife .

  • Reply Todd a. ID:fx7i918rb

    Such a short lying ass story.why you sick females get off on the weirdest sickest shit is beyond me.glad I’m single by choice.

    • Dan ID:z350ywozri

      Yeah… females. Not as if the majority of people here are men… but yeah I bet you’re single by choice 😉

    • ? ID:fzq35kqra

      I have a new bf. I would of stay with old bf be he wasn’t the same after the incident.

    • ? ID:vzgdqvzl

      What do you want every little detail? The guy I gave a blow job to held my head and came in my mouth said to eat it bitch. The guy who fucked me told me to tell him I wanted him to fuck me and when I didn’t he slapped me until I did. He made my put his dick inside me. Is that better or you want more? Oh yeah they ask my bf if I was a good fuck and kicked him when he said fuck you.

    • Rex ID:10o3er0tqrc

      Pointless and disrespectful response. Just assume every story is fake. Or all of them are real. You’ll never have proof either way. Just stop being a dickhole.

    • ? ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Wow just wow mine was nothing like that. I new when the 1st guy took me to the car I was going to be raped. But he just wanted a blow job he made my look up at him. He was old fat and gross. The second guy wasn’t any better he forced me to have sex he made me put his dick inside me. It was not enjoyable he finished inside me I was not on birth control.