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~~~And Through The Woods~~~

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Horny Grandpa gets visited by his grandkids.

I looked up when the kitchen door slammed shut, nonchalantly continuing to steadily stroke my already erect cock nor bothering to turn off the very taboo homemade porn video of my ten-year-old great granddaughter Dori enthusiastically riding my cock playing on the TV. A moment later, my twenty-two-year-old granddaughter walked into the living room smiling wanly.

As she routinely did, and I required every day, Carly slowly stripped off her work attire in front of me, neatly folding each item of clothing, placing it on a nearby table before continuing to the next. The blouse came off after kicking her shoes to the side, followed by her bra. She stopped for a moment to fondle her full firm tits, with the large dark tan areola and hard pencil eraser sized nipples, after freeing them. Then she slipped off her skirt and slowly pulled her plain white cotton panties down over her hips, the gusset momentarily catching in her tight, and quite obviously moist, pussy slit. After she stepped out of them, she handed them to me and stood facing me a few feet away, her thighs slightly spread below her prominent smoothly shaved mons.

“Did you have a good day?” I asked, bringing the well-worn, use stained panties to my nose, inhaling the musky scent of her sex with just a hint of her piss in the sodden, slightly discolored gusset. “Hmm…still damp and sticky too…sweet. So tell me what you did today to get them in such a deliciously funky condition.”

She looked down with a seductive smile as I flicked the tip of my tongue over the crotch of her panties and stroked my stiff cock just a little faster. I knew she always felt a twitch deep in her pussy when she saw that first droplet of my precum bubble up from the slit splitting the head of my dick. After a moment, that drop dribbled down one side of my throbbing head to be quickly replaced by a second.

“I stopped at the park on the way home again,” she said softly, shuffling a little closer to me and licking her lips with her eyes locked on my cock and dangling balls, “you know…by the playground…and sat on one of the benches…near the swings…and the slide.”

“Well that certainly explains the sticky damp spot in these panties,” I grinned, wrapping them around my dick and extending my free hand to her. “Is your sleazy pussy still wet and scuzzy too?”

With an unembarrassed smile, she stepped toward me, straddling my right thigh, close enough I could reach up and drag a finger through her puffy pussy lips.

“I couldn’t help myself,” she moaned lowly, “there were six of them today…four girls and two boys…all little…likely under six…on the swings…and the slide…so hot…bright colored panties flashing…hard little dicks…pressing against thin shorts….”

Carly flinched, her eyes rolling back in her head as I slipped two fingers into the slimy warm entry to her cunt.

“How many times did you cum…watching those little kids…playing with your filthy, scummy cunt…right out in the open…you perverted fucking slut?” I asked with a wicked grin.

“Twice,” she gasped, pushing her hips down to take my fingers deeper, “with my panties still on…and my bag…on my lap…on the bench…and…and once more on the bus…on the way home…I was still so excited.”

“Is that all?” I asked with a laugh, extending my thumb to roughly encircle her bulging clit as my fingers found and massaged her rough spongy g-spot. “That doesn’t hardly seem to even count as a warm up for a miserable cum loving perverted scum bag child molesting whore like you.”

Carly’s back arched as her entire body began to shudder, my words enhancing her arousal as much as my touches, until a warm stream of her pussy juices trickled down my arm and across my thigh. I stroked myself harder, letting her panties fall from my cock so my creamy cum could splatter on her soft belly and the thickening stubble above her shaved mound.

“Oh yes, Poppy, I’m such a filthy slut…your nasty, cum loving, cock sucking, ass eating, pussy licking, scummy cunt,” Carly moaned, another orgasm surging through her when she felt my warm sperm splash against her skin.

“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you,” I told her as she came back into the living room carrying two fresh beers, “Shelley called and wanted to know if you could sit with her kids on Saturday, unless you want to go to the sex club with her and Harv.”

“What did you tell her?” Carly asked as she knelt between my spread thighs to absentmindedly stroke my still sticky limp cock with her free hand while sipping her beer.

“That I didn’t know if you had any plans but I told her I sure had some for you,” I laughed, gently caressing her cheek until she sucked two of my fingers still coated with the taste of her pussy juices into her mouth, “and it wouldn’t be a problem having the kids come over here and spend the night in any case.”

“Now who’s the pervert?” Carly giggled, giving my dangling balls a gentle squeeze. “You can’t wait to get your hands on ten year old Dori or her twin brother or both.”

“It’s more like they won’t keep their hands off me, just like their depraved mother…and slutty cousin,” I grinned. “Besides, now that Pete actually shoots cum, I imagine you’ll be all over his twelve year old cock…again.”

“Just admit it, we’ll both be all over the three of them and they’ll do their best to do the same with us…they are already as slutty and perverse as their mother and father…and us,” Carly giggled again before sliding my stiffening seventy four year old cock into her mouth. “Besides, those kids are always a lot more fun to play with than sucking Harv’s short smelly dick or licking Shelley’s fat hairy pussy again.”

When the screen door slammed shut behind me, I stood still for a minute in the kitchen feeling the last few droplets of my pussy juices drying on the inside of my thighs. I knew my grandfather would be so pleased to smell and lick my damp panties, hopefully enough he would finger me again and shoot his warm cum on to my belly or into my pussy after I tell him all about the park.

After I stripped for him as I did every day when I got home, I felt another droplet of my pussy juices seeping down the inside of my right thigh watching Poppy stroke himself and sniff my panties. My pussy clenched when he told me Shelley’s kids would be coming over to spend the night on Saturday, my arousal peaking as I took his deflated cock back into my mouth.

By now my pussy was dripping steadily, my juices running down both my thighs and soaking into the carpet as I pictured what I might do with little ten year old Dori, her twin brother Donnie and twelve year old Pete…or perhaps even more arousing still… what they would do to me.

For the rest of the week, I couldn’t get the myriad perverted and filthy thoughts about those kids out of my head…Dori’s smooth bare mound with that tight velvety slit, Donnie’s thumbed sized cock that was always sticking straight out above his taut ball sac and Pete’s cum that tasted both salty and sweet now that he can really shoot watery sperm at least. I mentioned them constantly to Poppy when he fingered or fucked me or, much to his delight, I openly masturbated myself with my fingers or the toys for his viewing pleasure, imagining and describing in explicit detail all that we would do with them.

Poppy was as worked up as me by that morning as we awaited their arrival, fucking me again on the kitchen counter top even after I woke him with his regular morning blow job. My Aunt Shelley was late as usual and looked especially slovenly when she finally did drop them off. Her big sagging tits flopping around beneath a dirty t-shirt, her fat thighs and prominent cameltoe bursting from her far too short and tight shorts. She wasn’t bothered or even surprised seeing us already naked. She knew full well what we would be doing with her kids, the same thing she herself did to and with them practically every day at her own home.

I remembered Poppy telling me one time that men flocked to her since she did give an amazing blow job and would happily open her legs at any time for any cock wanting to plunge into her pussy or asshole. I knew he knew from extensive experience with her and my own mother. I guess she loved having sex more than her children, just like my mother.

But she was quickly forgotten as the three kids jumped from her van and rushed to Poppy and me where we awaited them on the porch.

Poppy dropped to one knee as Dori flew into his arms, practically knocking him over. The sexually precocious ten year old threw her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his, giving him a passionate open mouthed kiss more appropriate for a long lost lover than her great grandfather. His hand ran up the outside of her left leg, pushing her dress up to cup her bare ass cheeks, showing me she wasn’t wearing panties as usual. Not that it mattered, since all three of the kids would be completely naked like Poppy and me momentarily.

Pete and Donnie came up to me first, putting their hands on my ass as I hugged them close. I could feel Pete’s half hard cock pressing against my thigh as his fingers probed my ass crack. I felt a twitch deep in my pussy knowing that cock, and his ten year old brother’s as well, would very soon be in my mouth or pussy or ass…and eventually all three…in any and every way they wanted to use me.

Donnie was just tall enough his face was at the same height as my tits. He took immediate advantage, flicking his tongue across my erect right nipple before sucking it into his mouth. His older brother just laughed and circled the sensitive sphincter of my asshole with one fingertip, eliciting the low moan from me he knew meant he was as welcome in that tight hole as he was in my pussy and mouth and hands.

Dori broke off the kiss with Poppy, took his hand in hers and walked over to me. The wicked grin on her face made my pussy clench even before she reached over to twist my left nipple hard. Then, before saying a word, she slowly dragged a fingertip through my puffy pussy lips.

I groaned again feeling her fingers probe my cunt, swirling around the entry before pinching my unusually long throbbing clit like an infant’s cock it so resembled. Her smile got even wider when she felt some of my pussy juices seeping into the palm of her hand.

“I think she’s happy to see us, Poppy,” Dori grinned at my grandfather before taking the head of his hard cock in her other hand, “as much as you.”

“We’re really happy to see her too,” Pete added, his finger sliding into my asshole to at least the first knuckle. “We’ve been planning all week long all the ways we can use…and abuse…her.”

“What…what if I don’t want…to be…used and…and…abused?” I tried to protest weakly, knowing full well Dori was relentless and her brothers would do anything she commanded while Poppy would probably look on approvingly if he wasn’t actively joining in.

“You don’t really think you have a choice, do you…you filthy cunt?” Dori smirked, causing me to shudder when she inserted a third finger into my pussy, “we have it all planned out but only after you first take care of all of us…just like the foul, smutty slut you are.”

I just closed my eyes and let the orgasm course through my body until my juices oozed down my legs and formed a puddle around my bare feet.

My dick throbbed even before ten year old Dori reached me, leaping into my arms and firmly planting her lips on mine. Her wet tongue wormed its way into my mouth as I dragged a hand up her leg to feel the soft smooth skin of her bare ass cheek. She giggled into my mouth, wrapping her legs around my waist as I kissed her back, our tongues lashing together. The feel of her hairless pussy splitting open against my stomach caused my dick to stiffen even more.

“Oh, Poppy, we are going to have so much fun,” she moaned into my mouth as she ground her crotch against me, “we’ve been planning it all week.”

“We? Planning what?” I asked, putting her down and glancing over to where her brothers were hugging and groping Carly.

“All the stuff Pete and Donnie and me, are going to do with you…and to Carly,” she explained unhelpfully with her eyes glistening in excitement, “and you and she are going to do with us.”

With that she held up her arms for me to pull her thin shift over her head. As expected, she was naked beneath it and I took a moment to admire her lithe young body…the flat light tan penny sized areolas…the hairless protruding mound split by the thin slightly darker gash that disappeared down between her legs. I knew quite well that tight crevice opened like a moist pink flower with the touch of my finger or the tip of my tongue or the throbbing head of my rigid cock.

She grinned devilishly, not hesitating to take my stiffening cock in her hand, a hand too small to even reach completely around my very average sized dick. When a drop of my precum bubbled to the tip, she leaned forward and scooped it up with her tongue, showing it to me before making a production of swallowing it down.

For a moment I considered sitting her down on one of the porch chairs and burying my face between her thin thighs to lick her smooth hairless cunt and savor her pungent flavors, but she had other ideas. She took my hand and practically dragged me over to where her brothers were groping Carly.

Before she said a word, the little girl twisted Carly’s left nipple viciously then dragged her fingers through Carly’s clearly moist pussy slit until it was coated with her juices.

“I think she’s happy to see us, Poppy,” Dori grinned at me, licking her fingers clean before taking the head of my hard cock in her other hand, “as much as you.”

“We’re really happy to see her too,” Pete added, fingering Carly’s ass crack. “We’ve been planning all week long all the ways we can use…and abuse…her.”

“What…what if I don’t want…to be…used and…and…abused?” Carly whimpered weakly, her erect nipples betraying her arousal.

“You don’t really think you have a choice, do you?” Dori laughed harshly, fingering Carly’s pussy again, “we have it all planned out but only after you first take care of all of us.”

I could see from the way Carly closed her eyes and quivered, a quick sharp orgasm coursing through her body, that she was more than ready to do whatever her domineering ten year old cousin demanded. As we stood there for a moment, her pussy juices visibly flowed down both legs, forming a puddle around her bare feet.

“Get down on your hands and knees, you filthy slut,” the little girl shouted as her older brother gave Carly a sharp slap on her bare ass, “you can crawl around on your knees like the stinking pig you are for the entire time we are here.”

Carly dropped to her knees and started crawling into the house with each of the kids delighting in slapping her upraised ass. Her head jerked up with every swat, the look in her eyes leaving no doubt in my mind of her growing excitement. I followed along with my six and a half inch cock rock hard as it swayed from side to side with every step.

Dori led the little parade to the family room, flopping down on a sofa and leaning back with her legs spread wide. Her tight gash split just a little, enough to see the pink inner folds pushing out slightly.
“Get over here, you shitty cunt,” she said sharply to Carly, “my pussy needs licking.”

I sat on the sofa next to Dori as Carly crawled over, a wicked smile on her face. Dori pulled her knees up until her heels pressed against the edge of the couch cushion, causing her tight pussy slit to spread a little more. For a moment, Carly hesitated then buried her face between the young girl’s thighs, hungrily licking that hairless cunt.

Pete came up behind Carly, alternately slapping her ass and running his hands up between her legs, splitting her dripping slit, probing the entry to her cunt and swirling a finger around her tight puckered asshole.

Dori began to shudder, an orgasm clearly building deep in her young cunt. She extended a hand to me, clasping my fingers tightly as she began to moan her growing pleasure. Her twin brother stepped between my legs and wrapped both of his hands around my erect cock, stroking the entire length from my ball sac to the sensitive tip.

When the first drop of precum bubbled to the head of my dick, Donnie enveloped the tip with his lips while continuing to stroke me. As my climax built, Dori began to thrash wildly, pulling Carly’s hair, trying to get her tongue even deeper.

Dori let out a mournful howl, climaxing on Carly’s face just before Donnie gagged on the first few strings of my cum erupting into the back of his throat. After the first two spurts, he sputtered and pulled back. My cock sprayed the rest of my sperm across his smooth chest and down over his three and a half inch dick and still drawn in balls.

For a few moments, we sat their breathing raggedly until the last aftershocks of our orgasms ebbed away, watching Pete probe Carly’s pussy with one hand and her tight asshole with the other. When Dori noticed my cum splashed on her twin brother’s chest and crotch, she order Carly to lick him clean. Then she climbed off the sofa and turned to me.

“Poppy,” she asked sweetly, batting her eyes at me in that seductive way I knew I had no chance of denying anything she asked, “could we go get a few toys?”

“Sure, honey, anything you want,” I replied, getting to my feet and taking her hand as we walked to my Toy Room.

I’m very proud of the sex toys I spent my whole life collecting. The Toy Room is windowless and the size of a small bedroom. One wall was floor to ceiling shelves holding all manner of dildos of widely varying shapes and sizes. My favorite was the shelf of anatomically correct shaped animal cock dildos, ranging in size from an arms length Arabian Stallion to a thumb sized Dachshund. Both battery powered and plug in vibrators filled the shelves on another wall. Built in drawers contained all sorts of gags and restraints, metal and leather cuffs, blindfolds, nipples clamps, suction devices, strap-on belts fitted for the different dildos and vibrators and some assorted gizmos I couldn’t even remember the uses for any longer. The floggers, whips and paddles hung on hooks from the ceiling above the coiled ropes and assorted chains.

“What’s this one, Poppy?” Dori grinned evilly, picking up a red and purple dildo that was about eight inches long and thick enough I could barely get my fingers around it with a tennis sized ball at the base.

“That’s a Labrador Retriever’s cock,” I answered grinning as the recognition spread across her face.

“You mean…like…Melo?” she asked, referring to the family dog still back at her home.
“Yeah, just like Melo,” I smiled.

For a few seconds she looked like she was deep in thought. Then she grinned devilishly and started picking up other items.
“Whoa,” I said softly as she reached for another vibrator, “let’s take just three or four things right now. We can always get some more later if we want.”

It took her a few minutes to sort through all the things she wanted to take and limit it to four, including the Labrador’s cock dildo. We walked back into the family room to find Carly still on her knees licking my spent cum from Donnie’s cock and balls with Pete fucking her alternatively in the ass and pussy.

“Which one of these should we use on her…first?” the ten year old vixen asked me with a frighteningly wicked grin.

When my orgasm finished and I stood in a puddle of my own pussy juices, I complied with Dori’s order and dropped to my knees to crawl into the house. Each of their slaps on my bare ass went straight to my cunt, causing yet more of my pussy juices to dribble from me.

I could barely believe my good fortune when ten year old Dori commanded me lick her cunt. I crawled over to her, stopping for just a few seconds to admire the way her taut pussy lips gaped open slightly, revealing the pink inner folds and the hood concealing her tiny clit. My own pussy twitched when I inhaled the scent of her sex just before her pungent taste mixed with a hint of her piss coated my tongue.

Dori shuddered, her thighs clamping around my head, when her orgasm erupted in her young cunt. I was so aroused by the taste of her pussy I hardly noticed Pete’s hands splitting my pussy lips and fingering my entry and asshole at first. When I did look up, Donnie was just pulling my grandfather’s spurting cock from his mouth with several strings of that jism shooting on to my cousin’s chest and cock. As soon as Dori ordered me, I leaned over to lick up that creamy cum.

I glanced up to watch Poppy and Dori walk away hand in hand to get some of his toys. My ten year old cousin’s ass swayed provocatively with every step, a subtle promise of the pleasures to come yet that day. My pussy clenched in anticipation of which toys Dori would chose.

Then I brought my attention back to her twin brother, his balls and cock and belly smeared with Poppy’s sticky cum. His three and a half inch uncut cock and tight ball sac slipped easily into my mouth. I swallowed his cock and balls entirely while fingering his puckered asshole. Donnie didn’t shot any cum yet, but he thrashed and moaned as a dry cum surged through his body.

Pete gave my upraised ass a couple of playful slaps before sliding his hand between my pussy slit. I moaned and wiggled my hips, inviting him to do more. His uncut cock was a thick four and a half inches. He didn’t shoot a lot of cum yet but he could stay hard all day. I arched my back when he slid the head of his dick into my cunt canal for a few strokes, pulled out and rammed it in my ass for a few more before returning to my pussy.

I didn’t notice Dori and Poppy return until my domineering ten year old cousin asked him which one of the toys she should use on me first. I looked up with my spittle dripping from my lips to Donnie’s cock and balls and grinned at her weakly.

Poppy resolved the issue by attaching the clips connected with a thin chain to each of my nipples then pointed at the dildo shaped like a Labrador’s cock.

“Use that on her first, Dori, so she’s good and stretched,” Poppy smiled wickedly, “while I get some good pictures.”

“Can you make a movie this time, one we can take and watch at home?” Dori asked as she tenderly fondled Poppy’s half hard dick.

I didn’t need to look at Poppy to know he would readily agree to making a video and it would feature my mouth and ass, tits and pussy being used and abused in every way they could imagine. A steady stream of my pussy juices drizzled down the inside of my thighs.

For a few minutes, Dori and I stood in the entry to the family room and watched Pete fuck Carly while she sucked Donnie. After Donnie’s dry cum and Pete shot some of his watery cum into her asshole, Dori stepped forward and asked me which toy we should use on Carly first.

That was an easy one for me. I attached the clamps to her erect nipples, knowing her slight wince was followed by a twinge deep in her cunt and a few droplets of her pussy juices oozing down her thighs along with Pete’s cum. Pain was Carly’s aphrodisiac. For her, the pinch on both nipples was a welcome appetizer she very much wanted as a prelude to a full banquet of agony and anguish.

Ten-year-old Dori was the perfect server, frightening in the way she delighted in tormenting Carly and unafraid of pushing past even the few guardrails I observed.

I was returning with my video camera when I heard the first loud distinctive thwack of the flat spanking paddle on Carly’s ass followed by her barely muffled screech. Before even entering the room, I knew Dori had Carly on her hands and knees and was beginning to spank her with the thick wooden paddle, the one that Carly dreaded more than most other toys. The scream was muffled by the dog sized dildo stuffed in Carly’s mouth.

My cock popped to full attention to lead me into the living room.

Carly looked up at me, her eyes pleading for me to intervene even as tears were running down her cheeks. Somehow, Dori managed to get Carly straddling Pete with his short thick uncut cock buried in her pussy. Each time Carly raised her ass as she rode him, Dori gave her a solid swat with the paddle, driving her down on her brother’s cock. To make things even better, Pete has moving back and forth between her tits, biting down hard when he got the fleshy underside in his mouth.

There was zero chance I was going to interrupt anything that creative and erotic. Instead I turned on my video camera and began filming.

After a little while, Carly managed to spit the dildo out of her mouth. Donnie, who up to then was basically sidelined to watch and play with his own little dick, stepped over his older brother’s chest and rammed his hairless three and a half inch cock into Carly’s mouth. Pete reached up with one hand, pushing his brother’s ass so he was deep in Carly’s mouth as he could go then slid a finger into Donnie’s tight asshole.

I set the camera on a nearby tripod, making sure I was taking everything in. Then I walked up behind Dori and reached around to caress her flat tits with one hand and split her ass cheeks and pussy slit with the other.

When she turned her head to look at me, I filled her mouth with my tongue. She missed the next few swats on Carly’s ass, her tight pussy getting wetter and wetter as I fingered her.

Then she turned and bent at the waist, pulling Carly’s ass cheeks apart with her tiny hands and began licking Carly’s asshole. Carly began howling her next orgasm as I slowly slid my cock into my ten year old great granddaughters warm, wet and welcoming cunt.

The rest of the evening, the kids used Carly in all sorts of ways…fisting her…pissing on her…fucking her with a variety of different toys…spanking and flogging her until her ass shone a fiery red. I videoed much of it, stopping from time to time only to get a blow job or fuck one or the other of them until we were all exhausted.

As an added degradation, Dori made Carly sleep on the floor next to the bed, the way she said her dog Melo did each night. The three of them snuggled up with me and we feel asleep with their little hands on my cock while I fingered Dori with one hand and held Pete’s semi hard dick in the other
Dori woke me in the morning riding my rigid cock while Carly knelt in front of Pete and Donnie, sucking them in turn. My cum filled the ten year old’s tight pussy just before Pete shot his load in Carly’s mouth. By the time I fed them breakfast and Dori gave Carly another pretty severe tit and pussy whipping, my other granddaughter, their mother showed up.

Shelley was unusually sloppy that morning, even for her, with her sagging tits barely covered by a torn t-shirt and wet stains seeping through the crotch of her shorts. It turned out she was stopping to get the kids on their way home from some orgy she and her cuckold husband attended the night before. Without asking, I knew she fucked every guy there at least once and probably had her share of pussy as well.

I graciously turned down her offer of a quick blow job or fuck for keeping the kids before Carly and I walked out on the porch to watch them leave. I put my arm around Carly, very gingerly touching her bruised and swollen right tit. She moaned lowly but snuggled in closer to me.

Dori asked me when the video would be ready. I promised to have it ready the following weekend but they would have to come over to watch it before I gave them a copy. Of course, that was hardly a problem, giving the kids another night with Carly and me and giving their mother and father another evening to whore Shelley out.

As they climbed into Shelley’s beat up car, Carly called out loud enough for them to hear.

“Next weekend, make sure you bring Melo along too.”

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