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Driving around – episode two

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First experience with Linda, a taste of heaven.

Read part one first.
I liked the feel of her hand on my crotch as I caressed and sucked her boobs. “Linda, you said you’re getting hot. The way your hand’s feeling me, are you in as much of a hurry to get in my pants as I am to get in yours?”
Linda. “I want to learn all about it with you here, but we can’t go all the way. I have periods now and we can’t have real sex unless you’ve got a condom. I’ve seen porn videos, we can have lots of fun without you putting your dick in me. I want you to take your pants off and I’ll do it as well.”
I didn’t wait and my trousers and underpants were soon off, she was wriggling out of hers and I could see a hairy mound between her twelve year old legs. As soon as she’d finished stripping and was naked, before I could think what to do, her hands were grasping my dick. It was almost hard but her touch finished the job. I was in the driver’s seat and she bent over and her mouth took my stiff cock, just a kiss at first but gently and slowly it was in her mouth and she was sucking. She’d said she wanted to learn but perhaps it came naturally to her, I think she was teaching me. As she bent over her lovely tits were in full view. I put both hands under them and I’d never felt such breasts. “You’re wonderful, I can’t believe this” I said. My cock was beginning to feel like I would cum soon. She took her mouth away and moved her body further across me, her tits were above my cock. She pushed her tits together round my dick, it nestled in the soft valley between them. I naturally started to thrust my dick up and down, I couldn’t stop, my god, I was having my first ever tit-fuck. I was well worked up already from her blowjob, I wanted the tit-job to go on and on for ever but I couldn’t stop thrusting into the heavenly valley. I exploded and my spunk shot up in spurts onto her neck and face. Eventually, my cock relaxed and she moved back into her seat. She sat up straight and the spunk started dripping down from her neck and face, it could only fall on to her lovely tits. She cleaned her face and tits with her finger, then it went into her mouth. Then into mine, I tasted my juice. I bent over and kissed her sweet mouth.
“I don’t believe what you just did to me, now I’ve got to try to give you as much pleasure as you’ve given my cock” I said and, as my hand went between her legs, she opened them. I was surprised how hairy her young pussy was. She wantonly put her hand down and I saw her part her pussy lips to give me a view of her honey hole. My finger went down and felt her wetness. I slid it along her slit and gently inside the pussy-hole. I started to finger-fuck her, she was moving in time with my gentle thrusts. I wondered if she wanted me to suck her but before I had a chance to get my head in position to do that, she was quivering and moaning as she came to her climax. Her juice gushed over my finger and hand, I withdrew it and got a mouthful of pussy taste like I’d never known before.
We kissed again and our mouths shared the tastes of spunk and pussy.
“Linda, you’re unbelievable. I can’t believe what we’ve just done, it was wonderful”.
Her reply “Neither can I. It just happened, I didn’t know what I was going to do, I just did it and loved it more and more as we did it.”
She went on “I’ve been getting hotter and hotter when I see a nice guy like you, for the last couple of years. Guys look at me and it really turns me on since my tits grew so big and my pussy got itchy and wet. They haven’t grown overnight you know. I used to go out with my mum, to the shops and wherever and I got used to seeing men looking at her. Then, when I was about nine and my little tits started showing and pushing my shirt and sweater out, I noticed a lot of the boys and men were looking at me. And now, all the boys and men are staring at my big tits, it can be really embarrassing sometimes. But at least I’ve got something worth looking at! One of the teachers at school can’t keep his eyes off me and he knows I know, so I tease him, looking back and smiling. I get teased by the boys so I’m getting some revenge by teasing him. He’s quite nice, I don’t mind him fancying me. I think about him in bed sometimes and get wet and play with myself. And some of the boys are OK, but if I go with a boy at school, it’ll be big news. All over the school it’ll be “big-tits Linda’s a dick-loving slut”. So, perhaps I am, and so when you asked me to come for a ride, I just had to come and get some cock from you. I want more, we can meet again next Tuesday, but make sure you have a condom. It was great today but I want the real thing next time, for my first time”.
We drove back and after a long kiss I dropped her off at the entrance to the estate. She’d have to walk a bit further to get home but no-one would see us together. Six in the evening next Thursday we’d meet again at the same place. I couldn’t wait, but would have to do a bit of shopping first.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Love your story…………..pre-teen girls with big boobs are just amazingly erotic. So horny after reading this and part #1.