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Dads friends are the worst

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My dad lets his friends BRUTALLY rape me

My dad loves to let his friends rape me. I hate it so much. His friends love to hit me, spit on me, piss of me, basically everything you could think of.

One night, his friends came over and were playing a card game when my dad called me down. I came down naked, per his request, and went into the room they were in. “Theres the little slut! Come on gimme a handy.” The oldest friend said, Bryan.

I hesitated which made him very angry. He got up and stormed over then grabbed my neck and slapped me over and over again. “Please stop!” I yelled trying to get away. But he didn’t, and nobody help me, they just laughed and encouraged Bryan.

After a couple more brutal slaps he dragged me over to the couch and got his dick out before shoving it in my pussy. I screamed loud and gripped the table so I wouldn’t fall over. My tits were swinging with his thrusts and all of the other guys stopped playing cards and got their cocks out.

Bryan continued to rape me as hard as he could. The other guys started to rub their cocks against my body and pinching and slapping me.

My dad just sat on the couch watching all of this. He never participated, but he just loved to watch his only child be brutally raped and assaulted. “Dad please stop this!! Please help me im your daughter!!” I screamed. But he just smiled and told his buddies to go even harder on me. I sobbed and screamed as Bryans thrusts got harder and faster.

The other guys started to punch me brutally and that is when I started to black out. As I blacked out I remember Bryan dumping his load in my pussy and yelling at me to milk his cock.

When I woke up I was drenched in cum and could smell piss on me. I was on the floor and beer bottles surrounded me. But luckily all of my dads friends were gone. My dad was just casually watching TV. Time to go shower and get ready for tonight when it would all happen again.

Hi! If anyone was wondering, Abby Reeves isnt my real name 😉. But thank you for reading my stories! Leave suggestions below.

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