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Book club initiation

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I wanted to be a part of this high class exclusive book club so I did whatever it took.

Hi I’m Bella. 34 yrs old. I had a very poor upbringing where we used to live paycheck to paycheck. I mom was a single mother with minimum wage job. So when I got an opportunity to hook a guy from higher middle class, I latched on to him quick. I was 20 when I met my would be husband (George). And I knew he was going places. Soon we got married and had a baby boy. Matthew. He is 14 now. George is now a very successful lawyer. So we shifted from out modest 3 BHK house to a 5 bedroom 3 bath, and Pool house. Yes it was posh. It was gated community and everyone there was rich. All were either Law firm partners, or Judges, retired senators, you know, the usual suspect.

Anyway, I was a little out of place. So I was desperate to be a part of his community. My neighbor(Susy) told me about this exclusive book club that she was part of. It had only 12 wives of the 25 families in the community. So it was best of the best. Yes, I wanted to be a part of it. She told she will introduce me to the group unofficially once and if they liked me, then I have to go through an initiation process to be a part of the club. I was so excited.

Then she introduced me to Marie-Ann. She was wife of Judge. We had some tea and she bid her good bye. Later Susy gave me 10 tasks that I had to do to be a part of the club. It was one task at a time kind of thing.

First task was to bake some chocolate cookies for all the ladies. Did that.
Second was to bring steal the rose flowers from one the none club member house. Did that.
Third was to Serve them Tea and biscuit during their next book reading, only in a given lingerie. Sexy, and strange but Did that.
Forth was to take a video of me flashing the garbage collector. This was a little embarrassing but check.
Fifth was to bring the unwashed underwear of my son. Weird but ok.
Sixth was to walk naked in front of my son once. Going to really weird shit but ok. I wanted to be a part so did that.
Seventh was to stay under the table during the book ready and lick each members pussy. Now we are talking. Did that.
Eight was to bring a pic of my son’s willy while was sleeping. It was little risky but got it.
Ninth was to get spanked by each member, on the ass, bent over while all naked. Ouch! that did hurt.
Tenth was to drink three glasses of their piss cocktail. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. All the ladies pissed in the bowl and I had to drink at least three glass of it. If I could complete, I would get bonus points. Well I was a sucker for points so I drank the whole bowl in batches. All while being nude.

Now it was time for the final ceremony. The big boss of task.
I was in the center and they all gathered around me as I read it aloud. It was shocking.
I was supposed to get the cum of my son in a jar. Not a glass, but a jar. That meant a few ejaculations. That too record each session for proof. What?
I double checked. None of them budged.

I guess I had to suck my son off to be a part of this elite club.
I thought of a plan to seduce my son. My husband was out for work during this weekend, so I thought this will be a good time. I were in his room in only my robes and while talking I made sure I had a few “Wardrobe malfunctions”. I saw his dick go hard. Bingo. Then I bent over exposing my 36DD breast to this 14 year old. I pretended it was an accident. Then asked if he has seen boobies in real life. He said no.
“Did you feel one?” I asked
“I mean.. not really” He said
“Well, do you wanna?”
“But you are.. I mean I want to.. is it ok?”
“yeah go ahead feel them. It’s ok. Until you tell someone.”
“Oh yeah.. thanks mum”
He jumped at this, and groped my breast and started to groped them really hard. I laughed and him to go easy as I’m not going anywhere. He kept touching then and going back to adjusting his dick in his pants. Again grope my boobs and go back to crotch.
“What’s going on in your pants?” I asked as if I didn’t knew
“Nothing…. I mean… You know… I’m a little excited. It happens”
“Awww… my poor baby. It must be hurting you. Let me see. Let mommy take care of it”
I pulled his tiny dick thin dick out and stroked it while looking into his eyes. I pushed him to the bed and made him sit on the edge of the bed.Then I started to suck his erect cock. I just started to twist his dick with hands and suck it sloppy when he came in my mouth. I didn’t even got the time to set the jar or the camera. Virgin boys.

I laughed and said.
“It happens don’t worry. Come to my room in a bit.” I left after that.
i just 5 mins he came to my room with his already hard dick. I laughed when I saw it. I dropped my robe complete and again make his sit on the bed and started to suck his cock. This time I had se the cameras and had a jar under the bed near my knees. I told him to tap me head before he came.

He understood the task. So I worked my magic and yet again he came in like 20 secs. Never mind I collected the first batch a few in the jar. Then I told him to visit me whenever he was feeling like it.
Guess what 14 year old are always feeling like it. He came to my room 3 more times that day. And emptied his balls each time in my jar. Every time he was lasting a little longer and getting a little bolder. I mean he was groping and sucking my tits before letting me suck him.

By next day he was walking naked in the house and shoving his dick inside my mouth when he wanted. I missed a couple of them to record as they were in kitchen. But I got 3 more in the bedroom.
By Sunday night he was lasting for a minute and was not letting me wear anything and had already licked my pussy and fingered it.

I was one more ejaculation away from filling the jar. So Before going to sleep I called him to my room and asked if he was to have another go. He was ready as hell. But this time he pushed my naked body to the bed and climbed on top of me. He was so charged that he started to rub his hard cock against my thighs. It was trying to find it way inside my vagina. He as suckling my my boobs and kissing lips and neck. I was turned on as well. Then dick finally found it’s way and he shoved it inside my holy palace. He trusted his dick inside me vigorously. I too was getting pleasure from his actions.
But this didn’t last long and he came in less than a minute. he fell on my plum body and mumbled. “You are the best mommy in the world” maybe true but I was not able to collect his seed this time. SO I let hm sleep next to me in my bed.

In the morning I woke up and saw his morning wood. I thought it was the right time and started to suck him off. He woke up and gave me what I wanted. His potent juice. I collected it in my jar and it was full now.

I took that to the club and gave them the camera memory card.
Then they told me to drink the whole jar, filled with my son’s cum. I looked around as the chanted “Do ti do it”
I lifted the jar and drank every drop of it.

Then they welcomes me and cheered. I noticed Lucy came to Marie-Anna and whispered something.

Marie_Ann “Did you fuck your son to get this job done?” She asked
“No.. I mean yeah it happened, but I didn’t add that cum in this jar. I swear.” I said with hope.
“You are disqualified. You cannot join our book club. I’m sorry.”
“What so you mean I’m disqualified? I drank a jar full of my son’s cum for crying out loud”
“You have to leave Bella. You do not belong here”
“No please don’t kick me out. I will do anything to be part of you guys. Anything” I cried and Susy was pulling me away.

“Well, in that case we have to make things fair. We will think of something and get back to you. In the mean time you can visit the club and serve us drink naked. Until we come up with some tasks to give you a second chance”
“Thank you.. Thank you. I will come to serve you. I will.. I will come naked. I will do it”
I smiled at Susy, while tears still rolling down my checks.

I was happy I got another chance. I will prove myself I belong here.
Not sure what I have to do next, but I will.

… continue
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      Yes Dean, you are right. I’m a whore I need to be put in my place by men like you. I’m sorry to think that I’m better when I’m not. I’m just a cheap whore.