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Dennis’s limp dick

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ED changed his and his family’s life. Fiction, Incest, group, cheating.

Dennis sat in the chair in his bedroom watching his wife being fucked by their fifteen-year-old twin sons. As he sat there watching her take their eager young cocks in all three of her holes, he looked down at his wilted dick and knew that he was not able to, or invited to join in.

It had been several months from when he was last able to get an erection. ED had taken that pleasure away from him. For a couple months, he and Sue had tried pills and oral stimulation to get him hard again, but their efforts went without results. She still had as strong of a sex drive as always, but his dick was useless. He was happy to eat her out till she had a loud orgasm and came all over his face, but she needed a hard cock stroking inside of her and he couldn’t do that for her.

One day he had come home from work and found that his wife of eighteen years, and their fifteen-year-old twins, Rick and Dennis, Jr. had lost track of time and were still fucking in his and her marital bed. He startled them and the boys started to jump up and run off, but Sue stopped them. “I love you, but I also need sex, a lot of sex. You know that. If you don’t want me going out and finding strangers, or even worse, a serious boyfriend to satisfy my needs, you will let the boys take care of me. They are very happy to do it.” Dennis left the room and Sue pulled the boys back to her.

Now Dennis was sitting there, with his limp dick in his hand watching his sons having a grand time stuffing their hard cocks deep into all of his wife’s holes and listening to her loudly express the pleasure that they were giving her. Young guys have almost unlimited stamina. He remembered that from when he was younger. His wife was getting what she needed, and the boys were getting what they wanted.

After almost an hour later, Dennis gave up and went to Rick’s room and got in his bed. He finally fell asleep, still hearing the sounds of sex coming from his bedroom. The next morning about eight-thirty, he woke and went to his and Sue’s bedroom, only to see the boys still with her, and Sue sucking both boys off. He didn’t know if they had slept at all, or if they had fucked all night. Sue saw him and stopped long enough to say, “We’ll be done in a few minutes. Then I will go make us all a nice breakfast. Why don’t you go start the coffee.” She then took a hard cock back into her mouth. Dennis, Jr. looked over and, with a smile said, “Morning Dad.”

That night the boys went to their rooms and Dennis would sleep with Sue again. As he slid into the bed next to her, he lay in a big, cold, wet spot of cum from a session that she and one of the boys had after supper. Dennis got back up and went to sleep on the couch. A few minutes later, Sue came to the living room, “I’m sorry. I changed the sheets. Please come sleep with me. I love you.” Dennis followed her back to their bedroom. They cuddled and slept well.

The next morning, they were still in bed when Rick walked in. He was naked and hard. He stood next to the bed. He did not pay any attention to his father. “Suck my cock, Mom.” Sue rolled to the edge of the bed and gave her son a blowjob.

Sue was a very attractive woman with a fine body. If she wanted to, she would not have any trouble hooking up with any number of guys. He didn’t want her going out for sex and maybe finding someone she wanted to stay with, so he decided to accept the incestuous family relationship that had developed.

About a month later, things changed. Dennis came home from work and went to the bedroom when he did not see anyone in the living room or kitchen. Sue was in bed with Rick. Dennis, Jr. was not there. In his place were two of Rick’s school buddies. All three of her fuckable holes were filled with cock at the same time. Rick was on his back. Sue was on top of him with his cock in her cunt. Ted was on his knees behind her sliding in and out of her asshole. He noticed that Ted was really hung, a lot bigger than he ever was at his prime. Ron was on his knees beside her head, fucking her face. Dennis left the house and stayed at a motel that night.

The next morning, he picked up the yellow pages and turned the pages till he came to divorce lawyers.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    This is almost exactly one of my fantasies. The main differences being that I have one son, and the other that I live as a cuckhold in the house. He moves into the master bedroom and I usually sleep in his bed. I only come in there to suck him off or clean her creamy pussy

  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    Hell dont get mad man just join in you can still eat pussy you can be the one to get her ready for there dicks and you can clean her up when the boys are done with them make it a family event

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Da gebe ich dir recht der Schlappschwanz sollte aufhören zu Jammern und froh sein das er mit seinem schlappen Schwanz überhaupt noch eine Frau hat

    • [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

      I agree. Suck and lick.