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Young Love Part 4: The Party

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From Part 3:

“Not me! Molly! I like that!”, she said pointing to my dick. “Ellen was a little upset that you got to her first.”, she laughed. “By the way Ellen wants you to come over this evening.”

“Are you coming?”, I asked

“Nah go have your fun”, she said

To be continued

Part 4:

It was about 11am and I didn’t have to be at Ellen’s until 6pm. My girlfriend Molly came over but I had a baseball game. She stayed and talked with my stepsister which worried me. I was afraid my stepsister Jen was going to spill the beans to Molly that we had sex.

Molly was gone by the time I got back from my game. I asked my stepsister if she said anything and she just giggled. “What my friend and I say in private stays private.”, she said

“If it involves me, it’s not private!”, I said. She just giggled.

I decided to take a shower after my game. I washed up and got out of the shower and I am drying myself off. Jen walks in.

“Hello! Do you knock?”, I asked

She giggled and shook her head. She kissed me and grabbed my cock. “Mom and Dad are home.”, I said.

She put a finger to my lips and shushed me. She kissed my chest, on down to my stomach, on down to my cock. She took my half hard cock into her mouth and started sucking my dick.

“What if your Mom and my Dad come in here?”, I asked. She growled and bit down gently on my dick. “Ok ok!”, I said. She giggled with a mouthful of dick.

She sucked on it as hard as she could as I ran my fingers through her hair. “Mmmmm oh nice”, I said as she sucked me off. “I love you Jen!”, I said. She giggled. Her mouth was doing excellent work and I didn’t last long. She would go down and suck hard and go down again sucking hard as she could. “Oh fuck! Fuck!”, I said as I blew my load into her mouth. She said, “Mmmmm”, as her mouth filled with my sperm. She hit her watch. She swallowed my load.

“Yummy! 4 minutes.”, she said. She got up and said, “I love you to big brother!” Kissing my cheek.

“Wait do you wanna….you know.”, I said

“No I don’t….wanna you know. I am bleeding from you ripping me open this morning. I told mom I got my period.”, she laughed.

“Are you ok?”, I asked. She said it was normal and a girl thing.

Ellen had a party with bonfire and drinks for the adults that evening. My stepmom and dad came as well as Molly’s parents. Molly was there as well as Jen. Jen said she wasn’t coming at first but changed her mind.

Ellen was a girl scout troop leader. She talked the parents into letting the girls camp out at her place for the night. After the adults left I stayed behind telling my parents I would be home soon. I told my dad I wanted to spend time with Molly. Ellen got us some weed and booze. We passed around a joint and then passed around a bottle of cinnamon whiskey. I sat on the couch buzzed as a motherfucker. The girls were messed up too.

Ellen said, “You girls ready?” Molly came to me and started making out with me on the couch. Her lips and tongue tasting like cinnamon. Ellen and Jen got down by my pants. They worked on getting my dick out. Ellen grabbed it and started jacking it hard.

Jen protested, “Hey that is mine!” Ellen hit her in the head with my dick. Jen laughed and put the head in her mouth. Ellen took it and did the same. They were passing it back and forth. Ellen got in front of me and then deep throated my dick. She came back up.

“That is what you girls need to learn to do.”, Ellen said. Jen tried it and gagged. Molly tried it and did the same. Ellen laughed. “It takes time!”, she said. They pulled my shoes and pants off for me. All three girls started licking my dick. Molly at the bottom with Ellen and Jen on the sides. They all started at the bottom and slid their tongues up to the top. Each girl taking turns sucking the head. Ellen and Molly got aroused as their tongues touched. Molly started kissing Ellen. Running her hand up her shirt and cupping her B cup tits. I watched in awe as my girlfriend and my lover made out with each other. It was hot. Molly’s hand slid into Ellen’s pants. Feeling that beautiful strawberry colored pussy I love so much. Ellen began moaning and took her clothes off.

Ellen was first to take the ride. She laid me down and she plugged herself into my dick. She was sliding up and down on it. My hand went into her beautiful strawberry patch and rubbed her clit. She was so moist. Molly got on top of me and straddled my face. I licked her pussy as her and Ellen made out. She was playing with Ellen’s tits and sucking on Ellen’s neck. It was so hot. Molly’s pussy tasted so good as I swished her little dot with my tongue. I did the move shoving my thumb in her pussy and finger in her asshole rubbing the lining in between. Molly started kissing Ellen even more passionately. Her head went between Ellen’s tits as she let out an animalistic moan. Ellen held her head in a motherly way kissing her head as Molly’s body shook into an orgasm.

Ellen asked Molly, “Are you ready?”. Molly nodded. “You sure?”, she nodded again.

Ellen pumped her body back and forth on my dick. She came down and whispered in my ear. “You are going to fuck our friend over their. She is the only one of your little harem here you haven’t sealed the deal with. She knows you love her and wants you to do it.” I about came in Ellen’s pussy hearing this.

Ellen and Jen got a drink. Ellen tried coming on to Jen but Jen was not interested. “I gotta work on you girl!”, Ellen said

Molly nervously laid down. She spread her legs before me. I just got above her and made out with her before I entered her. “You sure?”, I asked. She nodded.

I poked the head into her pussy. She was just like Jen. It took an effort just to get it in. Jen was reassuring her telling her it was ok and it will get better. “Ow!”, Molly said as I slowly worked my dick into her. I felt her hymen break and started sliding in and out of her more freely. Molly’s head was to the side making uncomfortable faces as I fucked her. I kissed her cheek and reassured her that I loved her. She started getting used to it. Her head turned towards me. We made out as I fucked her. I started ramming her pussy harder and harder. “Oh ahh!”, she said in a high voice.

I look over at Ellen playing with herself. She was getting off watching us fuck in front of her. Jen was just enjoying her drink watching us.

I rammed her virgin pussy as hard as I could. Showing her body no mercy. Molly loved it. From the look in her eye she was in paradise. A big smile on her face as she gave me her virginity. I felt myself about to come and gave it my all pumping as hard as I could into her. “Awwww fuck Molly! Aw damn!”, I exclaimed as my dick just exploded into her. I heard “eh eh eh eh!” As Ellen orgasmed at the same time. It felt like my orgasm lasted forever as every ounce of cum my balls held went into her. I collapsed on top of her. I was above her trying to car my breath. I pulled out and laid next to her. Kissing her and holding her.

I thought about what a lucky boy I was. Nailing Ellen then Jen and then Molly. Plus the fact I laid two virgins in one day. I felt bad though when Molly ran into the bathroom and puked her guts out.

“Didn’t think I was that bad!”, I said jokingly. Ellen went and comforted her. “Just the weed and the booze and the sex.”, Ellen joked.

“Hey!”, I said

“Come on big brother. Don’t be hurt!”, Jen said grabbing my dick. “We still love you! Let’s see if I can break the 4 minute mark.”, she said as she went down on me.

Party ain’t over yet dear readers. To be continued….

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