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The new Step Family

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I get a new step family even while my parents are still married and together.

It was another hot and humid Friday but today is special. I’m going over to a boys house (Jake who is 12) for a party he invited me to. I’ve liked him since I first laid eyes on him and I’m 11. He has that body all girls want but shows no interest in any of us in school. So I convinced my father into buying me a sexy swimsuit the way any preteen would have done. I modeled them for him while leaving the changing room door open. The lady first complained but my dad paid her to mind her own business.

Anyhow back to the subject of this story. I packed my bikini away and put in your typical shorts and shirt and asked my dad to drive me over. The drive over was your typical drive of him playfully touching me and me sucking on his lollipop. He wanted to fuck me but I promised him later if he’ll take me to our favorite spot over looking the city.

I arrived at Jake’s house fashionably late and greeted my fellow classmates while looking for Jake the whole time. I asked his father where he was and he was no help.

“You know, I don’t know. He was out here a bit ago but not sure where he ran off too”

Can you show me where I can change into my bikini then Sir, I asked.

“Sure follow me and I’ll show you to a bathroom”

Once we arrived there he opened the door and waved me past him. Sir, I don’t like to be alone, so I pleaded with him.

“What are you asking of me sweetie”, he asked.

Just stay in here with me as I change because it’s a new place and I don’t want to be alone. I could see the debate in his head as he was thinking about this offer. I won’t tell anybody if you watch. You can even touch yourself or me if you’d like Sir. He slowly closed the door behind us and stood in the corner. I first stripped out of my shirt revealing my A cup breasts to him. Do you like Sir?

“Yes I do, you’re very cute”, he responded.

I walked closer to him and told him to sit on the edge of the bathtub. Once he body was lower, I put my nipple at his mouth and without a word his lips and tongue started to wander over my breast. Take off my shorts Mister, I told him. Without a concern in the world his hands ripped down my shorts while his mouth stayed on my breasts. I sat over his lap with my feet in the tub and grinned on his waist.

“I’m going to cum”, he said while grabbing my ass cheeks.

I could feel his wet crotch area on my pussy which caused me to grind harder into his groin. After 10 minutes or so of grinding on this man’s lap I kissed him thanking him for his entertainment. I put on my bikini while his pedo hands kept touching me trying to get more of my sexual side. I walked out of the bathroom reminding him to clean himself up because there are kids around.

I thought I heard Jake’s voice so I walked up to this bedroom down the hall. As I peered through the door, I saw Jake naked with his cock rock hard. He was with another girl as I could see a bikini on the floor. Which one of those school skanks got to him first I wondered to myself. The next thing I saw was a lady nude from the top down coming from the other side of the room. She was on her knees with her DD breasts swaying from side to side as she crawled to his cock.

Crawl to me Mother, Jake said while holding his cock in his right hand.

Once she got to him she sucked on his cock masterfully while Jake played with her hair. This is why he doesn’t mind us girls at school. He has a full grown woman at home who pleases him. She lays back welcoming him to come fuck her and he doesn’t need more prompting. He gets between her legs and begins to fuck his own mother. This lady has to be enjoying this because it sounded like she had 3 orgasms within 15 minutes of watching her.

Fuck this, I’m not going to miss this chance. I stripped out of my bikini in the hallway and opened the door to the room. What are you two doing, I demanded to know. Jake was at a loss of words but his mother was not.

You know what we are doing and by the look of it you want to join us, she said smiling at me.

I positioned myself above her head facing Jake and lowered my pussy to her mouth. Her tongue knew wonderful ways to make my body tingle and feel amazing. I grabbed Jake and pulled him toward me and I kissed him.

Mom, is it okay if I kiss her, he asked.

Yes sweetie kiss her and in a bit if you want to fuck her you can. I think she wants it, she responded.

I looked at him puzzled. You have to ask your mother if you can do things with me, I asked him.

She is the only person I’ve been with and I want to respect her, Jake answered.

I don’t know why but this turned me on a lot. I kissed him more deeply and he started to forget to continue to fuck his mother.

Okay Son, that’s enough. Fuck her now so you can focus on me again, she stated frustrated.

I pushed him onto his back and his cock popped out of her and stood erect for me. I lowered myself onto his cock and it felt amazing to say the least. I began to thrust my body upward letting it collapse back in his cock. I could feel his mother’s hands rubbing his balls and holding his cock at the base. It was heavenly so when he said he was about to cum I ignored him and kept fucking him. I felt streams of his cum hit against my inner walls but I kept going.

Stop sweetie, it’s getting sensitive, he pleaded with me.

Though I kept fucking him. I’m going to cum omg omg omg my body was betraying me as I collapsed on his body. Before I knew what was happening his mother rolled me off of him and sucked his cock clean. Once it had no more cum she turned to my pussy and buried her face in it trying to find her son’s cum.

His mother turned to me and made me promise to not tell anybody what had happened here that day and to never share their incestuous relationship. I tried to bargain with them saying I won’t as long as I get to play from time to time.

Okay sweetie, his mother responded, but you’ll have to get your mother to get you on birth control.

No I won’t. My Dad already has me on it because we have a similar relationship as you and your son.

Smiling back at me, she says I would like to meet your father one day then. A man with similar interests is attractive.

I sent a text to my Dad and told him to meet at our spot at 10 that night and that I would have a ride up there. Later that night, in the darkness of their soccer mom van, the 3 of us were all naked. Jake and his mother already got started as my Dad approached the van. I opened the sliding door and he instantly saw the two of them fucking. Well Daddy, a promise is a promise as he got naked and sat in the backseat. I crawled up on his lap and started to fuck his cock. Well I was riding and Jake was fucking his mother we made introductions so our parents could meet.

My dad was attracted to Jake’s mother because my own mother has small tits. So I asked Jake if his mother could ride my Dad, which caused him to smile greatly giving away his passion. We swapped and our parents started to fuck each other as we watched in amazement. Jake’s mother was enjoying herself and so was my father.

Cum in her pussy Daddy, I holared from the side. My dad was now fucking her harder than he has ever done to me and before I knew it he was shooting cum deep into her. Once he was done ejaculating in her she slid off of him and started to suck his cock with vigor

We stayed on that hill till 2 am fucking our lights out. Yes, I know it’s bad that my father is cheating on my mother with another grown woman but she is also married. So I don’t have to be afraid of her catching feelings for him. Not to mention, I get Jake now and every girl in school is jealous because they all think we are dating. When we go out in public everybody thinks we are one happy family and in a way we are.

This is the best way to have a step family IMO

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