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Turn him into my daddy

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Exploring a new kink with a man and making him my daddy.

I’m so happy about this, I’ve found a man that want to explore things sexually with me and is open to anything.

Hi I’m Sammi 24yrs and my boyfriend Don is 53 yrs old

Last night ( 19/ 3 /23 ) took a bit of a turn after an argument. I felt bad about the argument and how late we stayed up because of it, he was in front of me and it looked like he was about to leave the room but before he could I called him daddy.
His whole attitude changed, he came right up to me and help me in his arms and I could feel his dick get hard the more I called him daddy.
I didn’t realise how turned on he got from this and I’ve always wanted a man that I could call daddy.
The tighter I held on to him and calling him daddy apologising for the argument the tighter his grip got and soon he was underneath my pajama top touching my tits moving his hand around all over my body, I told him to stop ( I didn’t want him too ) as I knew he needed more sleep for work in the morning.
He kissed me every time I told him to stop, it felt so good because to me it felt like he wasn’t going to listen and at some point he was going to just take advantage of my body and that’s what I want.
God his dick was so hard, daddy was giving me naughty kisses and I wanted to tease him more, I asked if I could show him my tits and he approved. He started sucking on them and at this point my hand was on his thick dick stroking it.
He said he couldn’t sleep anymore and that he needed something first, he was either going to cum on me or in my pussy. He got up and towered over me holding his dick in-front of my face and told me to kiss it ( I clearly couldn’t help myself and did more than kiss it ).
Not long after did I ask him to put it in my pussy, he did just that after he put a condom on ( my birth control hasn’t been updated ) but I miss him filling up my pussy with his hot cum.
I love how crazy he gets when I let him fuck me, he started talking about how he’s going to get men to watch me do this and let other men fill me up. All the dirty talk got me worked up and I wanted to tease him more so I got him to finish up and watch me use use my vibrator while he jerks himself more watching me.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Carol ID:5m8fvdv1

    My black neighbor forced me to call him Daddy while fucking be with his big black cock.

    • Fatherstu ID:1corze0mytlp

      Did you like it?

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    I was in my late 50s and dated a girl in her 20s. It turned us both on to tell people she was my daughter, then kiss her, squeeze her ass and other displays of sexual attention. For example, we would go to a restaurant hanging on each other. The hostess will say, just two today? She would say, yes, just me and my dad. The, she would tongue kiss me in front of her. One kid at the ice cream shop just stared at us for a few minutes as we made out. I looked at him and said, it’s okay, she’s a very good daughter. I thought he was going to bust a nut right there. I could clearly see his hard on through his shorts.

    • DaddiesGoodGirl ID:pwtcs5720a

      I love that, great experience to have. I hope to have more experiences like yours with my daddy. Would love to hear more to give us ideas for the future.
      We like showing off in parks known for that sort of behaviour usually in the dark but I can’t wait to do more risky things in daylight too with unexpected viewers. ( will post about it when it happens and post about the previous experiences soon )